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  1. 9 minutes ago, Van wink said:


    “I’m going to support Lib Dems, Labour, Green, SNP, Plaid. I commit to not hammering any of them here.”

    Blimey, she gets about a bit, registered in more constituencies than I am !

    She's a student... 😉

  2. 26 minutes ago, SwindonCanary said:

    I don't even like withdrawal agreement ! but it's the best on offer.

    What has that got to do with your double standards on you being complicit with terrorism?

  3. 1 hour ago, SwindonCanary said:

    I never said I would not vote for them, I've given my reason why I'm voting for my MP

    Oh ok then, so you don't like the fact they give money to terrorists, but you're happy to support it anyway. Glad we've cleared that up. You can't vote for Corbyn because he spoke to terrorists as part of the peace process, but you can support a party that gives billions to terrorists who brought weapons used to murder innocents into the country.

    Like I said, consistent as ever.

  4. 20 minutes ago, SwindonCanary said:

    At last an opportunity to get rid of all those MPs who crossed the floor and joined other parties and get a real house of commons.

    Personally I will be voting for the Conservatives as I want to keep my MP in = He's voted throughout, the way I would have voted.


    You said you didn't support the Tories anymore due to them giving bribes to terrorists - a consistent position you hold because of Corbyn's associations with terrorists decades ago and your decision to uphold your principles by applying that measure to both parties?

    In fact you said I was wrong to suggest that you would be inconsistent on this issue and support the Tories.

    So just to be clear. You're not happy about Corbyn associating with Gerry Adams etc, and working with them to secure peace, but you are happy to give a billion pounds of taxpayer money to an Enoch Powell campaign manager and a terrorist who brought arms, including rocket propelled grenades to be used against civilians, into the UK? 

    Tick tock or flip flop?

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  5. 3 minutes ago, FenwayFrank said:

    But you said people can turn up and spoil their voting slip if they want, there’s no point in that unless you think they will make a decision there and then which will mean they haven’t necessarily put much thought into their vote. 

    If they know they have to turn up anyway then they are probably quite likely to have put some  thought into what they are doing when they get there.... That's kind of the point of it. 

    If people don't feel comfortable voting for any of the candidates then they should retain the freedom to not vote for any of the candidates which is why the option of spoiling your ballot is permissable (plus how on Earth could you police an anonymous vote to see who had spoiled their ballot). It also increases community, as in Australia where they have community BBQs at the polling station and the elections are held on a Saturday to increase access and enfranchisement.

  6. 7 minutes ago, FenwayFrank said:

    Every time a “ young person “ hears something they don’t like they call it outdated.How has Scotland changed that makes the young vote a massive success ?

    I'm 32 - unfortunately not exactly what you'd call a "young person" anymore (Well maybe Ricardo would 😉 ). I work with teenagers every single day of the week though, so I have an understanding of their level of knowledge and understanding. If you have any relevant experience that lends credibility to your points, other than outdated tropes then feel free to add them. I say outdated, for no other reason than I cannot find a better word to describe them. They just don't match up with my experience and as I've worked with people of that age group for nearly 15 years, in various capacities, I think my experience is pretty broad.

    Turnout of 16 and 17 year olds in the Indy Ref was 75%. Far higher than the 18-24 year olds turnout of 54%. Engaging young people in politics creates a more politically aware society and better democracy because people are better informed and make wiser decisions. 

  7. 1 minute ago, Mello Yello said:

    Anyone who reacts to it......your go......

    It just seemed a really weird thing to say as I can't see anybody upset at having a GE, in fact I think it's been universally well received across the forum unless I'm missing something.

  8. 1 minute ago, FenwayFrank said:

    It’s starting to appear that you’re a good example of why everything is so divisive, you don’t want to discuss anything, you just want to tell everyone you’re right and they’re wrong.

    Not at all, I put forth my views, you spouted some incredibly outdated views that suggest you haven't even spoken to a teenager in the last 20 years and then instead of putting anything else forward, started to make jokes that these "immature kids" would find... pathetically immature. We can agree to disagree but I sincerely hope the next parliament doesn't. They have it in Scotland and it's been a massive success there.

  9. 2 minutes ago, FenwayFrank said:

    Sperm votes ! 

    Glad you've demonstrated why you're SOOOO much more mature and worthy of a vote than a 16 year old. You can't even have a sensible debate, you go to some ridiculous tropes that haven't been true for 20+ years and then descend into immature nonsense. Compelling argument as to why 16 year olds are too immature to vote.

  10. 5 minutes ago, FenwayFrank said:

    I understand that there are some 16 year olds more intelligent than I was at that age, but how much are they really aware of what’s going on in the world and the country ? A hell of a lot more these days with climate change and Brexit dominating the headlines perpetually for several years. I was in the audience for Question Time aged 16. Also - not being funny, there's a huge number of adults who haven't got a scooby about anything going on in the world. To say that a 16 year old is any less well equipped than a 20 or 40 or 60 year old moron on the basis of nothing more than sheer numerical age is suspect in the extreme and entirely inaccurate

    Will they think about what could happen to interest rates? The economy ? All you want at that age , and I know I’m generalising, is some money to go out and have a laugh with your mates. That's incredibly condescending and embarrassingly out of touch.

    Those that are thinking about university will think it’s great that Jeremy is telling them they won’t have to pay for it without thinking about the consequences. Too many just aren’t mature enough in my opinion, and yes, I know there are plenty of immature adults 😁 Again, condescending and out of touch.

    We have a shocking turn out rate at the polls and 3.5 years on, I know adults who still don't understand what Brexit is or what the EU is. Engaging people in the political process at a younger age, is one of a host of measures that need to be brought in to give us some semblance of actual democracy. It should be mandatory to turn up to the polls unless there is an exemptionable reason not to. You don't have to vote, spoil the ballot if you like, but you should have to turn up.

  11. Just now, Van wink said:

    I heard somewhere that electoral commission are of the view that a 6 month full consulation should kick the process off. 

    Appropriate way to proceed in my book.

  12. 1 minute ago, FenwayFrank said:

    But why do you think 16 and 17 year old kids should get the vote ?

    I think 16 and 17 year old young adults have every right to determine their future. 

  13. Just now, FenwayFrank said:

    Mind if mind if I ask why ?

    Just think that something as important as tampering with the electoral demographic should have proper debate and be part of wider measures to improve our voting system. Trying to force it through today would have resulted in the government pulling the bill and running away (again). Needs to be done but needs to be done properly, with due process and scrutiny.

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  14. 4 minutes ago, SwindonCanary said:

    Don't like him due to his love for the IRA.

    But you don't mind giving a billion pounds to terrorists like Peter Robinson of the DUP who smuggled arms including RPGs into the UK. Or Jeffrey Donaldson who ran campaigns for Enoch Powell.

    Consistent as ever Swindo

  15. 1 minute ago, SwindonCanary said:

    Poor Labour, forced into an election as they could see that they would be out voted. AND NO DEAL IS NOT OFF THE TABLE !

    I heard Corbyn is about to run off with Instagram model Ayanna Jordan anyway. No wonder you don't like him, stealing your girl like that.

  16. Surprise surprise, 10 of the 21 Tories that Boris booted out the party have now been welcomed back. Almost like Boris has absolutely no spine, no conviction and does whatever is politically expedient. Pathetic


    Confirmed: 10 independents have the whip back. Burt, Nokes, Clark, Soames, Vaizey, James, Stephen Hammond, Brine, Harrington, Benyon. Of those I think Burt, Soames, Harrington and Benyon are standing down anyway