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    Can anyone copy/paste a selection?
  2. kick it off

    Forget Farke On A Horse.

    Fair play Lakey, I edited my original response to you as it was pretty harsh and uncalled for. Apologies.
  3. kick it off

    Forget Farke On A Horse.

    For comparitive purposes: Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai (an actual sanctuary) has elephants allowed to roam free in herds. Mahouts control the herds with literally no use of force. Riding is forbidden. Bullhooks are forbidden. You can touch the elephants but only if they approach you, otherwise you just stand and watch them. I know for a fact they're not chained at any point in time because we stayed in a cabin that overlooked the stables where they sleep. Endorsed by the Save the Elephant foundation, WWF and various others. It's actually legitimately a sanctuary. https://www.saveelephant.org/elephant-nature-park/ https://www.elephantnaturepark.org/
  4. kick it off

    Forget Farke On A Horse.

    The detail is in the Telegraph article I posted - these elephants were "rescued" from the logging trade in Sumatra but they are no better off for it. https://www.hereandtherecollective.com/blog-1/2018/8/7/whats-up-with-that-how-to-avoid-animal-abusement-parks-masquerading-as-animal-sanctuaries << It is reviewed in depth here - it fails every single one of their 6 tests for sanctuary. That's what this idyllic rescue driven "sanctuary" really looks like. The baby elephant pictured is being "broken in". This process has to happen to allow tourists to ride on elephants. It is essentially taking the babies and beating them into submission with a sharp hook on a stick whilst they are bound, so they are unable to move. Mason Elephant Lodge has bred 4 elephants and they're available to ride.
  5. kick it off

    Forget Farke On A Horse.

    Even though it's a demonstrable lie?
  6. kick it off

    Forget Farke On A Horse.

    Edited as reaction was too harsh
  7. kick it off

    Forget Farke On A Horse.

    Yeah, that's the spiel the owner gives in the link I posted above... he then goes on to try to justify monetising the elephants with rides etc despite knowing that it's bad for the elephants welfare. It's utter b0ll0cks. They haven't rescued anything. They've seized an opportunity to make a quick buck out of some poor elephants that have been abused all their lives. Rescuing would be letting them roam free in a sanctuary, behaving as naturally as possible for the rest of their days. That's what a sanctuary is. This isn't a sanctuary, it's a tourist park. If you look up pictures of this place, the elephants are chained with chains that are maybe 50 cm long, in the middle of concrete circles. They are forced to perform tricks. They are abused with bullhooks. Like I said, I don't doubt Onel is entirely ignorant about all of this, but in the age of on demand internet in your pocket, there is literally no excuse to be ignorant.
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    Get ready for it...
  9. kick it off

    Forget Farke On A Horse.

    https://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/news/is-bali-the-worlds-worst-destination-for-animal-cruelty/ https://www.responsibletravel.com/holidays/elephant-conservation/travel-guide/elephant-sanctuaries-which-we-do-and-dont-support <<< Specifically says it does support the ENP in Chiang Mai because it is a genuine sanctuary and pioneering in it's approach to caring for the elephants etc. Top of the list of places it does not support.... Mason Elephant Lodge.
  10. kick it off

    Forget Farke On A Horse.

    That’s really disappointing. Those elephants are disgustingly abused to break them in to allow people to ride on them and then their spines are deformed by the practice of lumbering tourists around. I’m really sad that Onel has supported that. Martin Clunes is all over the press atm for similar. There are various sanctuaries that actually support the elephants to live humanely so it’s easy to get up close, without propagating the abuse. I stayed at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai and saw the elephants that had been in the trekking camps up close (ENP is a sanctuary where they rescue elephants from trekking camps).... elephants who had been shot in the face, use of bull hooks and chains, deformed spines etc. Sorry Onel, I’m sure it’s ignorance but there is no excuse for this. Massively disappointed in his judgement here.
  11. https://www.canaries.co.uk/News/2019/may/the-official-norwich-city-2018-19-end-of-season-quiz/ I got a rather embarassing 9/18
  12. kick it off

    NFL Thread

    Who else is an NFL fan in here? I'm a big Redskins fan - currently 6-3 atop the NFC East. Have to say, we're probably the worst team to be leading a division but all I know is misery and mediocrity in my Redskins fandom so I'm happily enjoying the whole winning games novelty, even if we are winning ugly every week. Anyone see past Saints/Rams for Superbowl?
  13. kick it off

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    That's been doing the rounds for well over a week
  14. kick it off

    Championship Table

    I sincerely hope your complacency doesn't get to the players and cost us promotion
  15. kick it off

    Kit nerds assemble

    I thought the home kit this year was unbelievably good, and quite liked the away kit too (not so much the 3rd kit though)
  16. kick it off

    Playoff Watch - All Leagues

    Yes. September 2007. Molineux. We lost 2-0 and failed to register a single shot on target. Worse than that, was we didn't manage our first shot off target until 85th minute. We also had Shackell and Brellier sent off and finished the game with 9 men. I believe it was Darrell Russell with the attempted shot, but I might be doing him a dis-service there, my memory aint what it used to be. Whoever it was, the shot, and our only shot of the entire game, went out for a ****ing throw in from 20 yards out, central position. One of the games that sticks out in my memory as it was right up there in my top 3 or 4 worst ever games attended. It was a brutal afternoon.
  17. kick it off

    Proud Canaries

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcthree/article/7bd36d28-bf1e-4f87-96d1-b3c74afed48a Great write up on Di Cunningham of Proud Canaries
  18. kick it off

    Jed Steer

    I don't get all this hoping for a team to come up to fill one of the relegation spots. None of the 4 playoff teams are going to be worrying us for a Europa spot, so it doesn't really matter who comes up - we need to be more worried about Arsenal etc
  19. kick it off

    Playoff Watch - All Leagues

    Good watch so far, the league 2 second legs are tomorrow I think - hoping Mansfield can make it through - lot of the staff and kids at work are Mansfield fans.
  20. kick it off

    Pinto Signs For Dinamo Zagreb.

    Absolutely chuffed for him to get a great move like this. Echo the sentiments of others, he’s a class act and wish him nothing but the best for the future.
  21. kick it off

    NFL Thread

    Quite like both the Bills and the 49ers tbf. Lot of links between my Redskins and the niners too - Shanny Jr at the helm in SF and Vernon Davis and Alex Smith on our roster (although I'll be surprised if AS ever plays football again - horrific injury). Think we can all unite in the universal hatred of the Cowgirls.
  22. kick it off

    Harvester - Stoke - Parking Charge!!!

    It’s an error with their system. I had the same. Contact email below for anyone who needs. trenthamlakesstoke@harvester.co.uk
  23. kick it off

    "City's going up and the scum are going down..."

  24. Anybody else had one for parking at the harvester? Both me and my mate paid for match day parking just before 1 and then left straight after the game. Both of us have now had parking tickets for ‘exceeding the maximum time’ or some ****. Not a chance am I paying it when I paid for parking and displayed the ticket correctly.