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  1. We don't have a democracy to defend. We have an illusion of democracy where only about 10% of the population actually have a vote that carries any sway due to our antiquated voting system. That's before even talking about the Tories gerrymandering the constituencies to benefit themselves too.

  2. Pukki limping off with 7 minutes to go was worrying though. Really hope it's not serious but he looked pretty uncomfortable and couldn't put any weight on his leg. An injury to Pukki would be season over in my book so fingers crossed it's just a knock.








    Just kidding - unscathed as far as Im aware.

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  3. On 08/10/2019 at 09:10, king canary said:

    Oh man the Redskins went downhill fast 🤣

    Also funny to see the Cowboys struggle as soon as the play some decent teams.

    Biggest surprise has got to be the 49'ers being 4-0 at this point though.

    I'm fully on board with a tank season - even if we're doing it by accident!! 

    Watched some GB vs Dallas - Packers look legit contenders this year. I like them so I'm rooting for them to win - I want Redskins to lose out now - get some serious draft capital and start the damn rebuild. So sick of mediocrity. 

    Sad to see Gruden go, he's a good dude - and not the problem. Bruce Allen is STILL the damn problem. Can't wait to see the back of that dumbass.

    Kinda surprised you've dropped 2 games already - unfortunately Eagles are looking really good this season. Amazing what can happen when you have a real GM instead of Bruce in the front office,

  4. 1 hour ago, Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man said:

    I'm still not convinced by the initial block. Had that been given against us we'd be fuming.

    Did it even touch his arm when he was on the ground? I haven't seen a replay which conclusively says that it did.

    It does get given against us. Happened last season with Godfrey and yes, we were fuming- doesn’t change the fact that within the new handball framework then it’s a penalty.

    yes it did hit his arms on the floor too.

  5. 5 minutes ago, Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man said:

    Really? I don't think VAR got anything wrong yesterday. All checks were done quickly and accurately.

    You don't think Mings handling it on the goaline twice warrants a penalty then? Under the current rules, his arms were outside his body and he handled it as it bounced up from him sliding, preventing a clear goalscoring opportunity for our players. He then stretched out on the floor and it hit him on the hands again. Accidental no doubt, but under the current rules, it was a pen for both instances.

    The Buendia one maybe I got wrong, I saw it a few times and it looked like the player went through the back of him whilst winning the ball, which would normally be a free kick, but I'm not going to die on that hill as it wasn't clear enough on the replays and commentators didn't mention it. The handball was clear as daylight though.

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  6. Thought Buendia got cleaned out for their fourth, from behind. Couldn’t believe that one wasn’t called back. The Mings handball was a pen, twice over. How the **** VAR couldn’t get that right is beyond me. I was a big supporter of VAR but if it’s not being used properly then what is the point? Ok yesterday it would have made no difference to final result but if those incidents were in other games that could be really costly.

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  7. 1 hour ago, king canary said:

    Yeah it seems like you guys came out of the gates fast. Haskins now in though!

    Haskins looking good tbf. Can’t be any worse than Keenum. Gruden is so gone after this season. Manusky might be gone after today. Mclaurin played with Haskins at Ohio so cant wait to see them playing together (mclaurin injured today).

    Patriots next week. They’re going to feast on us.


    EDIT - Haskins stopped looking so good second half - I don't blame him though, had no first team reps etc

  8. On 08/09/2019 at 19:40, kick it off said:

    Woooooo - Skins were 10 point underdogs for the game today. 13 points up at the half. Whatever happens second half, the Skins have shown that they are ready to compete with everybody this year.  This WR crew looks real nice, Mclaurin is freaking awesome. Big blow losing Jon Allen but hopeful it's not serious. Flowers and Penn anchoring the left side of the OL have been surprisinglyu stout. Come on Redskins, keep grinding.

    Woooo that first half was a serious false dawn. We will be picking in the top 2 this season. We’re worse than Miami and they’re trying to lose on purpose 😂😂 2 wins if we get lucky, twice. Genuinely could be historically bad 0-16

    Mclaurin and our punter tress way are our only two good players 

  9. The Liam Gallagher unplugged set that aired on MTV this week is biblical. Currently available on YouTube. Missed out on tickets for the latest tour on general sale but watching it this morning prompted me to grab one off the secondary. Hate paying the touts but couldn’t miss out.

  10. 1 hour ago, Thirsty Lizard said:

    I thought Onel's injury was quoted as being 3 months out from the time that he did it.

    Think you're right, but having torn my meniscus, can say with some degree of certainty that he will be longer than 3 months to be in and around the first team picture. May be back in training in 3 months but don't see him playing any first team footy this side of Christmas - could be wrong of course.

  11. 27 minutes ago, Nuff Said said:

    Not just health, but the environment too. There were stories in the media yesterday about the air conditioning built into a stadium to keep it cool. With a open top!


    No matter how clever it is at recirculating the cool air, it's madness! 

    That makes you the Sixtus of the thread NS - at least according to victorian madman Jacob Rees Mogg, that is a reasonable name for you to bear after becoming the sixth addition to something.

  12. 26 minutes ago, Jools said:

    And activists want us to return to the stone age, but of course they want to keep all the environment damaging mod cons in the process.

    This just shows your lack of understanding of the whole topic. Nobody is talking about going back to the stone age. Some adaptation of our diets is necessary but progressive tech will take care of the rest. Renewable energy, carbon sinks and carbon filters. It's not rocket science. No idea why you lot are so obsessed with using outdated tech like petrol, coal etc. If anyone is trying to go backwards in time (ironic coming from a Brexwit who seems to think we could and should replicate the empire of old anyway), it's you lot who are so desperate to use technology that we've had for 100+ years, instead of progressive technology that is sustainable.... Even if you ignore the entire climate change argument/debate.... what exactly are you going to do when the FINITE supplies of oil and coal run out?

    People who deal in facts and reality are advocating advancing our technology base to deal with a problem. You don't believe this problem exists and therefore don't want to see any form of progress. It's a bit of an odd thing to get so worked up about if you believe there isn't a problem. Not sure why you feel the need to aggressively argue about there not being a problem when your tech is finite, therefore even if climate change is a hoax (which it clearly isn't) then clearly there will be a problem in the next few decades anyway when it starts to run out, prices spike and suddenly you can't afford petrol etc anymore.

  13. If only scientific data stretching back hundreds of thousands of years were as compelling as a sloganistic, nonsensical propaganda poster paid for by one of the energy profiteers hey? Then we may be able to convince the terminally dim like Jools that it's real. Don't let facts get in the way of bright coloursand bizarrely violent slogans though.

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  14. 1 hour ago, ......and Smith must score. said:

    While I agree that it's a crazy scheme but I'm not sure that this happens much in practice. I'm totally against the idea that tickets are sold for more than face value and I think most people would only buy a ticket to help out a mate who didn't have ten away games in the bank. It happened under the old scheme and it'll happen under any future scheme.

    Don't forget that everyone in the ' 750 ' club have shelled out £50 the same as everyone else. It's not touting.

    Unless I misunderstood your post, I think you've missed the point here - the discussion was around Kensell stating that any games accumulated during this season would not count towards any future points based scheme - the implication being people in the 750 were buying tickets this year for every game and selling them on (at face value) to ensure that they had priority access for next season too if points were reintroduced as they had bought tickets for every game this year - this does appear to be happening with some regularity.

    I agree with everything you said in your post (except the last sentence - if they're selling at more than face value its touting in my book)

  15. 11 minutes ago, GMF said:

    Fair play to you if you haven’t done so. Unfortunately, there’s ample evidence on social media to support that this is happening frequently. Also, having been personally offered three opportunities by different priority members for Burnley tickets, as well as another for Palace today (all of which were politely declined) it suggests that this is actually happening regularly.

    Shocking. My mate who I went to Burnley with said he'd been offered a ticket for the game over Twitter the night before too so I guess it's more prevalent than I maybe reaslised. Hopefully with Kensell confirming that there's no point to doing this, that will quickly stop this happening for most games. I suspect those unscrupulous enough to try this will probably be the same ones who get a ticket for the big games and then tout them for profit too so doubt it will have any impact on the abuse of the system around those games. Tossers.

    After doing 3.5 hours each way to Burnley, I'm more inclined to go to home games (also a 3.5 hour trip) than away games at the moment, outside of the local ones and maybe one of the manc games. Better chance of seeing us win at home if I'm making a 7 hour round trip anyway!

  16. Thanks for update Til, As one of the 750, I can honestly say I haven't used the privelege yet this season, only made it to Burnley so far and people I went with don't have the priority access so I bought the tickets in normal premium member window. I'm floored that anyone would be bothering buying a ticket for every game and then selling it on, I'm glad Kensall has made clear this strategy won't be rewarded as it's just plain wrong.

    Sounds like a productive meeting.

  17. Somehow made it for kick off despite getting stuck in stationary traffic for 45 mins. Even had time for a pre-match pint. 

    On the subject of the delay - 5 car smash on a section of M65 where one lane is entirely walled off on either side due to roadworks. Of course, it is this single lane where there is a 5 car smash and we're about 10 cars behind it. Fortunately we inadvertently got talking to a doctor as we were walking up the queue of traffic and he went and checked out all involved parties who were thankfully fine. Full credit to the legendary highway patrol guy who allowed the queueing traffic (which was a few of us City fans and a load of Man City fans 😂) to move the crashed cars once injured parties had been checked out (with agreement from involved parties) before police arrived to shut the road down for hours so we could get past and back on the road to our games. Grant Holt even had a cheeky heckle out his window as he drove past on one of the lanes that were moving (as the single lane was walled off, the other two were moving freely) - he clocked the city shirts and shouted "You'll never make it for kick off lads, up the canaries", and gave us a cheeky grin before speeding off.

    On topic of the game - kind of what I expected - we aren't going to get many points against ****house teams like Burnley. Fortunately, there aren't many of them in the Prem. We're far more likely to take points of Leicester, Bournemouth etc type teams than anti-football tossers like Burnley. How on earth people willingly choose to pay to watch that ****e every week is beyond me. HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

    If we go down, we go down doing the right things, and we'll begin next season with Farke and Webber securely under contract and the club in phenomenal financial health. 

    Genuinely not bothered by the loss. It is what it is. I still think we'll be fine this season.