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  1. 23 minutes ago, Chelm Canary said:

    I genuinely like him as a player. Can use both feet and shifts the ball quickly between them. 

    Ever since he banged a quality goal in on his left peg in the cup last season, I paid a bit more attention to him. 

    I don't understand the jest and jokes aimed in his direction. 

    Genuinely like the guy too and happy to have him on board. Was delighted for him today - what a story - German 4th tier to Premier League goalscorer in under 2 years. No offence was meant to him obviously - I don't think he's regular starter material in the Prem, but a decent squad player. Just struck by the question of what his goals to minutes ratio would be after today, so checked it out. Started the thread as an ironic nod to the knee-jerkism of this board.... He's improved massively as a player since we signed him.... but we have Teemu Pukki and he's special.

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  2. Just throwing it out there as he is averaging a goal every 28 minutes at the moment. 

    With our defence conceding around 2.5 goals per game, and Srbeny averaging better than 3 goals per game (pro-rata) it would surely guarantee us a win most weeks even without defensive improvement....





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  3. 6 hours ago, SwindonCanary said:

    Yougov 12-20 Nov

    Boris:  43%

    Labour: 29%

    Libdems 15%

    Brexit Party: 4%

    Snp: 4%

    Green:  3%

    Paid: 1%

    The leave voters are still in the majority ! Even if you add up all the remainers !

    God you’re dim. Try again with a calculator, as clearly basic addition is beyond you.

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  4. 13 minutes ago, Herman said:

    I missed the "debates" so I thought I'd check twitter. Boy, the Owen Jones's of this world seemed to have taken over it so it's hard to get a non-partisan view, but by all accounts Johnson was as hopeless, lying and evasive as ever.

    Also from the more saner twitter reporters it sounds as if Corbyn and Sturgeon did ok, Swinson got a bit of a booting but answered her question and Bruce is not very good as host.

    Bruce not great as host.

    Sturgeon was excellent, composed and poised and answered honestly and said it as it is.

    Corbyn came across very well, had some tough questions but the audience were willing to hear him out and largely he did a good job of answering them. Also stated he will be neutral if he gets in and takes us to a referendum. Nothing earth-shattering about his performance but solid and direct.

    Swinson got a right kicking. To be fair to her, a fair bit of the hostility was directed at the Lib Dems as a whole rather than her but she could not defend her own legacy of voting for austerity and there's no doubt that her revoke policy was/is an absolute disaster. The hardcore remainers were already in the Lib Dem camp so she won nobody new, but she lost an awful lot of the soft remainers. She responded eloquently but I suspect it wasn't enough to stop LD votes bleeding out into other parties after the debate as she really just did not have the answers apart from to say "oops we made some mistakes".

    Johnson was an unmitigated disaster. Bumbling over his words, refused to answer questions directly, refused to apologise for various racist comments and for calling gay people "bum boys" and tried to play it down as "I've written lots of words so law of averages suggests some of them would be grossly offensive and discriminatory" which went down like a lead balloon. Audience clearly not buying his **** tonight. Everytime he tried to dodge a question and steer to Brexit the audience shouted him down on it. He got his pants pulled down over the Russia report and called out every time he tried to lie his way out of something. He came across as an out of touch posh-boy **** who falls apart at the hint of scrutiny. Well worth a watch, he was at least as bad as May, if not worse.

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  5. Ooooof. De Pfeffel got a right kicking in the leader's questions tonight. Hopefully the people dumb enough to still be listening to him are starting to realise that everytime they do he talks ****. No wonder the Tories are trying to keep him out of the spotlight, he's as bad as the Maybot at this election malarkey.

  6. On 19/11/2019 at 10:36, keelansgrandad said:

    When you look at the size of the areas, it is just figures. But in reality its probably Norfolk and Suffolk together.

    The rest of the world's governments have to try and figure a way to sort this out.

    Its 2000 football pitches per day - an area the size of the UK every year.

  7. 2 hours ago, SwindonCanary said:

    Would you like a wager on who's going to win the election ?  I feel you maybe the idiot !

    Nobody else in the thread has used a picture of their pretend instagram girlfriend to try (and fail at a nuclear scale) to make a point about how smart and truthful they are.

    Whoever wins the election, you will still be the loser Swindo.

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  8. 3 hours ago, Van wink said:

    Why does broadband need to be free for everyone?

    For the record, I'm not 100% sure I agree with the policy to be honest, but just to play devil's advocate...

    My school now sets homework entirely online. The students who do not have computer access at home (generally the ones with financial issues at home) are having all kinds of issues just being able to do something that should be straightforward like accessing their homework so they can complete it.

    Newsround are only to run one broadcast per day now due to kids increasingly turning away from TV and onto online - those who cannot access online will find it more difficult to access the news on a day to day basis in a format they can relate to.

    I can certainly see some merit to levelling the playing field on that front, as it can be a significant barrier to learning in today's education system, and those without access to the internet at home are increasingly being left behind.

  9. 21 minutes ago, TCCANARY said:

    Whatever happened to the truth? Why did we stop caring about it?

    Meanwhile Dominic Raab tweets another lie or he has the power to make it light at 06:30hrs, you can decide.


    As pointed out on twitter, not only is he lying about the time - "Local residents" means "cronies from the local Tory party"


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  10. 1 minute ago, king canary said:

    I do genuinely feel for Washington fans- it is one thing supporting a team who currently sucks but under the current management/ownership there doesn't seem great hope for the future either.

    It's pretty grim at the moment. The great white hope is that we go 1-15 and it's finally enough to get Bruce Allen kicked to the curb. Until that useless **** is gone, there is no light at the end of the tunnel for the Skins.

    It's just dumbass move after dumbass move. Kirk Cousins walked for nothing - I don't actually think he's that good regardless of his current hot streak (6-28 against teams .500 or better should explain why) and wouldn't want him as our long term QB - but he was a hot commodity in the league and Bruce managed to screw that up so we got sweet FA for it - easily could have got a first plus more for him and we got nothing.... You guys got a first for Sam freaking Bradford!!! He's now screwed the Trent Williams situation up inexplicably so now instead of getting a 1st and change for him, we'll end up with a solitary 2nd or similar. I don't profess to be an exceptionally wise football fan, but I could honestly do a better job of being Redskins GM than Bruce does. He's embarrassingly bad.

    Conversely the Eagles Front Office is outstanding at the moment. Top 4 or 5 in the league for me. Unfortunately. Which is why you're complaining about a one score loss to the Pats and I'm completely relaxed about getting blown out by the largely pathetic jets. We got two redzone turnovers yesterday and walked away with 3 points. How's your offense not scoring for a half looking now? 😉

    I don't hate Snyder though, like a lot of fans do. He's made a lot of dumb moves in hiring the wrong guys, but ultimately, he's just a fan. Everytime he's been asked to pony up, he puts his hand in his pocket. He's not particularly smart for a billionaire - he just got lucky in the tech bubble - right place, right time.

  11. We all know what happened to Ed Miliband with the Bacon sarnie, but was it really any worse than twatty Nigel and his chips? Urgh. I especially like the chip that was repulsed by that utter **** it leapt from his fork evading his mouth in the process. Grim.


  12. 9 minutes ago, king canary said:

    I see you laughing KIO- at least we didn't get blown out by the Jets 😉

    I was laughing at the irony of complaining about losing by one score to the superbowl champions when we let Sam Darnold throw 4 touchdowns on us.

    On the plus side, Guice came back and looked good and we ended our SEVENTEEN QUARTERS WITHOUT A TOUCHDOWN streak. You want to complain about scoring 10 on the best Defense in the league, try not scoring anything at all except FGs against some of the worst for 4 weeks running!

  13. 1 hour ago, king canary said:

    I went to bed at halftime of the Eagles Pats game expecting a close result. I didn't expect to wake up and see we didn't score a point in the second half. Awful performance by the Eagles offence.

    You lost to Brady and the Pats by one score and are complaining about not scoring a point in a half against one of the best defenses in the NFL (1st in YPG, 1st in PPG). You scored 10 points against a team that concedes an average of 10.8 per game and have lost one game all season.

    Try being a Redskins fan. 😐

  14. 1 hour ago, king canary said:

    He wasn't cleanly sacked. Garrett wrestles him to the ground long after Rudolph has dumped the ball off, he's just trying to get a late shot in.

    I agree, furthermore, he wasn't even sacked - the pass was completed and he was hit after the ball had gone. Happens all the time, no big deal. Garrett inexplicably decides rather than breaking the tackle when it was clear the ball had gone, he's going to have a prolonged wrestling match to drag Rudolph down. Not a sack, let alone a clean one - it's a fair hit initially but there is no need to follow through it when it's clear the ball has gone.

    Rudolph's reaction isn't great, trying to rip Garrett's helmet off, and he will rightly be fined for that, but I would wager he wouldn't have then used Garrett's helmet to whack him round the head if he had successfully got it off.

    Garrett was pissed at losing the game, took a totally unnecessary cheap shot with the wrestling on Rudolph in frustration and then lost his temper when Rudolph reacted to the cheap shot. Garrett crossed the line. End of story.

    Think the NFL have taken appropriate and proportionate action tbf. Garrett suspended indefinitely, Rudolph fined. Pouncey suspended 3 games for the kicks on Garrett and Ogunjobi given one game for barging Rudolph over from behind after he'd been hit with the helmet. Rare that I agree with the NFL disciplinary committee but think they did a good job with this situation.

  15. Just started watching this - really insightful docu-series into a story I had no idea about (don't know how it ends yet!), although some of you may remember the story in the news as it would have been world headlines at that time - late 80s). Series is well produced and really interesting, albeit with some horrific footage from the concentration camps.

    Quiet, unassuming immigrant to the USA (from Ukraine) John Demjanjuk, arrested on suspicion of war crimes after being identified by Treblinka survivors and the KGB as "Ivan the terrible", a notorious SS guard who attacked concentration camp victims at the doors of the gas chamber with a sword, mutilating them and making their last moments even more horrific.

    I'm sure most are aware that some of my family were incarcerated in concentration camps or murdered by the nazis so I have a personal interest but certainly useful for anyone with any kind of interest of WW2 or that kind of thing. Worth a watch.

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  16. 9 minutes ago, keelansgrandad said:

    It has now been extended to indefinitely. He had time to calm down during the incident and reflect on what might happen if he kept going. But he didn't and he deserves everything he gets thrown at him. Was he that good to worry about for the Browns?

    Absolutely - by far their best defensive player - he's a massive miss for them. Agree with what you say too - throw the book at him, Rudolph was lucky to escape any serious damage as it could have ended really badly.

  17. 23 minutes ago, Robert Barnes said:

    Pinking states he limped of with an injury. I didn't notice him limping when he left the pitch

    I didn't notice him limping and Skysports made no mention of an injury either - not sure where that has come from - my understanding was he was subbed to get the ovation he earned through the campaign.