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  1. 4 hours ago, king canary said:

    -Browns should be doing everything they can do to trade for Trent Williams otherwise this line is going to destroy their chances this season.

    I really want rid of the Trent albatross. The dude has been a great Redskin and whatever his issues with the Skins are, I do think they are now irreconcilable. If we can get a 1st for him then we should be biting the hand off anyone offering it.

  2. Woooooo - Skins were 10 point underdogs for the game today. 13 points up at the half. Whatever happens second half, the Skins have shown that they are ready to compete with everybody this year.  This WR crew looks real nice, Mclaurin is freaking awesome. Big blow losing Jon Allen but hopeful it's not serious. Flowers and Penn anchoring the left side of the OL have been surprisinglyu stout. Come on Redskins, keep grinding.

  3. I only watched the highlights but bears didn't look too bad on there.

    It's a big one tonight with Redskins travelling to Eagles (Me vs King Canary). I'm not massively optimistic, but time will tell. Redskins have a legit defence for the first time in a long time. Derrius Guice is going to be an absolute beast at RB and we have massively upgraded at safety by slotting Landon Collins in on a free agent pick up, so there are some clear positives.

    WR and QB look a bit meh on paper but may surprise.

    Case Keenum is the starter (at QB) with Haskins waiting in the wings to take over mid-season. Both have been good in pre-season - Haskins has been flashier but also made quite a few errors with bonehead passes that have been intercepted. I think he'll be a very good QB though once he knocks out the rookie errors so long term the future is fairly bright on QB but this season may be a bit hit or miss.

    WR - we cut Josh Doctson (1st round pick a few years ago) mainly because he has spent 4 years sucking and doing nothing useful. We haven't seen our 3rd round pick - WR Terry McLaurin - from this year AT ALL in pre-season. Zero snaps.... Lots of rumours they are keeping him under wraps because they think he is going to BLOW UP this year. He's #1 receiver on the depth chart despite not playing a snap so there's a lot of expectation on him from the fanbase as we don't really know what to expect, but clearly the coaches have loved what they've seen out of him. We have a talented young WR group, but the only one with ANY real experience is Paul Richardson. The rest are all rookies or second year players that have been injured through year 1. Steven Sims is the other guy to watch in this group - not down to start on the depth chart but will see some looks in rotation... he has flashed all pre-season and training camp with some big time plays.

    Our RB group is stacked with Guice, Adrian Peterson, Chris Thompson leading the line with Wendell Smallwood (ex-eagle) backing up Thompson. Smallwood has played well against us in the past but will be cut when Bryce Love gets healthy later in the season (and my god when Love is healthy we'll have possibly the best RB stable in the league).

    Our biggest problem will be Offensive Line. Trent Williams is still holding out - we picked up Donald Penn to start at LT but he's struggled in pre-season - he isn't the perennial pro-bowler he was a few years ago. LG is always a problem for us and the latest experiment to plug the gap is Ereck Flowers who has sucked just as much for us as he did for NYG - we do have a talented 4th rounder (Wes Martin) who will fill that gap later in the season but Flowers is projected starter at the moment so I'd be surprised if he didn't start the first few games at least, which sucks because he's a turnstyle. People just get past him with little to no resistance.

    Lot of Redskins fans expecting to come out the first 5 games without a single victory. I'm not quite so pessimistic but we have a tough opening run for sure. There are lots of unknowns with the Skins at the moment so it will be interesting to see how they fare. Not looking forward to playing against DJax again (love that dude) but McLaurin ran the 40 at the combine faster than DJax - Like I say, lots of expectation resting on McLaurin.

    **** the Eagles.

    Hail to the Redskins.

  4. On 05/09/2019 at 20:37, nutty nigel said:

    There  are different kinds of loyalty. In the times when I had an away season ticket you'd get to know fans from all over. For example there was one guy who I saw every time at Plymouth! Was he loyal? Should he have had priority for games in Devon?

    Actually having done Plymouth three consecutive season's on cabbage I reckon I should be in some sort of elite group....

    That’s grounds for being in some sort of mental institution rather than an elite group... 😉

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  5. 11 hours ago, A Load of Squit said:

    So how does this all fit in with the shirts that have 'Gravity' on them?


    Gravity shirts are the kids version of the full squad shirts. Don’t know if its a legal thing or a club decision but the premise is having children walking round advertising a betting company was not good form so the kids sizes are sponsored by Gravity (which I believe is a trampoline park).

  6. Jools, I teach Geography, I understand the environmental issues to a high level, as I have studied them to a high level. Climate change is not made up, and it's not exaggerated. That's a view shared by every credible scientist in the world, and backed up by tonnes of research. The fires in the Amazon are a direct result of Bolsonaro's policies, and to suggest otherwise is utterly ignorant. Mouthpieces like Delingpole who understand absolutely FA about the issue don't interest me in the slightest, nor do the conspiracy theorists on twitter who feel this is all a leftist stage show designed to discredit the right. It's not.

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  7. 26 minutes ago, GenerationA47 said:

    Sounds like a reasonable proposal. Perhaps increase the threshold to 2 games, to make it that bit less straightforward for the touts and other system-gamers 

    Having said that I only made 1 game last year (life...) and still had my Burnley ticket come through the door this morning . See you all at Turf Moor!

    We'll be there - Wonder if they've replaced the wooden seats since last time I went (circa 2011). I presume they must have done.

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  8. 1 minute ago, TCCANARY said:

    This is the part that made me suspicious of the Delinpole's motive (he's got form).

    Let me tell you the most impressive thing of all I found at Michaela: when we talked about Brexit, half the kids on my table made an intelligent case for it. Can you imagine that happening anywhere else in the brainwashed, left-indoctrinated state sector?


    Yeah, I have to say, I found that bit pretty questionable.

  9. 6 hours ago, KiwiScot said:

    Thanks again by the way which gives me a backup if I fail to get a match from a general sale, and it certaintly allows for more planning to be done outside of games being moved for Sky of course.  Bit embarrased really, but its nice to have options.

    Don't be - Theres not many games up North outside of the big boys, and you already said you couldn't make Burnley. That was why I offered, as at least you can definitely get to one. I'll certainly not get to all the northern games so it seemed silly for you to have to pray for a general sale on the 2 or 3 northern games that might get that far, whilst I would have access to a solution for that.

  10. The only lineup Strictly should have is anyone who agrees to participate in that sh** being lined up against a wall and executed. Ed Balls included. One of the very few shows on TV that is even more boring than cricket.

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  11. 12 minutes ago, Alex Moss said:

    There’s a lot of selfishness, greed, and ‘me, me, me’ on this thread. Personally, I’d ban the glory hunters, whom are only interested in City when playing in the top flight, from acquiring a ticket - how I don’t know, but in an ideal world. And I’d make it a priority and first dibs for say that exile guy or girl who lives down in Truro to be able to get a ticket to Bournemouth away to see the team they love. Everyone’s circumstances are different - share and share alike, no one should be excluded from being able to see the team they love at least once a season just because others think they deserve every ticket going. 

    100% agree - Like I said earlier, I think a good mitigation here would to have capped the number of games priority access applied to for those who did 10 games last season but didn't have an away season ticket. Away season ticket holders, to be fair probably should have first choice on all away games - I have never been one, but I don't think away season tickets should have been scrapped. If you're willing to commit to every game then you absolutely should have access to every game.

    That reward should have been tiered for those like me though, who attended lots but not every single one. Capping the priority games for non-away season ticket holders would have rewarded those who followed us a lot last season without skewing the availability for others. I hope that the other 749 are well intentioned people, as it would be very easy to exploit the access to tickets for the big games, for profit. I won't do that as it's the wrong thing to do, but more cynical people might.

    To your point about exiles having access though, I messaged Kiwiscot earlier as it happens as I'm aware he lives too far away to be able to make a Premium membership worthwhile and said I would help make sure he could get to at least one game this season.

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  12. Took your advice Jools from the other thread - The Michaela school is famous across the education world but mainly through a swathe of controversial measures - didn't remember the head's name but the minute I read your opening sentences then I knew you were talking about the Michaela school.

    Amazing set of results there - thanks for sharing, I hadn't seen that.... it may well start to shape the education conversation if that's repeated next year. Not to say it's the only way to skin a cat, Finland has a totally different set up and by far the best education system in the world. They focus on collaborative learning, and cross-curricular topics. 

    I actually almost applied for a job at a school in Birmingham that is imitating the Michaela set up - it's just opening this year. I didn't in the end because having to be in school for 7.30 for "family breakfast" would have meant I didn't actually see my own family and there were other bits that just weren't conducive to family life as I have a two year old and would have had to commute about 40 mins (out of traffic 40 mins, much longer with traffic) up busy motorways to get there.

    There's lots of question marks for me about the methods of Michaela, the results are inarguable and it seems to me the pupils get a great depth of curriculum, but some of it just doesn't sit right - they don't do art, DT, IT etc - I wonder whether the depth comes at a cost of the breadth and whether you can really say children are educated, or whether it is merely an exam factory. It's difficult to say without having seen it first hand. 

    I will say that Birbalsingh must be an extraordinary leader - whether her methods are right or not, to achieve that level of consistency across a school is unprecedented and I'm sure most heads will tell you that consistency is one of the biggest hurdles in leading any school.

    One point of query - you say strict marking, but my understanding is there is no marking there because Birbalsingh (rightly) sees it as an inefficient waste of time exercise. It's widely known that it is the least effective form of feedback and incredibly time-consuming. Ofsted don't even assess the "quality of marking" any more, they just check what the policy is and then measure whether the policy is being consistently implemented. Where did you find strict marking as part of her methodology?

    Delingpole's commentary shows a lack of understanding telling teachers to "pull their socks up and get on with teaching" - schools have policies and QA processes to ensure you're in line with their policies. His critique is better levelled at the school administrators if the policy is bad, or even more appropriately at the government which has imposed a huge workload and much of it pointless admin tasks which eat up teachers time so prevent lots of meaningful teaching and learning discussion taking place. He also fails to understand that Michaela's lessons are pre-planned and taught to the letter without deviation so the teachers aren't really teaching - they're regurgitating a script.

    There's lots of good, healthy debate to be had in the education world over the next couple of years regarding Michaela and it's methods though, that's for sure. I have more questions than answers at this point and there's actually quite a lot around this that is thought provoking. For example - I have always wanted to use education to further a child's world perspective, increase aspiration and enable them to get the best opportunities in life. That's pretty bread and butter stuff for most teachers I guess. Michaela's results have given a lot of disadvantaged kids masses of opportunity. .. but has it provided them a well-rounded education? does it actually prepare them for the real world? Is it essentially an exam factory which teaches to the test and nothing beyond that narrow spectrum? The criticism that is quoted in your text, is actually pretty valid when you consider that schools need to prepare people for adult life and there's lot of queries about how well their methodology works int hat context. Like I said, more questions than answers for me, but I appreciate you sharing. Lots of food for thought there.

  13. Bolsonaro is an arsewipe. Same breed as Trump, Boris and other similar populist tw@ts who have somehow conned their way to power. His responsibility for this should see him hung, drawn and quartered - no other country has quite the same level of global importance for climate change and this c*** just does not give a toss.

    $16 million in aid has been offered by the G7 to support him in tackling the issue (which he caused in the first place) and his response was to cry about Macron calling him a liar (accurately) and refuse to accept the help unless Macron said sorry. The world's most important carbon sink is literally burning down in front of us, and this little cretin is more interested about petty point-scoring and posturing.

    Genuinely hope he is deposed and quick - don't even care how, be it by election or be it by someone taking him out - he is the biggest threat to the future of the planet right now.