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  1. "Pep and Klopp might as well be a different sport so there is no comparison and him playing for Dortmund was over 20 years ago.

    Can he ever just talk about something relevant that he is basing this madness on?"


    Isn't it funny that they don't apply the same logic to their assertions they are a big club because they won trophies before most of them were born?

  2. 1 minute ago, sonyc said:

    As stated on the other Srbeny off thread I think this fella is an upgrade for the squad

    Yeah me too.... but obviously this deal has meant Webber has not been able to do anything else. In the rare moments where he hasn't been on the phone with Duda's agent (which sources reliably inform me has been at least 12 hours daily for 6 months), he has been sat twiddling his thumbs doing nothing. Now he can finally start working on a new CB and striker, which he definitely can't possibly have been doing until this point.

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  3. 7 minutes ago, Grumpy said:

    I have been on edge all week willing City to sign a player.A centre half or a centre forward but I am disappointed that its yet another midfield player.He may be an international with good credentials but I would not have put another midfielder as my priority.

    Yeah definitely. I'm utterly convinced by this simplistic argument that implies that it is not possible to work on more than one deal at once. Just because this one was easier to conclude than other deals that may be in the pipeline definitely means it was top priority...

    Great news is now this is concluded, Webber can finally start to look at other players, which he definitely hasn't been doing thus far as he is only capable of working on a solitary deal in a vacuum.

    Great post.


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  4. 16 minutes ago, Branston Pickle said:

    I am intrigued - is there a new rule that if you go anywhere near Grealish it is an automatic free-kick?

    I was watching and my first thought was "Ohhhhh so that's how teams felt when they played against Grant Holt" 😂

    They have a very similar tactic of getting between opposition and ball, and then going down like a sack of **** as soon as an opponent comes near. Holty was better at it, but Grealish is improving all the time.


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  5. 4 hours ago, Feedthewolf said:

    I'm currently reading Romesh Ranganathan's autobiography, which is very entertaining.

    Next up it's the latest instalment in Philip Pullman's The Book Of Dust series, which I'm very much looking forward to.

    I've still got the new Pullman to get through, I'm looking forward to it, just can't find motivation to start at the moment. La Belle Sauvage was superb though so I'm sure this will be just as good.

    On a similar note, Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman is due to air on BBC soon and that was an incredible set of books I read about the same time I read HDM trilogy. Really looking forward to the TV adaptation as it looks stellar. Sidenote - She wrote the books as a social commentary on the time around the Stephen Lawrence murder, it was the murder that prompted her to start writing about race.

    Got tickets to see Romesh in May 🙂

    Can highly recommend Trevor Noah's autobiography "Born a crime" which details his life growing up as a mixed race kid in Apartheid South Africa. It's really a stunning rags to riches story. He narrates the audiobook himself which is also excellent. It's a really entertaining read as a book too though.

    Other recommendations from me:

    Street-cat named Bob

    The Beach (Seminal piece of reading that epitomises Generation X - totally different to the Di Caprio film version that was based on it)

    Catch me if you can (About 7 million times better than the Di Caprio film - it's a really interesting story)

    Helter Skelter (A forensic deep dive into the Manson Family and the murders - written by Vincent Bugliosi - the lead prosecutor in the murders so you know it's real content and not embellished - Absolutely crazy story - this account is incredibly detailed - the audiobook version runs to about 26 hours!!!)

    The Bone Collector 

    Dublin Murder squad series - The first two were the basis for recent BBC drama "The Dublin murders"

    Blood River - Former BBC Africa correspondent Tim Butcher followed the footsteps of British explorer Henry Morton Stanley (who is also the guy who found Livingstone and uttered the infamous line "Dr Livingstone, I presume?") around the Congo river basin, specifically the Democratic Republic of Congo. Butcher manages to merge his experience doing this (during the height of the vicious civil war that's been raging since 1996), with the geo-political situation and also the historic legacy of Belgian colonialism. This book actually inspired my dissertation and I contacted Tim through his agent, and he could not have been more accomodating - he emailed me personally within 24 hours with his phone number and granted me extraordinary amounts of time to discuss the country. It's a really well put together book though that gives a wealth of knowledge about the DRC.

  6. 15 minutes ago, king canary said:

    He's barely playing- had a lacerated kidney two weeks ago, only taking very limited snaps.

    Ouch, that sounds brutal. Much like this game, it's not a great watch!!

    Garrett is gone from Dallas officially now

  7. 55 minutes ago, king canary said:

    Clutch drive in overtime in the playoffs is a bit of a narrative killer for Cousins.

    Is it? Because he's now 8-30 vs 500+ teams? Because he won 1 playoff game (after failing to even make the playoffs last year with a stacked roster that Keenum took to the Conference game!!)?

    Nah, sorry, still don't buy it.

    It was a hell of a throw in OT, don't get me wrong but NO only tied it up because Kirk couldn't close it out after the Brees fumble. That should have been game over.

    Kirk had a good game. It won't last though. He hasn't got it in him.

  8. I expect big money for anyone who leaves as they're all on long term contracts... until VAR over-rules the multi-million £ sale prices and denotes an adjusted sale price of £20 per player minus bus fare to their new club

  9. Texans vs Bills was a really decent game yesterday and I've just seen Brady and the Patriots have been knocked out by the Titans. 

    Good start to the playoffs!

  10. https://sempremilan.com/gds-ac-milan-willing-to-let-piatek-leave-only-on-loan-the-reason

    Piatek been made available for loan by Milan - They paid 35mill for him last January and he was unstoppable but hit a poor patch of form at start of this season and Milan signed Ibrahimovic. Would LOVE to be able to get him in - he's the real deal and a change of scenery might just get him firing again. Somehow can't see it happening though.

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  11. 23 minutes ago, king canary said:

    Refusing to sign the tag is dumb- you don't get paid and you can't negotiate with another team unless the team withdraws the tag as happened with Norman. So you miss out on $$$ and likely see your value fall from not playing for a year.

    Like I say, you either have the courage of your convictions or you don't. Refuse to sign the tag and say the only way you play is if you work out a long term deal and immediate trade scenario. Kirk got paid $20million the year before. Le'veon Bell held out at the same stage of his career and he'd only had 12mill of earnings at that point. Kirk doesn't own his actions. He's a mercenary. Which is fine. Lots of NFL players are. Bell is a mercenary but at least he owned it.

    I don't have a problem with what Kirk did, I have a problem with the way he did it. He lied over and over again, and as soon as he went to the Vikings he admitted he'd spent 2.5 years lying. If he didn't want to be a Redskin, that's fine, if he didn't have any interest in signing a long term deal, that's fine, but don't spend 2.5 years lying about it and pretending you want a deal and to stay in Washington and cooking up some nonsense ****e about "God made me do it". Just say it how it is.

    (For the record, I was anti-Kirk when he was in Washington as it was obvious he was full of ****. I wanted rid of him most of the time he was a Redskin too - this isn't sour grapes, I legitimately don't like the way he handles himself.)


  12. No, he deserves it for not having the balls to say so.

    We all know Bruce Allen was dumb, but Kirk and his agent milked the Franchise tag dry and strung Bruce along whilst having no intention of signing a long term deal. He didn't have the balls to own it and say "I want to explore my options" though, or refuse to sign the tag like Josh Norman (who is a dumbass but at least an honest one).

    I have no problem with Kirk wanting to go elsewhere, I have a problem with the way he conducted himself. It was dishonest and shady - The guy is just a **** who I have no respect for.

    I know exactly what the Redskins have been under Snyder and wouldn't blame anyone for wanting out over the last decade or two. When you sit there and say its not about the money, you want to win, but keep signing the tag to stay with the Redskins and then demand the highest QB salary ever, fully guaranteed, there's a disconnect between what you say and what you do. I dont have an issue with anyone chasing the money either but if thats your MO then own it. Plenty of NFL free agents say they feel they deserve to be in the elite money conversation, so if thats what youre doing, own it, instead of coming out with laughable ****e like the below





  13. 38 minutes ago, king canary said:

    Cousins is a good QB having a very good season with Minnesota.

    Nearly 70% completion (4th in the league), 26-6 TD to Int ratio, 8.1 yards per attempt (7th highest in the league.

    There is a narrative around him but he's easily a top 12 QB in this league which is enough to do well.

    I disagree. Slightest hint of pressure, or a decent defense and he chokes. In terms of ability he is probably top 7 or 8 in the league but he's mentally weak and has no resilience which is why he will never win a SB.

    Teams above 500 = 7-30

    Monday Night Football = 0-9

    Primetime games = 6-13

    Primetime vs teams above 500 = 1-7

    Quite simply he is a choker.

    Looking forward to seeing the Saints embarass him on Sunday. He deserves it.

  14. 9 minutes ago, paul moy said:

    Low earners are paying the lowest tax for a decade. In 2009 the threshold was 6400 pounds, and now it stands at 12500 pounds, so what you are saying is nonsense as they can earn an extra 6,100 before tax, giving them around 1200 pounds extra annually.

    Oh Ok, that's great then. I'll let the MILLION more children from working households who live in poverty know that everything is fantastic then. The stagnant wage growth that's been miles below inflation for much of the decade and the cuts to in work benefits is clearly cancelled out by that.


  15. If you google "Patrick Roberts brother" you'll see that he shoots his mouth off at every club Patrick goes to. Apparently thinks his brother is Messi and everyone else are idiots for not seeing that. 

    Farke all but confirmed that Roberts was being sent back to Citeh in his post match presser anyway.