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  1. I have to say - much as I support the vote being extended to 16 and 17 year olds, I don't think this bill was an appropriate place to lobby for that. Should definitely happen next parliament though.

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  2. Govt spokesman says vote will be pulled if EU citizens or 16 year old amendments are passed.

    What exactly is Johnson scared of?

    He accuses Corbyn of running scared, yet the moment he's told the Tories won't be allowed to gerrymander the election exactly as he wants, he cries and runs away. He's a spineless **** and anyone taken in by him frankly needs taking behind the woodshed.

    Neither amendment will be selected, but my god Boris is disingenuous wuss.

  3. 3 minutes ago, Yellow Fever said:

    For the Tories it's a gamble - can they hold off the Brexit party (will Farage yet again be the bridesmaid not the bride) and take Labour 'Leave' seats or will they be eaten alive by the LDs and fail to make serious Labour inroads? Tactical voting by 'Remainy' voters too?


    It's been up for a few months now. Spread wide and far and let's get Boris' Bastards out of office.

  4. 18 minutes ago, Surfer said:

    So why did he pull it - or was it only ever a Trojan Horse to force a GE? 

    Because parliament wanted time to scrutinise it, and it was so bad he knew they'd never allow it through. Thats why he tried to rush it through and then pulled it when it was clear parliament would have chance to examine it properly..... although I suspect your question was probably rhetorical,,,

  5. 23 minutes ago, Surfer said:

    It was the Harbaugh-bowl - Jim head coach for the 49ers and John head coach for the Ravens.

    I don't think Callahan was ever a coach for the Ravens, he was once a head coach for the Raiders and now the Redskins.  

    I was mixing up Raiders and 49ers, thanks for clarifying

  6. 3 hours ago, Surfer said:

    I generally agree about the AFC but let's see how the Ravens ( the only team to have ever beaten the 49ers in a Super Bowl ) do against the Patriots on Sunday night.


    Was that under current Redskins interim head coach Bill Callahan?

  7. 1 hour ago, paul moy said:

    allows us to go to WTO on 31st January if not before. 

    NO DEAL !!!!!!!   AT LAST !!!!!

    I thought we were doing that this week? Not exactly Nostradamus are you?

  8. 7 minutes ago, Van wink said:

    For all you clever chaps and chapesses out there, let’s see who can come up with a straight forward answer as to significance of having an election in the 9th Dec rather than on the 12 Dec.


    1) Parliament not due to return until mid-January and lots of pagentry and process to be conducted with a new parliament requiring state opening, new speaker to be sworn in etc so risk of a no deal Brexit increases on Jan 31st.

    2) Cuts into the legislative time for Boris' deal so makes passing it more difficult.

    3) A selfless act - it will potentially be a degree or two warmer so less Brexiteers will perish on the way to the ballot box.

  9. I fancy Packers to make SB this year. Rodgers is playing well and their defense is better than the stats suggest. Patriots are still undefeated so I wouldn't overlook them just yet... You know what they say though - Offense wins games, Defense wins championships.... #1 ranked defense in the league right now is the 49ers.

    As I'm rooting for the Skins to lose out, I may as well root for Packers or 49ers to get to the big show for the NFC.