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  1. Jas - they are away at sheff utd on tuesday so are staying in a hotel in norwich apparently to avoid traffic etc wearing the precious little binners out - its all on the link poested at top of the thread.... If only i was in norwich this weekend, love a good fire alarm at 3am i do!!
  2. Sorry but thought this required a new thread.....

    Was reading the paper today (Daily Mail - not my choice of journo..) but in the sports section had a piece, as did most papers, about the scum takeover.....

    Whilst we may have had a paedo''s lawyer (who is also representing Robert Murat in the Madeleine case i believe) trying to invest in our fine club, the man who''s taken over at the binners is scarcely less controversial...

    His company apparently (according to the DM) rip off sports fans.... an example quoted was his executive package to watch the PGA Open with the promise of a view from the hotel over the 18th green.....he neglected to tell the customer that the green was actually on a neighbouring golf course and not the one the open was being played upon. He is still involved in selling tickets (touting) online and his spokesman - Richard Constante - had this laughable comment...quote source - 1st Nov Daily Mail "We prefer to call it selling tickets on the secondary market, which is entirely legal, rather than the black market"

    Sheepshanks response...."Our extensive research has shown him to be in every respect an appropriate person to become our lead shareholder."

    he has also bid for the daily mirror but wopuld appear to be a moneygrabbing sham of a man - i hope he takes the scum for the little they are worth - him and the binners is a marriage made in heaven (http://www.moneyweek.com/file/22958/who-is-the-mystery-bidder-for-the-daily-mirror.html)

  3. kick it off

    Would you vote for him?

    "With his easy style on the stump, deep religious convictions, and comic timing, he may yet make it a five-way race for the Republican nomination"

    This is the ABCnews verdict on their ''buzzmaker of the week''.....


    Who happens to be one Mr Huckabee.....


    Ok  i know the spelling is not the same, but it got me thinking - who out of our players, managers or board members past or present would make good politicians?

    At least it may help to alleviate the mid-manager constant rumour situ, if only for a little while....


    Im nominating a certain Mr N Doncaster - his spin would put Blair to shame, in fact i believe it would be true to say his spin is stronger than Shane Warne......I however would most certainly not be voting for him.

  4. kick it off

    Boycott the Ipswich Game

    Jas - disagree - thousands of people not turning up to a local derby in front of sky cameras at carrow road? a half empty ground? the board would have to take notice, as would the national media. The club are not allowed to re-sell seats that have already been sold, even if the original purchaser doesnt turn up.

    Im not going this weekend, couldnt get a ticket, but can understand those that have one but wont be using it; it is a choice thing.....i think that the new managers first game in charge we need to really get behind the players and him, esp against the binners, BUT if people boycott then it is up to them. my fear is not enough will boycott to make it a successful enterprise......

    If i had managed to get hold of a ticket, i would take a huge banner making proclamations of "sack the board" "get the cook out" etc - you want the media to take note, then banners is the way to do it.....That way no one can be mistaken about your message. or alternatively - i suggest a uniform of a black armband worn by supporters to remember our great club before it died at the hands of the evil chef..... sky would pick up on that straight away and is an original and innovative form of protest - even if only a minority of say 1000 wore it, then it would be noticeable. especially if coupled with a protest outside the boardroom after the scum inevitably beat us (i think we all know they will!)



  5. kick it off

    Just Back From The Hawthorns.....

    One word for it....INEPT. Shacks Hucks and Croft played well, the rest were awful....Otsemobor at fault for 2nd goal - Murray was ok but not particularly good, defence ripped to shreds in the channels, could have been 5 or 6 easily.....midfield were very poor, distribution was laughable (or would have been if it wasn''t so depressing!) no fight whatsoever - Russell was very poor, spillane had a shocker, Smith was a non-entity with a few bright moments where he looked interested....Cureton and Martin should both have been subbed at half time - terrible.


    Duffy is a joke. i cant post  a word strong enough for him on here. get this muppet out of our club, i dont want him in any capacity whatsoever!!! Cureton as a right winger 2nd half with Croft sitting on the bench. TW*T. Croft was excellent when he came on, again. what does that guy have to do to get a start, anyone can see hes one of the few decent players we actually have (anyone bar duffy and grant obv) we look better as a team with him on the pitch!  Duffy tactically inept - didnt do anything til it was far too late - then his answer was to bring croft on (well done, only too 75mins longer than the rest of us to realise what to do) then bizarrely brought chadwick on....it may just be me, but has anyone ever seen Chadwick have a half decent touch or actually DO anything apart from score against the scum?! he can go with duffy, for me he is truly shocking....bring back hughes!!


    1st half we looked ok-ish....Couldve had 2 one on one situations if it wasnt for some dubious ref decisions - stopping a quick free kick, and a very dodgy offside call......


    But overall a very poor showing - chants of "you''re not fit to wear the shirt" and "da da da daa F**KING USELESS" ringing out, shouts of sack the board were to be heard.....


    PS looked for directors box but couldnt find ours - theres  about 5million of them!!!

  6. kick it off


    roughly a 400 mile round trip from my end...
  7. kick it off

    What are the doing to rectify this?

    There is a famous quote from an historian (name escapes me, Terry someone i think) "the road to Auschwitz was paved with apathy" and whilst im not suggesting for a moment the confines of league one are not even remotely comparable to the horrors of the infamous death camp - i do think "the road to relegation is paved with apathy, prudence and no ambition" would make a nice banner at the ipsh*t game. i won''t be attending unfortunately but its just an idea for those of you who are going. this is of course dependent on the new manager''s identity, If duffy gets the job i would imagine that banner would be the least of the board''s problems!!
  8. kick it off

    Hucks on radio Norfolk.

    I''m sorry - i respect everything Hucks has done for this club and he is one of the better players in my supporting lifetime (18 out of my 20 years) and he has been fantastic for us since we signed him. However i take issue with his comments yesterday as whilst Grant continues to play players on reputation rather than merit we don''t stand a chance. Huckerby is one of those players.


    I do not have a shadow of a doubt that Hucks loves this club as much as we do - but he has been diabolical this season - and looked absolutely bewildered when in possession. I was at the game yesterday and watched him amble about slowly towards our half whilst wolves were on the counter attack - i saw him get played in and instead of run at the defender as a fit confident huckerby would, turn backwards despite having support screaming for it in the middle, and had he turned on the gas would have been yards past the defender.


    He can say what he likes about his team-mates but his performance was the poorest of the lot yesterday - In my opinion and that of the player ratings in the News Of The World who gave him a 3 (our worst mark). He was shambolic yesterday and maybe he should try a little bit harder before criticising others as i can guarantee you, unless he was very injured, in which case he shouldnt have been playing, he didnt even give close to 10% effort, let alone 100%.

  9. kick it off

    Press Conference 12:30

    Press Conference called for 12:30 today - thats according to the official site. looks like we have Murray to announce. in time for hull.

    Hopefully there will be more incoming players to announce too!!

  10. kick it off

    Ban happyhammer

    well andy - nice to see you have nothing better to do on a friday night than comment on ANOTHER TEAM''S meassageboard meant for NORWICH FANS. but irrelevant of that fact - yes your right you can put a premiership slant on things, what you can''t do is claim your team have any pride as they cheat their way into scraping survival!! i would much rather be a norwich fan, following an honest team in the championship than a WH fan following a team *****************   that curbishley is assembling.
  11. From what i can gather off the match report thats on the official site - Brellier had a decent game - dave striker is playing well and set up drury for a screamer. be interesting to see what people who''ve actually been say!
  12. kick it off

    should grant get sacked?

    no - i know worthy reached the playoffs in his first season with the team he inherited. but we finished 8th or 9th in his first full season, with his team, then won the league the year after. there are kids that need 2 be brought through this year also. we should be aiming for playoffs, but i think if we dont reach them, Grant should have one more year to have a crack at them.
  13. kick it off

    Vitesse Arnheim

    [quote user="Cheeky Monkey"]It''s only 6 quid. Why don''t you splash out.[/quote]Because it isn''t that easy to make a 400 mile round trip for a pre-season - i did expect canariesworld (which i ''splashed out for'') to do something but there u go.

    Not living in Bromsgrove anymore - i''m in worcester (well more out towards kidderminster) but one of my mates is a city fan and he lives in broms.
  14. kick it off

    Vitesse Arnheim

    Its not on radio norfolk schedule!! its so frustrating being so far away, Jas - how much are u charging?!Stick out tongue [:P]
  15. If you care to notice the exclamation marks around "more creative types" you will find it infers this is not my belief:. maybe i didnt make that clear enough though, so i can see where you''re coming from. But Safri was there primarily to break play up and protect the defence. His creativity was somewhat limited at best. The point i was making was that suddenly after he''s left, Safri seems to have been elevated in the minds of some to levels that his performance and attitude never warranted. They are using this lofty status that they seem to be conjuring, to slate Grant as it is apparently his fault that Safri who now appears to be the best player we''ve ever had, judging by the comments of some has gone and PG is slowly destroying the team. (this is not a dig at you shack attack, more at the likes of smudger etc)The fact remains - that an overpaid, underperforming, player with a lot of quality but a poor attitude has been forced out the door by Grant because Safri could not do what was expected of him. He was always injured/tired/busy picking up agents/flouncing around in morrocco to bother with norwich, the club that paid his wages. he missed 10games a season! (thats an average)Everyone else managed to make training and the photo session, why should Safri be allowed to do what he likes?
  16. Safri was never a creative midfielder - he was the holding midfielder

    which allowed the "more creative types" such as Etuhu to get forward.

    Why Saf has suddenly been elevated to this pedestal is beyond me, and I

    can only see that it''s because people have acknowledged there are sides

    in this debate and have picked Saf''s due to their unfounded animosity

    towards PG.

    This pre-season is the first since we came back down when there has

    been a buzz about the club. This is due to the players Granty has

    bought in, not neccessarily the talent, but the fact they want to be

    here. THEY CARE. look back on promotion season - does anyone really

    think we had the strongest squad in the league? we didn''t but the

    players cared, and worked as a unit and that is what Grant is trying to

    build here.

    Whatever the doom merchants who refuse to back Grant say, is utterly

    irrelevant at this stage, as this is his team who''ve played a maximum

    of 5games together. We have got a decent side here, but to have a

    decent side capable of winning anything we need the fans backing. If

    people choose to doubt Grant on the basis of half a season with

    Worthy''s team then so be it, but I have more sense and more pride in

    the club than that. I would much rather have supported Grant and been

    proved wrong than have doubted him and been proved right.

    So, much as the players and Grant do, I CARE enough to back them to the hilt and see where it takes us, do you?
  17. kick it off

    Vitesse Arnheim

    Is there any commentary anywhere for this game? i have checked 5live and 5live extra, canariesworld and radio norfolk schedules and none of them seem to have it. Is there anywhere it will be commentated on or will it be a case of making do with skysports news?!
  18. kick it off

    A contradiction!!!!!

    not that simple. we couldnt very well just sever his contract as we were short of bodies and he would have commanded a huge payoff. i may be projecting here, but say no-one makes a substantial offer for him in january, so now was the soonest we could get rid - remember we do have transfer window system!! and all the speculation about his collapsed deal to WBA. i am glad he''s gone - wages could be better spent - and his attituide was appalling, people seem to think his attitude has only been appalling for a few months. does no-one remember him being too injured to play for us, but flying out to play for morrocco and getting injured again the season before last? his heart hasnt been in it since we got relegated, and if he has so little grace that he was more interested in picking up an agent (who was in all likelihood engineering saf''s move to soton) from the airport than attending training and actually DOING HIS JOB for X thousand pounds per week, then good riddance.
  19. kick it off

    Delia - sign them up!

    by the way - the one on the left is a norwich fan (me!)
  20. kick it off

    Delia - sign them up!

    After all the transfer excitement this week has brought - have a little respite and watch the hero boys performing at PGL christmas 2007 (PGL xmas is in june!) - They are the next big thing! prepare yourselves for the talent explosion that is - THE HERO BOYS!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uV5Vh_RXzEU
  21. kick it off

    fifa 06

    waiting for new pro ev - alot better
  22. kick it off

    birmingham away - premiership game

    lets turn up in numbers and show people what we still have, premeirhip belief.  a large quantity of good support is vital. 
  23. kick it off

    shackell is poor

    why does every1 rate him , his poor !!  doherty and davenport