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  1. 8 minutes ago, Clint said:

    No one other than Farke understands why Drmic and Duda keep getting picked. Literally anyone in our squad who can play in either of these positions, should be getting picked ahead of these two. 

    There's an argument for playing anyone who can't play in those positions ahead of those two. Genuinely, would the team look markedly worse if Duda or Drmic were dropped and replaced with McGovern???

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  2. 12 minutes ago, Sooty57 said:

    Interesting to see people complaining about Farke dropping Pukki in favour of someone who has done  **** all. What has Pukki done, or even looked like doing, since the toe injury earlier in the year?  Many were calling for Farke to make changes, but then wringing their hands when he does.

    What has Drmic done... ever? He's a **** poor player. I don't give a toss if Pukki is starting, but if he isn't then it should be Idah because at least he looks capable of being a goal threat. Drmic just ponces around doing nothing every week.

    Why the **** is Duda anywhere near the pitch? He's utterly useless, and will be going back to Berlin in 3 weeks. Why bother? Play Mario or even Stiepi. Won't be any worse and at least they actually give a toss about the club and have proven in the past that they can be effective. 

    In short, yes everyone is calling for changes. Nobody is wringing their hands because Farke has made them, but because he repeatedly makes bad ones and puts **** players in from the start at the expense of players who at least offer SOMETHING.

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  3. 2 hours ago, yellowrider120 said:

    Flicked through the Spurs Fans Forum yesterday and they were going mad at everything Levy / ENIC Group / Jose and the language allowed on that site is pretty 'basic' (a polite description!!). If you delve a little deeper there is a lot of mention of 'The Starman' and that has developed further today with reports that.............'the deal has been completed'. Mind you the natives seem (mostly) distinctly underwhelmed at the prospect.

    Comments such as ..................................    Aarons when I watched him this year has been a total liability and complete disaster at times... but since he is highly rated I guess I could be wrong. 

    More polite variants describe our hero as ...................'bang average at best' whilst another mentions a 'Norwich water carrier'.

    Make of it what you will but the exit door seems about to open for 'The Starman'. Although I admit to having a soft spot for Spurs as a dear friend of mine (now sadly passed away) was 'Britain / London / Tottenham' to his core and he and his family were the nicest people you could ever wish to meet, I'm not convinced at all that playing under a washed up has been of a manager is the best move for Max. Certainly wish him well. He was sensational for us last season.   

    I have it on pretty good authority that the spurs deal has been done since Feb. I posted on here when I heard it. Cantwell to Liverpool was also a way down the tracks. Don't know if that was completed or not as covid hit shortly after. Im not one of these itk t**ts, but this comes directly from a relative of someone who would 100% know about this.

  4. 4 minutes ago, BigFish said:


    All 11,000 of them?

    For the record, around 13,000 uk students study in the Eu. Thats more students studying in Eu than brits employed in fishing. Of course Swindo is too thick to work it all out though

  5. 1 hour ago, Mr Apples said:

    You'll be wanting a free trade agreement with Iraq, Armenia, Mauritania, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Russia, Yemen, Senegal, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Paraguay, Iran and Djibouti next. 🤭🤣


    Beautifully done. I doubt Swindo has got it but its certainly appropriate for him

  6. To be fair I'm only NCFC due to family links (not that I believe the Liverpool, Leeds etc are in the same boat).

    My Dad grew up in Norfolk but moved away at 18 and has never moved back. I've never lived in Norfolk. Having a season ticket is a long held dream for me but never been viable.

    I do however follow us all over the country (evidenced by being in the elite 750 🤣 ).

    Guess it depends on the individual. I have a mate who lives in South Yorkshire but is Chelsea due to family (moved away from London when he was 2). He's a season ticket holder and even gets down for midweek home games. Think he's the exception rather than the bigger club rule though. I also have a mate who lives in Lincolnshire, claims to be "die hard" Liverpool but has never been to a game of live footy.

  7. 1 hour ago, PurpleCanary said:

    I agree with nearly all of that, not least because it is merely stating truths. And I would say Ilan Pappe, for example, is required reading.

    I do not think it is fair to equate actions of now successive Israeli governments with **** Germany and the Holocaust. That was uniquely evil. What is morally beyond the pale is to use the Holocaust and 6m murders as a shield against all criticisms of the repressive and apartheid policies of the state of Israel.

    At a tangent, the above is why Labour has got itself embroiled in claims of anti-semitism. Historically the right in UK politics has been more anti-semitic than the left, and I imagine proportionally there are still more anti-semites in the Tory party than in Labour.

    But because there is in effect zero concern among Tories about the murderous suppression of the Palestinians they either stay silent or back Israel, so nothing is said that either is or can be portrayed as anti-semitic.

    I don't doubt there are some anti-semites in Labour, and some comments on Israel stem from that, but much of what gets said is driven by a genuine sense of outrage that this persecution of the Palestians,  which started more than 70 years ago, is still going on. That has driven leftists to extreme expressions, which can easily be demonised as anti-semitic.

    Think you're probably right on the Tories vs Labour element of anti-semitism. The problem has been a decades long concerted effort by Israeli administrations, perpetuated by US governments to conflate anti-Israel sentiment with anti-semitism when they are quite patently not the same thing.

    Agree to disagree on the Nazis being uniquely evil. Israel routinely denies medicine, water, food and electricity supplies into Gaza. They bomb the **** out of it, then refuse to allow shipments of building materials in to let the Palestinians rebuild their homes. Murders, torture and executions are routine. Children are put into prison. It's essentially become nothing more than a concentration camp. https://www.hrw.org/world-report/2020/country-chapters/israel/palestine

    Here's an excerpt from an Amnesty international report ( here: https://www.amnesty.org/en/countries/middle-east-and-north-africa/israel-and-occupied-palestinian-territories/report-israel-and-occupied-palestinian-territories/ )


    How anyone can conflate what is happening with "Israel's right to defend itself" is beyond belief. Firstly, they wouldn't need to defend themselves if they gave the Palestinians the land that is rightfully theirs in a two state solution and ended their apartheid. Secondly, the use of force is utterly disproportionate. You're talking about teenagers with stones against cutting edge drones, tanks etc.


  8. On 25/06/2020 at 18:52, keelansgrandad said:

    Race and Religion are becoming topics that events make it impossible to discuss any options without being accused.

    For so many years I believed Israel had some justification for its actions but now they are going too far. And they will not entertain policies other than eye for an eye. But make accusations and you are anti semitic.

    Just the same as the Police reported that the troublemakers in Brixton were of West Indian origin and got stick for it and accused of being insensitive during the BLM campaign.

    I really hope we are not heading into an era of censorship. We need a bit of calm and reason right now.

    I've always argued passionately that being anti-Israel doesn't make you anti-semitic. I'm not even anti-Israel as a concept, I'm anti-zionism and I'm anti-Israel in it's current form. Israel has had a apolicy of apartheid since it's inception, and the illegal settlements are illegal land grabs designed to break up any continuous Palestinian territory - they are a long game answer to preventing the two-state solution from being viable. They consistently use weapons on civilians, commit human rights abuses and murder innocents. It's not an eye for an eye when you murder thousands of civilians by carpet bombing areas as a response for a few rockets being fired over the border with no casualties. There are examples where Israeli soldiers have rounded women and children up into house under the pretence there was about to be a fight with militants, and they would keep the hosue safe, then they've circled the house with tanks and shelled it murdering all inside.

    The Goldstein report makes clear that Israel has used chemical weapons on civilians (a war crime) as they dropped white phosphorous over residential areas resulting in horrific mutilation through burns to the residents.

    Read this article - http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/middle_east/7960071.stm and you get a real understanding into the mentality of the IDF. They don't give a toss about protecting Israel's sovereignty. They only care about murdering Palestinians and they don't give a **** if they are women or children, innocent or insurgent. 

    They've been going too far since at least 1967.  Surprised you are only just waking up to this. The Israeli government is no better than Nazis - and as I'm sure you're aware, my grandfather was in a concentration camp, and half his family murdered by the nazis, so I don't say that lightly. That doesn't mean I'm anti-semitic, or I hate Jews. I don't in fact, I revere the conscientious objectors like Alexei Sayle, and Ilan Pappe. Are they, as Jewish people, anti-semitic because they find the Israeli government abhorrent?

  9. 7 hours ago, Bill said:

    The post you quote was in reply to Swindon, not your post

    I am not totally wrong as arithmetic is one part of Maths....  and at this level, it is very basic arithmetic ie not Maths

    Likewise a very basic introduction to living organisms is not Biology either - childrens painting is not a study of art

    However my point was to demonstrate how Swindon has a complete disregard for facts and truth - just as he never mentioned that his wife is not a teacher, but a teaching assistant, again not the same thing

    I'm aware that your post wasn't directed at me, but you're talking rubbish and I'm calling it out. The fact I felt the need to jump in on Swindo's behalf should tell you just how wrong you are.

    If you looked at the links I sent, you'd see they do far more than basic arithmetic, and a basic intro to living organisms IS still biology (and they do way more than that anyway). Unless you think that teaching young children the nuances of osmosis is the only acceptable level of primary biology. They study Biology at a level relevant to their age.

    I don't disagree with your point about his wife, I even helped you out by pointing out that the level of immigration in the Swindon school i looked at was incredibly low with the inference being the "foreigners holding the english kids back" point was stupid and nonsensical.... which is why I don't understand why you're so intent on arguing semantics of what does and what doesn't constitute Biology, because I'm literally a teacher, having looked at a scheme of work and curriculum for Science at primary, telling you that you are wrong and don't know what you're talking about.

    By the end of KS2 (when students sit a Science SAT) students should know: how plants work, what a micro-organism is, how the human body works (digestive system, circulatory system, skeletons and muscles), how some animals have adapted (evolved) to live in their ecosystem, and food chains. All of which are Biology topics. Here's a more comprehensicve list: 



    There's literally a Biology specific Key Stage 2 (year 6 is last year of KS2) revision guide for the Science SAT.

    I'll leave it there but it kind of undermines your point that Swindo is a liar when you're arguing a totally inaccurate point and won't accept that you're wrong despite being given ample evidence to the contrary. In fact, you're behaving in exactly the way Swindo does.

    KS2 Science is Easy: BIOLOGY.: In-depth revision advice for ages 7 ...

  10. 5 minutes ago, Bill said:

    Neither are Biology and Maths as is understood

    otherwise you could claim that learning to read Noddy is English Literature and English language

    I would also suspect that the number of children are very small, as children outside of the UK learn English at a very early age - and your whining is based on a resentment of these children accessing something you regard as being 'not theirs'

    You're arguing for the sake of it. You're totally wrong (and I'm hardly one to leap to Swindo's defence).

    https://www.cpps.swindon.sch.uk/maths-1/ << Look at the Y4 document and tell me that's not a comprehensive maths curriculum

    https://www.cpps.swindon.sch.uk/science-1/ << Look at the Science coverage sheet and explain how it doesn't cover biology.

    Taken from the website of a Swindon school I picked at random on a list.

    It also states this "Most pupils are White British. A smaller than average number of pupils is from minority ethnic backgrounds and an even smaller percentage speak English as an additional language." in the most recent OFSTED report. Take from that what you will.

  11. 5 minutes ago, PurpleCanary said:

    Krul had a fair number of saves to make, but there wasn’t one that you wouldn’t have expected a competent keeper to pull off.

    That header in extra time? Are you kidding? That was world class to claw that back out after seeing it late.



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  12. Not one to defend Swindo, but having been in a Primary for a few weeks cross-phase experience when doing my teacher training, he is right (for once).

    Life and living processes does equal Biology.

    They sit a SATS paper in maths at the end of KS2, and do pretty much exclusively maths and english at primary because of these tests.

    Doesn't change the fact we all remember what he said about his wife not wanting to teach foreign kids and "they hold the english kids back", which as I'm a teacher, I know is utter ****.

  13. 11 minutes ago, keelansgrandad said:

    I wouldn't go as far as saying I'm proud of the performance. I'm not one for rejoicing in defeat. And there were times when we didn't play that brilliant today. And Southampton looked a far better team than Manure.

    I just cannot accept that Vrancic didn't make it onto the pitch at all. Once again Drmic looked very poor and surely Idah would have added something more. DF  seems to puzzle most of us with his selections and substitutions So in that way I cannot be proud because this was one game we could have won.

    VAR would have helped and shown Ighalo offside for the winner and just maybe but unlikely that McTominay could have been done for violent play.

    Roll on next season. This one in my opinion should not have been completed under Government guidelines for the rest of us but that is water under the bridge and we cannot escape the fact that we are probably the worst team in the Prem so don't deserve to stay up under any circumstances.

    VAR was in play today

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