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  1. 23 minutes ago, Canary Jedi said:

    Ah but that was nothing to do with us, it’s because Man C had an off day. Same with Liverpool once they were 4-0 up.


    Wrong - it's Shakhtar's naivety that has done them in. They'll get battered if they play like that every week in the Prem... 😉

  2. Brilliant result and an outstanding performance from the boys. Very nice dilemma for Farke to have, but there's lots of questions around who starts moving into Burnley and to be honest beyond that too.

    GK - Krul's shirt to lose. He's been magnificent so far this season. Feel bad for Fahrmann as he came here to play football and I'd imagine that we paid the fee for him on the basis we expected him to do so, but Timmy has been unbelievable so far. He's found a new gear and is keeping the shirt on merit.

    RB - Aarons has underwhelmed a little bit so far (no surprise as he's still very young), and Byram was exceptional yesterday. Even if Max is fit for Burnley, I think that Byram deserves to keep it after yesterday's showing. Hard to swallow as MAx is one of our own, but he hasn't hit the heights of last season for me so far, so on the basis of form, maybe a break from the team wouldn't be the worst thing for him. 

    CB - Amadou was brilliant yesterday - dominant in the air, quick, comfortable with it at his feet. I think we may have inadvertently filled the Zimbo shaped hole until Jan at least. Far more confident with him next to Godfrey than I would be with Hanley. Bit of miscommunication with Godfrey to allow Aguero to stand on the 6 yard box unmarked for their first but that kind of thing comes with time and chemistry of the CB pairing playing together.

    LB - Jamal has been unreal this season. No question marks here.

    DM - Tettey was brilliant yesterday. Very disciplined and effective performance. We all know his limitations in terms of ability and in terms of injury record but for me, I would be playing him ahead of Trybull. Thought he offered more, his passing was largely decent and he had more of an impact on the game than Tommy has so far.

    CM - Kenny McLean was class yesterday. Certainly deserves to keep the shirt for Burnley regardless of injury situ with Leitner/Vrancic etc... however long term I feel like maybe one of Mo or Mario offers us a bit more.

    Front four - No questions for me really. Drmic looks decent in cameos but not enough to displace Stiepi for me. Actually thought Dennis was excellent in his cameo yesterday too - chased down the Man City players on a few occasions but he's defo a squad player for me rather than any real danger to the starting 11. The unknown quantity here is Roberts but hard to see him getting a sniff unless Cantwell or Buendia picks up an injury.


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  3. Amadou looked every inch a Premier League quality CB. As long as he is happy playing at CB then it's his shirt to lose after that display - Given that the only other CB we have on the books until Jan is Hanley, I see it as a straight battle between the two of them for the CB berth until Jan. I was going to post further but actually think there's probably merit in starting another thread on what I was going to post so will do that instead.

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  4. 1 hour ago, Ward 3 said:

    People said at the start of the season to loan him out to a championship side. Bet they feel stupid now.

    I do, he's been a revelation. I would say that if he had continued at last season's level I think he would have found the Prem was a bridge too far, however he has come on leaps and bounds this season and is turning into a hell of a player. He's been far more expressive with his tricks and flicks, but his all round game is dramatically improved on last season and he is living up to the potential we've known was there. Absolutely earned that shirt now and it's his to lose, even when Onel is fit.

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  5. 1 minute ago, ron obvious said:

    Yes, that's where I got the links from (under highlights) because their video was blocked (copyright restrictions - is there a way round it?)


    I hadnt spotted that it had been blocked to be fair - first time I've ever seen a game blocked - I would imagine they'll replace the links later today. No way to get round it until then, as the videos have been totally removed from the hosting platform, as opposed to blocked.

  6. 4 hours ago, king canary said:

    -Browns should be doing everything they can do to trade for Trent Williams otherwise this line is going to destroy their chances this season.

    I really want rid of the Trent albatross. The dude has been a great Redskin and whatever his issues with the Skins are, I do think they are now irreconcilable. If we can get a 1st for him then we should be biting the hand off anyone offering it.

  7. Woooooo - Skins were 10 point underdogs for the game today. 13 points up at the half. Whatever happens second half, the Skins have shown that they are ready to compete with everybody this year.  This WR crew looks real nice, Mclaurin is freaking awesome. Big blow losing Jon Allen but hopeful it's not serious. Flowers and Penn anchoring the left side of the OL have been surprisinglyu stout. Come on Redskins, keep grinding.

  8. I only watched the highlights but bears didn't look too bad on there.

    It's a big one tonight with Redskins travelling to Eagles (Me vs King Canary). I'm not massively optimistic, but time will tell. Redskins have a legit defence for the first time in a long time. Derrius Guice is going to be an absolute beast at RB and we have massively upgraded at safety by slotting Landon Collins in on a free agent pick up, so there are some clear positives.

    WR and QB look a bit meh on paper but may surprise.

    Case Keenum is the starter (at QB) with Haskins waiting in the wings to take over mid-season. Both have been good in pre-season - Haskins has been flashier but also made quite a few errors with bonehead passes that have been intercepted. I think he'll be a very good QB though once he knocks out the rookie errors so long term the future is fairly bright on QB but this season may be a bit hit or miss.

    WR - we cut Josh Doctson (1st round pick a few years ago) mainly because he has spent 4 years sucking and doing nothing useful. We haven't seen our 3rd round pick - WR Terry McLaurin - from this year AT ALL in pre-season. Zero snaps.... Lots of rumours they are keeping him under wraps because they think he is going to BLOW UP this year. He's #1 receiver on the depth chart despite not playing a snap so there's a lot of expectation on him from the fanbase as we don't really know what to expect, but clearly the coaches have loved what they've seen out of him. We have a talented young WR group, but the only one with ANY real experience is Paul Richardson. The rest are all rookies or second year players that have been injured through year 1. Steven Sims is the other guy to watch in this group - not down to start on the depth chart but will see some looks in rotation... he has flashed all pre-season and training camp with some big time plays.

    Our RB group is stacked with Guice, Adrian Peterson, Chris Thompson leading the line with Wendell Smallwood (ex-eagle) backing up Thompson. Smallwood has played well against us in the past but will be cut when Bryce Love gets healthy later in the season (and my god when Love is healthy we'll have possibly the best RB stable in the league).

    Our biggest problem will be Offensive Line. Trent Williams is still holding out - we picked up Donald Penn to start at LT but he's struggled in pre-season - he isn't the perennial pro-bowler he was a few years ago. LG is always a problem for us and the latest experiment to plug the gap is Ereck Flowers who has sucked just as much for us as he did for NYG - we do have a talented 4th rounder (Wes Martin) who will fill that gap later in the season but Flowers is projected starter at the moment so I'd be surprised if he didn't start the first few games at least, which sucks because he's a turnstyle. People just get past him with little to no resistance.

    Lot of Redskins fans expecting to come out the first 5 games without a single victory. I'm not quite so pessimistic but we have a tough opening run for sure. There are lots of unknowns with the Skins at the moment so it will be interesting to see how they fare. Not looking forward to playing against DJax again (love that dude) but McLaurin ran the 40 at the combine faster than DJax - Like I say, lots of expectation resting on McLaurin.

    **** the Eagles.

    Hail to the Redskins.

  9. On 05/09/2019 at 20:37, nutty nigel said:

    There  are different kinds of loyalty. In the times when I had an away season ticket you'd get to know fans from all over. For example there was one guy who I saw every time at Plymouth! Was he loyal? Should he have had priority for games in Devon?

    Actually having done Plymouth three consecutive season's on cabbage I reckon I should be in some sort of elite group....

    That’s grounds for being in some sort of mental institution rather than an elite group... 😉

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  10. 11 hours ago, A Load of Squit said:

    So how does this all fit in with the shirts that have 'Gravity' on them?


    Gravity shirts are the kids version of the full squad shirts. Don’t know if its a legal thing or a club decision but the premise is having children walking round advertising a betting company was not good form so the kids sizes are sponsored by Gravity (which I believe is a trampoline park).