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  1. I just though i would say seeing as no-one else has mentioned it today, that it was a magnificent fight, with both competitors giving 100%.

    There were some dodgy refereeing decisions and a big psychological one, was the point Hatton had deducted for punching the rope with Mayweather leaning out the ring.

     The ref was far too quick to jump on Hatton for in-fighting and with a much shorter reach that disadvantaged Hatton immediately.

     That said, I dont think it changed the result. Hatton didn''t seemed focussed and let his heart rule his head, this played right into FM''s hands. He seemed to be fighting with emotions and this was demonstrated in his almost 100% attack on the head, and not his customary body shots.

    Mayweather, whether you like him or hate him, fought intelligently last night, and whilst his style maybe somewhat unorthodox, you cannot deny he really proved his worth last night as the greatest fighter of his generation.

    He was also unexpectedly gracious in winning, and said Hatton was a champion despite his defeat and was very complimentary towards RH.

    Overall I think it was a great advert for boxing and Ricky Hatton certainly gained some respect from myself. He may have lost but he really showed what he is all about, and he has risen in my estimation, he showed heart passion and desire, He was gracious in defeat and he really cared deeply, and you could see that.

    There was also no trashtalking last night with both fighters giving each other total respect and i don''t think you could fault anyone in that ring on the night. except of course the referee.


  2. The Guardian had the line "The canarie''s title winning form...." That''s the everest of optimism isn''t it?!?!

    This season i''m happy with 21st - would be delighted with a mid-table.

    Next season however, I expect a top 6 finish and i think Roeder has already proven he is capable of leading us there if the cash is splashed.

    So far he has not been able to sign players he really wants. He has only signed players he needed to plug the holes in the team Grant left.

    In Jan when he is able to start making the team his own we should see a little more quality added when Roeder can sign as a luxury rather than a neccessity.

    With the team playing the way they are and Roeder given the opportunity to make some additions, we could well be in for an exciting couple of years, as long as the board are right behind GR like the fans are!



  3. It is a supporters info desk - so take a leaf out of jimmy carr''s book. Airport info office - he asked "how many airports are there in the world?"

    Replace the word airports with ''supporters of every team''

    "How many supporters are there of every team in the world" - i think that should confuse the poor lad!

    Alternatively, you could ask him ''what is the average wind speed in norfolk on city home matchdays over the past 30years'' 

    I think you should get a fairly blank look using either of these!

  4. I was just pointing out that you were making unbased claims. Mcleod has pace and that is an unteachable asset. i thought he scored quite a few for MK dons when they were in this division? i might be wrong however - i don''t really remember.

    I wasn''t saying he had come on in the 89th for 13games in a row, was just pointing out you don''t know! after all Ian Henderson scored 4 in 4 for us in promotion season didnt he? or something similar. but i wouldn''t say that was representative of him as a player. Akinbiyi did nothing for us but has been prolific for other clubs. Peter Crouch was in the reserves for a year at Villa before coming to us on loan. I think your making a bold statement on so little time on the pitch.

    and everyone has clubs they don''t fit at. Earnshaw can''t get a game at Derby who are bottom of prem and struggling for goals, does that make him a poor player too?

    He also scored quite a lot in league two, and league one before that.

    I also said in my original post, if you had read it properly, "how do you know all his sub appearances haven''t been in the 89th min, not saying they were, just a possibility." i wasn''t trying to found an argument against you, just saying maybe you should check the facts before saying a player is crap.

    I apologise if i''ve caused you any offence, I just don''t think that can judge a player on 90mins and a few sub appearances when i doubt you have seen?

  5. [quote user="we8wba"][quote user="inch_high"]

    I have lived in both London and Manchester(born and bred in Norfolk)and believe me Norwich is no different to either of them on Saturday afternoon. If you like shopping with the wife(big girlie) then there is no difference between all three or so she assures me.

    The city is no longer a backwater, infact I am assured by my ever shopping wife,sisters,mum that it is a great place. My sister who has lived in London most of her life(it''s a Thetford thing) travels here on a regular basis as apposed to her native London to shop. Luckily(just not this season) just off the city centre is this little fooball club known as Norwich City FC. 


    oh yes i did hear mourinho say the other day he wanted to come back to do xmas shopping, it was a hard choice but he choose london over norwich.

    i never been shopping in norwich so all i know it could be the best shopping ever, but believe me there is a difference between london and anywhere else in the country



    Right so you have never been to norwich, and for all you know it could be the best shopping ever. but its not as good as London. logically that does not make sense. If you have never it could be as good as London for all you know so you should stop making stupid comments when you have no evidence to back them up whatsoever. That said, it''s not as good as London for choice of shops. :)

    Of course in Norwich you don''t have to walk a million miles to get to a specific shop. so it probably is best for shopping if you know what you are looking for and where to get it. or if you want to be quick in the shops and not spend hours there. or if you don''t like walking. if you are window shopping London is clearly better.

    And i certainly did hear Mourinho saying " Take me to that black country shanty town, you know the one with the arrogant, abusive fans who think they have a god-given right to compete with the big teams but have neither the team, nor the fanbase to support it, so have to settle for living in the Albion''s shadow and re-living their glory years from before most of them were born." It was a hard choice but he decided never to mix with such people and chose London.

  6. It has to do with the fact we were second in the table around christmas time or maybe a bit later - i dont remember, with Bellamy just broken thru and on a streak of form and Iwan providing an excellent foil for Bellers, and Muscat went thru Bellamy and broke his leg and we didn''t even get a free kick for it, but it left our promotion hopes shattered.

    Plus the fact they are scum. Fans are awful - arrogant, abusive, attempt to intimidate outside the ground etc etc. They always hark back to their glory days and cannot accept that they are now a small team - probably the smallest from the area - WBA, brum and villa are all bigger, better supported teams, - coventry are the only localish team smaller than them.