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  1. kick it off

    NFL Thread

    Who else is an NFL fan in here? I'm a big Redskins fan - currently 6-3 atop the NFC East. Have to say, we're probably the worst team to be leading a division but all I know is misery and mediocrity in my Redskins fandom so I'm happily enjoying the whole winning games novelty, even if we are winning ugly every week. Anyone see past Saints/Rams for Superbowl?
  2. kick it off

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    That's been doing the rounds for well over a week
  3. kick it off

    Championship Table

    I sincerely hope your complacency doesn't get to the players and cost us promotion
  4. kick it off

    Kit nerds assemble

    I thought the home kit this year was unbelievably good, and quite liked the away kit too (not so much the 3rd kit though)
  5. kick it off

    Playoff Watch - All Leagues

    Yes. September 2007. Molineux. We lost 2-0 and failed to register a single shot on target. Worse than that, was we didn't manage our first shot off target until 85th minute. We also had Shackell and Brellier sent off and finished the game with 9 men. I believe it was Darrell Russell with the attempted shot, but I might be doing him a dis-service there, my memory aint what it used to be. Whoever it was, the shot, and our only shot of the entire game, went out for a ****ing throw in from 20 yards out, central position. One of the games that sticks out in my memory as it was right up there in my top 3 or 4 worst ever games attended. It was a brutal afternoon.
  6. kick it off

    Proud Canaries

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcthree/article/7bd36d28-bf1e-4f87-96d1-b3c74afed48a Great write up on Di Cunningham of Proud Canaries
  7. kick it off

    Jed Steer

    I don't get all this hoping for a team to come up to fill one of the relegation spots. None of the 4 playoff teams are going to be worrying us for a Europa spot, so it doesn't really matter who comes up - we need to be more worried about Arsenal etc
  8. kick it off

    Playoff Watch - All Leagues

    Good watch so far, the league 2 second legs are tomorrow I think - hoping Mansfield can make it through - lot of the staff and kids at work are Mansfield fans.
  9. kick it off

    Pinto Signs For Dinamo Zagreb.

    Absolutely chuffed for him to get a great move like this. Echo the sentiments of others, he’s a class act and wish him nothing but the best for the future.
  10. kick it off

    NFL Thread

    Quite like both the Bills and the 49ers tbf. Lot of links between my Redskins and the niners too - Shanny Jr at the helm in SF and Vernon Davis and Alex Smith on our roster (although I'll be surprised if AS ever plays football again - horrific injury). Think we can all unite in the universal hatred of the Cowgirls.
  11. kick it off

    Harvester - Stoke - Parking Charge!!!

    It’s an error with their system. I had the same. Contact email below for anyone who needs. trenthamlakesstoke@harvester.co.uk
  12. kick it off

    "City's going up and the scum are going down..."

  13. Anybody else had one for parking at the harvester? Both me and my mate paid for match day parking just before 1 and then left straight after the game. Both of us have now had parking tickets for ‘exceeding the maximum time’ or some ****. Not a chance am I paying it when I paid for parking and displayed the ticket correctly.
  14. kick it off

    Parking tickets from stoke

    There’s no way it would stand up if they pursue it, and it sounds like they’ve already realised these have been sent in error. I’m not concerned. I’d imagine they have it on cctv anyway.
  15. kick it off

    Parking tickets from stoke

    No intention of ignoring it. I’ve already contacted to explain that it is wrong and I will not be paying it, in no uncertain terms!
  16. kick it off

    Parking tickets from stoke

    Thanks Bill - the appeal process is outlined on the notice. Whole thing is ludicrous - I paid for match day parking, and then they are trying to fine me for parking for the duration of the match Ridiculius. Like I say, they aren't getting a penny from me!
  17. kick it off

    All 93...

    I have a feeling I may watch that a few times over the course of the tournament free summer....
  18. kick it off

    Best season ever ???

    Unbelievable season. Drove 120 miles to watch the villa game with my dad. Would have gone but he didn’t have enough points and I didn’t fancy sitting on my own on my birthday so I sacrificed the game yesterday. Straight after the celebration ended yesterday I was back in the car to drive nearly 4 hours to be in Norwich today. 3 hours back to Nottingham this eve. Was worth every second of the drive and even better, we stayed in the stadium hotel and as we checked out this morning, walked almost straight into russ Martin. Great start but even better, got round to car park and the players were arriving at the stadium before going up to city hall. Got the chance to personally thank krul, tetts, Tommy T, super mario and Jamal Lewis before I even started the trek up to city hall. What a day so far. Spot of lunch and then start heading towards the ground for wes vs russ to continue the celebration although not convinced some of the players will be able to stand by the time they’re due for the lap of honour!
  19. kick it off

    Lets be honest...

    I was always pretty consistent in wanting to keep him. My dad wanted rid of him early doors this season and I almost got poisoned with it but the furthest I shifted was to sit on the fence.
  20. kick it off

    Super Mario

    His goal won us promotion. His goal secured the title. His contribution to this season has been unbelievable. He has improved so much since last year it is ridiculous. Last summer I literally said he had been signed as a stopgap not as part of the future planning. How ****ing wrong was I? Incredible player and well worthy of starting in the prem, he will excel there.
  21. kick it off

    So pleased for these two club legends...

    Met MWJ at sheff weds game. Top bloke. Top owners. Brought a tear watching them lift the trophy on the tv this afternoon. Just phenomenal people to have at the helm of our club. No owner in football cares as much as they do.
  22. kick it off

    Fantasy Shirts

    Love the top one. Not bothered on the other two mate.
  23. kick it off


    My birthday, at my dads watching the game before the 200 mile trip to Norwich to be there for the parade tomorrow. Get in. So proud. We deserved this and it will make tomorrow that much sweeter when we have a trophy to lift
  24. McGinn won't play, Abraham won't play and they are more focussed on the playoffs than us (although they don't really want us to win) https://www.expressandstar.com/sport/football/aston-villa/2019/05/03/aston-villa-boss-dean-smith-aiming-to-balance-pride-with-pragmatism-in-norwich-city-clash/