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  1. Hanely is that kind of character, agreed. Zimbo is a leader but more in the quiet/thoughtful mold - a bit like Pukki I guess. He doesn't strike me as a "rally the troops" kind of guy. Could be wrong of course. Feel we need more Hanley types.
  2. That was never a foul in a million years, it was just a weak challenge. That's kind of the point - weak challenge when 999/1000 professional (or even amateur) players just take him out and take the yellow card. Total lack of football common sense. Their pace was killing us - they were on the break and there was a 3 v 3 behind him, what footballer worth his salt doesn't just clatter him?
  3. Yep, this sums it up. I am happy to go down, I expected to go down, I was clear we would go down from about October.... I can deal with all that. What I struggle to reconcile is the utterly gutless displays we've put in week in and weekout this season. I don't mind losing but the strecth from October-Dec and since the restart has been damning.
  4. Coming into a team that was already top of the league, scoring goals for fun and had the top scorer in the league banging 30 goals. Having seen him for a full season now, do you honestly believe that was the real Kenny Maclean, or was it a purple patch and he's actually Fotheringham 2.0? You're entitled to your opinion of course, but my money is on the latter.
  5. Relegation should be official on Saturday. For me, Aarons can go if we get offered big money for him. He's a great player but Byram is more than capable. Same goes for Cantwell. Hernandez is excellent at Champs level and Josh Martin sniffing around the first team too. Critical we hold on to Buendia and Krul for me. Pukki, I hate to say it, but I think he's shot. He's lost that instinctive finishing that made him so deadly last season. Hopefully he can get his mojo back but I do worry it's gone for good. We certainly need alternate options, and Drmic ain't the answer. Idah is definitely in the convo but I do think we probably need one more up top (and to ship Drmic out). We could do with some bite in midfield. Kenny can go as far as I'm concerned, jack of all trades, master of none. Looks like that Danish lad might be lined up to fill Tettey's boots. We also need to bring in a strong leader. A Bradley Johnson/Grant Holt/Malky type. We've got a lot of quiet players and we need that kind of character in the dressing room imo. Most of the squad is probably fine to be honest. Personally cannot wait for next season. I hate the Prem. So dull unless you're in the top 6 or throwing money at it like Wolves (and even then no guarantees, see Villa. A). No VAR, proper grounds with proper fans and none of this pointless fighting to finish 15th or 16th as if it's some magnificent achievement. Rather be big fish in a small pond than vice versa.
  6. So in summary, he makes a lot of sideways passes, and is half decent in the air (but almost exclusively from punted goal kicks, doesn't get on many in the box). He doesn't create chances, he doesn't score goals and he doesn't break up play. He is a passenger.
  7. Seriously, in what world is he a premier league player? I hope we can get rid this summer because he'll be out of his depth in the championship. Cost us the second goal with pathetic powderpuff attempt at a tackle and lack of basic football sense (clatter him and get a yellow because they're about to go 3 on 3). Can somebody tell me one thing the guy does well?
  8. Holy .... That Mahomes deal is insane. Makes a lot of sense for both sides but those numbers are eye-watering. https://www.si.com/nfl/2020/07/06/patrick-mahomes-contract-extension-chiefs And hell has officially frozen over as Dan Snyder has finally succumbed to the pressure and we're changing the name. I'm looking forward to a new era under Riverboat Ron, new name, no Bruce Allen and CHASE FREAKING YOUNG leading a Jack Del Rio Defense. Finally some light at the end of the tunnel in DC.
  9. Independent fact-checker said it was entirely accurate too.
  10. We went 4 consecutive games under Hughton without a shot on target. I don't feel the need to say any more.
  11. There's an argument for playing anyone who can't play in those positions ahead of those two. Genuinely, would the team look markedly worse if Duda or Drmic were dropped and replaced with McGovern???
  12. What has Drmic done... ever? He's a **** poor player. I don't give a toss if Pukki is starting, but if he isn't then it should be Idah because at least he looks capable of being a goal threat. Drmic just ponces around doing nothing every week. Why the **** is Duda anywhere near the pitch? He's utterly useless, and will be going back to Berlin in 3 weeks. Why bother? Play Mario or even Stiepi. Won't be any worse and at least they actually give a toss about the club and have proven in the past that they can be effective. In short, yes everyone is calling for changes. Nobody is wringing their hands because Farke has made them, but because he repeatedly makes bad ones and puts **** players in from the start at the expense of players who at least offer SOMETHING.
  13. I have it on pretty good authority that the spurs deal has been done since Feb. I posted on here when I heard it. Cantwell to Liverpool was also a way down the tracks. Don't know if that was completed or not as covid hit shortly after. Im not one of these itk t**ts, but this comes directly from a relative of someone who would 100% know about this.
  14. The public obviously. To be fair, they'll fall for it too.
  15. Well this was news I didn't expect to see. They don't even have a leader at the moment so getting elected in Minneapolis is all the more impressive!
  16. https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/alleged-racist-incident-at-kings-lynn-town-ground-1-6562833
  17. So the guidance for schools released about an hour ago. The gist of it is: Wipe **** down, encourage kids to wash their hands, aside from that you're on your own, good luck, hope you all survive.
  18. All 11,000 of them? For the record, around 13,000 uk students study in the Eu. Thats more students studying in Eu than brits employed in fishing. Of course Swindo is too thick to work it all out though
  19. Thats hilarious. All that for a bog standard plain as anything, off the rack Adidas kit? Not to mention the current players being mixed in with the uefa Cup winners Whole thing is embarrassing from start to finish. Boring kit too.
  20. Beautifully done. I doubt Swindo has got it but its certainly appropriate for him
  21. Glad we have this thread about Bali Mumba to discuss the minutiae of Cantwell's ability
  22. To be fair I'm only NCFC due to family links (not that I believe the Liverpool, Leeds etc are in the same boat). My Dad grew up in Norfolk but moved away at 18 and has never moved back. I've never lived in Norfolk. Having a season ticket is a long held dream for me but never been viable. I do however follow us all over the country (evidenced by being in the elite 750 ). Guess it depends on the individual. I have a mate who lives in South Yorkshire but is Chelsea due to family (moved away from London when he was 2). He's a season ticket holder and even gets down for midweek home games. Think he's the exception rather than the bigger club rule though. I also have a mate who lives in Lincolnshire, claims to be "die hard" Liverpool but has never been to a game of live footy.
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