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  1. 1 minute ago, paul moy said:

    LOL..... but he didn't sign it and accompanied it with another letter saying that he does not want an extension.  LOOOOOOLLLLLLOOOOLLLL

    But it's been accepted as a legitimate request whether he signed it or not, and the other letter may well find him in contempt of parliament.... Are you really too thick to work out that the other letter has literally no value other than smoke and mirrors to distract the Brexwit morons from the fact that he has let you down again and done exactly what he swore blind he wouldn't do... again?

  2. 5 hours ago, keelansgrandad said:

    Excellent performance all things considered. Strange that we looked better without a CB on the pitch. Can't argue with Tettey as MOTM but Amadou top man as well. Krul didn't have much to do but looked calm and assured.

    Makes the weekend much brighter.

    I had Jamal Lewis as my MOTM but Tettey and Amadou were my other two top contenders and thought all 3 deserved it

  3. Looks like Boris' other letters are illegal. Padfield precedent. Does Boris fancy the court clerk or something? He is desperate to get in there at every opportunity he gets.

  4. Presumably, as Boris has said he is absolutely resolute in his defiance of negotiating any further delay, the EU could theoretically say..."OK here's an extension until 2080...have that you posh ****".... and he would have to accept that or go back on his promise to the people that he wont negotiate the extension....

  5. 1 minute ago, Bill said:

    It appears Johnson has been to your local Primary school recently Swin.......doh !


    That is an amazing picture. All the kids calmly listening, one ready to pass an opinion or give an answer and Boris looking utterly bewildered and clearly just had his mind well and truly blown by something these kids see as utterly mundane.

    On the plus side, I presume that he decided not to lay the smack down on any of these kids...?

    Image result for boris johnson gif rugby

  6. 1 minute ago, paul moy said:

    LOL..... Boris has said that he will send a letter........ but they may be waiting a while


    Well he'll be spending a while in jail then as to comply with the law, it has to be by 11 tonight. I think what he actually said was we may be waiting a while for a response, which is of course possible but nothing to do with him

  7. 17 minutes ago, Indy said:

    Just goes to show it’s not just an issue with East European countries but throughout football.

    Sad as this is such a defining time in humanity, the world appears to be so much smaller yet so much less united, so much for a more tolerant and understanding society.

    Bring back stocks and half time put these utter a-holes in them and let the rest of the decent fans throw rotten veg at them, name shame and ban them from all sporting events. 

    Vegetables? I'm not a proponent of ****ting in cups usually, but there are times when it would seem both appropriate and reasonable.

  8. Hell with what? Farage's brexit march managed about 15 pensioners, and hundreds of thousands of pro-remain protesters today were met with the fury of.... 27 people who have been practicing their vitriolic assault by shouting at pigeons.

    You can't even muster triple digits of people who support brexit to gather together, let alone cause civil unrest.

  9. 3 minutes ago, paul moy said:

    ... and France will veto an extension anyway..... so it's Deal or No Deal on Oct 31st... LOL


    Actually the statement said nothing of the sort - it said a delay is "in no-one's interest". It very carefully stopped short of saying it would veto an extension. Solidarity is the fundamental cornerstone of the EU - France may not like it, but they'll tolerate it.

  10. Evening standard reports Delia put some money towards hiring coaches to help transport people down to the march today. I hope that a few quid of that came from Mad Moy’s season ticket 👍

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  11. 1 hour ago, ricardo said:

    They can't avoid the people forever VW.

    But they are having a good try😀

    Are you on about Boris and the tories? 2nd ref will only go one way. Let’s hope they can’t avoid the people forever 

  12. 13 hours ago, SwindonCanary said:

    QUESTION - Why is it that labour are saying that this deal is recognised as worse than any deal negotiated by Theresa May.

    Because the governments own figures say it will be significantly more damaging to the economy (135 billion worth of damage rather than 45 billion), and it is substantitally weaker in key areas that the Tories traditionally don't like, that Labour had put in their pillars - human rights, employment rights and environmental protection.

  13. 3 hours ago, KiwiScot said:

    Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes has escaped significant ligament damage when he dislocated his right kneecap and expects to be back in around a months time.

    Good news. I really like the dude as a player, but comes across as a decent guy too

  14. 10 hours ago, CaptCanary said:

    I think Sheff Utd's game prior to playing us has been moved to the Thursday by Amazon, so they can't play Thursday then Saturday.

    That’s my understanding too. Hoping to come over to Norwich for this one so hopefully we’ll be able to snag tickets when they come up. Annoying that it’s now Sunday but earlier kick off at least means getting home more reasonably


  15. 8 hours ago, SwindonCanary said:

    Every one repeating a post from a while ago, I only wish I had the knowledge to go back and get some remainers posts !

    It’s a one month old tweet that you reposted 20 hours before I quoted. Hardly digging it up. All of it was nonsense a month ago so hard to see what you’re whining about Swindo, it’s not like it’s been disproven by brand new evidence.