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  1. kick it off

    Any way to watch the Crawley game?

    Nope - youtube and DrDublin to the rescue
  2. No worries, Im listening via the youtube link now. Ifollow support say theres a problem with the audio feed. RN cut out at kickoff online.
  3. Great if you live in Norfolk....
  4. Anyone got a link to commentary? Ifollow is a shambles and match commentary hasn't yet clicked in, despite the match having started.
  5. kick it off

    Any way to watch the Crawley game?

    I've realised that I'd left my domestic IFollow subscription running so have radio access.... except I don't. Now past kick of time and getting the "Thank you for subscribing to Ifollow, the match will start shortly" on the listen live link. Shambles.
  6. kick it off

    New membership scheme and the plastic fans

    I thought the bit where he said "10 of us are going tonight" was a bit of a giveaway but demonstrating your incomparable intellect, you somehow don't seem to have understood what it meant.
  7. https://www.twtd.co.uk/forum/464851/im-in-the-mood-for-some-gloating/#15 I know there's a few of them saying the OP needs to show a bit of class, but there are others backing him up. What a pathetic bunch. Desperate to gloat to Bolton fans about beating a team of 9 year olds whilst the fans are desperate just to find out if they'll still have a club next week. Sums up that inbred lot really. No class or dignity.
  8. kick it off


    Turkce biliyor musun?
  9. Klose almost singlehandedly kept us up. If he hadn’t got injured we’d have stayed up that season. Small sample size of 10 games but he was phenomenal.
  10. kick it off

    Wot no fred?

    Worst we’ve played all season. No shame in that, although there should be plenty on Chelsea’s behalf after that display of pathetic diving and cheating. Utterly embarrassing- typical Lampard mentality
  11. kick it off

    Wot no fred?

    Eurgh. Turning your back on the ball is kids stuff. Surely he can’t start the next game.
  12. kick it off


    Doesn’t work so well when he equalises within minutes. I would say keep trying but frankly you’re showing very little potential to improve your trolling so I’d just give it up.
  13. kick it off

    Wot no fred?

    Efan Ekoku and Peter Drury on NBC. Waiting on my Aussie mate to sort Optus out for me.
  14. kick it off


    It’s quite funny. You have to be fairly **** at life to be interested in trolling. Normal people have better things to do. To be a troll and be **** at it takes a special kind of basement dwelling virgin
  15. kick it off

    Chelsea Injuries

    I dont care who plays for them, I fancy us today. Chelsea are nowehere near Liverpools level and although they have better players than us on paper, they don't scare me without Hazard. I think this will be a tough season for them. I do acknowledge the ACN effect against a winless Chelsea means they might batter us though.
  16. kick it off

    Chelsea - Top of the Terrace tickets

    Croquet?? Utter chav. Can't you afford to go yachting?
  17. kick it off


    I think that much is obvious from the fact you call it a "disco" instead of a "club"
  18. kick it off

    Chelsea - Top of the Terrace tickets

    Yeah I would too - it was utterly rubbish. Not a mistake we'll make again.
  19. kick it off


    I tore my meniscus about 10 years ago - thought I'd done my cruciate when i hit the deck (some knobber took my standing leg as I flicked a 50/50 ball over his head playing footy). Really painful injury but I was playing footy again 3 months later. Knee was a bit ropey playing for a bit after that but I managed and I didn't have the kind of specialist medical care Onel will get (plus I somehow don't think I was in the same league of fitness at the time of the injury!) 3 months sounds about right.
  20. kick it off

    Chelsea - Top of the Terrace tickets

    We booked in Top of the Terrace several years ago for MK Dons at home in League one as they were the only seats left in the ground - there was no 3 course meal included in the deal, just really expensive tickets to sit in a soundproof box with the crowd being pumped in via speakers at a low volume, and people who looked like the type to politely clap goals. I would guess at £75 there is no meal included in these, just a horrible pretentious atmosphere not conducive to enjoying a footy match.
  21. kick it off

    Mr Farke

    Agree on the favourite manager ever.
  22. kick it off

    Mr Farke

    Absolutely. He’s a fantastic coach, he’s got us playing the best football I’ve ever witnessed a City side play in my lifetime, he develops our kids and the older players have all improved at an astounding rate. He’s a genuine guy and comes across as thoughtful, reflective and intelligent, but has a sense of humour. What’s not to like?
  23. kick it off

    Membership Scheme Meetings.

    Only if the guests have paid the £50 premium meetings membership fee.
  24. kick it off

    Stat attack

    Thought it would be good to have a centralised place for all the tidbit stats that we get. They normally start off in their own thread but then get lost and forgotten (for example there was one about pukki vs Harry Kane in games against Liverpool but it’s lost in the ether of the forum now). Key here is context though, so when adding to the thread, please make it clear whether the stat refers to a game or the season as a whole, and which game if it’s an individual match. No need to go looking for stats but if you spot one worth sharing, add it here. ill start with this. Mo Leitner completed more passes over the 90 minutes than the entire Newcastle midfield combined (93 to 81). [Newcastle at home]