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  1. 10 hours ago, CaptCanary said:

    I think Sheff Utd's game prior to playing us has been moved to the Thursday by Amazon, so they can't play Thursday then Saturday.

    That’s my understanding too. Hoping to come over to Norwich for this one so hopefully we’ll be able to snag tickets when they come up. Annoying that it’s now Sunday but earlier kick off at least means getting home more reasonably


  2. 8 hours ago, SwindonCanary said:

    Every one repeating a post from a while ago, I only wish I had the knowledge to go back and get some remainers posts !

    It’s a one month old tweet that you reposted 20 hours before I quoted. Hardly digging it up. All of it was nonsense a month ago so hard to see what you’re whining about Swindo, it’s not like it’s been disproven by brand new evidence.

  3. 20 hours ago, How I Wrote Elastic Man said:


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    John Watson 18 Sep 2019
    The Remainers will do anything to scupper Brexit and it is clear from Boris's recent trip to Luxembourg that we are best off out of that globalist cabal.

    What the Remainers do not understand, beyond idiot slogans like the 'People's Vote,' is that EU will do away with the monarchy.  Do away with our currency and merge our armed forces into the EU's army.  Finally, because our armed forces would be under the control of Brussels, the EU would also take control of our nukes.  Guess who would have their finger on the button?  The most powerful country in the EU i.e. Germany.

    All this and not a single shot fired.  We prevailed in WWI and WWII the Remainers are determined to give it all away


    Nonsense about the army. Scaremongering for the terminally dim so not surprising you've bought into it. The Euro has been going for 20 years now - can you confirm if we've been forced to get rid of our currency thus far? If the answer is no, then clearly that is also nonsense too.

    As for the monarchy - that increases my desire to remain even further. Useless parasites with no place in modern society. I'd be delighted if the Eu got rid of those cretins.

  4.  @DaveClark_AFP
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    In case there's anyone still arguing what Juncker said or meant or has authority to say or whatever, a EUCO source who was in the room said the leaders' "draft is silent about a extension, it's too soon. If it's voted down on Saturday we're in a different situation."

    8:14 AM - 17 Oct 2019

  5. Brexwits whining about how much the EU costs us. Now they're championing Boris' deal which would cost £130 billion in growth over the next 15 years according to the government's own figures. Brilliant work. You couldn't make up how thick this lot are.

    Theresa May's deal for comparitive purposes would have cost about £45billion in growth over the same period.

    Be very surprised if this is voted through without a referendum being attached anyway.

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  6. 2 minutes ago, Herman said:

    A bit hypocritical don't you think?? 

    Plus obviously pretty stupid as there’s an obvious lack of understanding that this isn’t just about the billions of bribes, it is a perpetual annual cost of 9billion in addition to the bribes, simply to keep NI afloat as their economy is so weak.

  7. 9 billion a year to subsidise Northern Ireland and their two million people who have the biggest share of taxpayer funds in the UK PLUS having to frequently bribe them with additional billions. 8 billion a year to stay in. No offence to any NI canaries but Northern Ireland is simply not cost effective and far less beneficial than the eu.

  8. 2 minutes ago, SwindonCanary said:


    He says replying to someone who can't be bothered to write a full name.

    You can't be bothered to educate yourself on Brexit, so why should anyone be bothered to call you by your full name?

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  9. Just now, SwindonCanary said:

    And despised by the electorate   😉

    I don't think you're famous enought to be despised by the electorate Swindo but at least you understand your position is an unpopular one.

  10. 3 minutes ago, Bill said:

    and will be rejected by parliament 😂

    that's why both sides know they can say whatever they think will avoid them facing any blame accusations

    and dimwits like you are still fooled

    I think we've broken him Bill - he can't even parrot idiotic tropes from others now, he just keeps repeating his own name.

  11. Just now, SwindonCanary said:

    Bad news for forgetful Bill. 

    Hopes are growing that a potential Brexit deal is on the verge of being announced after it was claimed the Northern Ireland consent issue has been resolved by EU and UK negotiators.

    The claim was made just after 6pm Irish time and as the EU's chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier began a private briefing with EU member state ambassadors in Brussels.

    After days of talks which dragged on into this evening despite initial plans for them to end by this morning, it was widely suggested a form of a deal which could be put to the EU leaders summit on Thursday and Friday has finally been agreed.

    How many billions in bribes to the DUP terrorists do you reckon this has cost Swindo?

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  12. So Northern Ireland subsidies due to their **** poor economy costs more than Eu membership for the UK. If the Brexwits are that bothered about saving all that money we give to the EU, couldn't we compromise on staying in the EU and sacking Arlene and her band of merry terrorists off and getting rid of NI out of the UK? The EU has far more benefits than having Northern Ireland attached to us.

    Just a thought.

  13. 1 hour ago, keelansgrandad said:

    Of course there will be evidence that climate change is not solely man made and that may well be true. But denying any change is futile.So why not just try and do your bit towards helping the Earth. Just saying it is OK because it isn't man made is absolute nonsense and stupid.

    The world has natural climate cycles. That is known. The issue is the rate of change is unsustainable for the world's ecosystems to adapt, and the rate of change is directly linked to human activity. Denying that we are accelerating the climate change beyond all recognition and way outside normal parameters of change is what is futile and idiotic. 

    Image result for climate change over time graph

  14. 10 minutes ago, KiwiScot said:

    KIO from your comments and this T-shirt I'm nearly convinced we actually won.tshirt.jpg.7b7bce23554b2ebbac09ae63ace261e2.jpg


    You did. A loss and another step towards the #1 overall pick is far mroe valuable than winning a meaningless game in a season where neither team is likely to win another game.

  15. 23 minutes ago, keelansgrandad said:

    "To try and win" - or guarantee they didn't win by calling a dumbass play that had zero chance of success.... one of the two.

    Matey was in the open and dropped it. Sums them up I suppose

    He was being swarmed. If he had caught it he would have been flattened before he made a step

  16. Be interested to see if Rooney would make the team under Southgate as his evening entertainment normally consisted of shagging a pensioner for money. What about John Terry - would Southgate be dropping him for banging his team-mate's missus? 

    The questions about Maddison's attitude are a joke considering some of the scumbags that have captained the team over recent years.

    Of course that's if anyone actually believes a word the Scum has to say.

  17. 5 hours ago, keelansgrandad said:

    Interesting to see the Skins win the loser bowl.

    To be fair to the Dolphins, they went for a two point conversion to try and win the game

    "To try and win" - or guarantee they didn't win by calling a dumbass play that had zero chance of success.... one of the two.

  18. 5 hours ago, king canary said:

    Depressing night for the Eagles, looked awful v the Vikings. At least we didn't lose to the Jets though, poor Dallas!

    Interesting to see the Skins win the loser bowl.

    Depressing to see us win the "Toilet bowl".

    Nobody is convincing me that Miami didn't throw that f***ing game.

    When you've lost 4 in a row and you have a chance to tie and go to overtime or flip a coin on a win/loss scenario, you take the tie. Fitzpatrick would have done for us in OT and the Dolphins knew it.

    Typical Redskins though - whatever the scenario, they will f*** it up and come out with the result that harms them the most. Like clockwork.

  19. 43 minutes ago, Rock The Boat said:

    You are a failing supply teacher in an inner city sink school who knows Jacksh it about science subjects and who knows nothing except the brainwashed teachings of your leftie, climate deranged university staff. 

    500 scientists recently wrote to the UN stating that man-made climate change had not been proven

    I clicked to see what diatribe you'd posted, only to find that more than 6 months after I blocked you, you're still aiming posts at me. It's cute, but more than a little desperate. As for your bizarre attention seeking post, I'll do no more than correct your ridiculous assertions.

    Full time, permanent contract - School has been Outstanding on last two Ofsted visits (including one in the last few years, where 80% of previously outstanding schools were downgraded - mine wasn't). Comprehensive school, not even near a city, let alone one big enough to have an inner city..... Fully mixed catchment in socio-economic terms. Significantly above national average on all measures for progress and attainment, and my subject outperformed national average by 20%. Oh and we have a positive progress score for students who receive the Pupil Premium funding (ie the most deprived) who buck national trends by performing on par with non PP kids.

    Good try though. I won't bother clicking your posts again so don't bother replying.

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  20. 1 minute ago, Herman said:

    My levels of empathy and sympathy have been severely tested over the last few years.


    I have absolutely none left. The Turkeys voted for Christmas. The information was out there and if people were stupid enough to believe Farage's man of the people routine then more fool them. If Brexit does happen, it will be little short of karma for those who voted for it. The only people I feel sorry for is those who will be collateral damage for the idiocy of others.