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  1. https://www.canaries.co.uk/News/2020/june/club-update-on-positive-covid-19-test/
  2. Stiepermann has two negative tests since the positive. Returns to training tomorrow.
  3. Goalline tech has been hanging out with VAR during lockdown. Fallen in with the wrong crowd.
  4. Haha sorry. Try googling totalsportek- need adblock though
  5. You can, you just have to look harder
  6. Welsh labour committed to it in April and Starmer has been on this for weeks now. https://www.welshlabour.wales/funding-school-meals-summer-holidays/
  7. Fake account but this should have been his response.
  8. My issue with them is the fact that their fans penned us in the away end and attacked a few of ours. And Wilder is a weapons grade ****. I do respect what wilder has done with limited resources but I can't respect the man himself after his pathetic rant about how us showing up late on the bus meant his team lost. Bloke is a lunatic. Thats my only issues with them though, I don't particularly give a toss about them either way.
  9. Thats what I said. Still got no idea if it was right or wrong though
  10. Just a bit of fun to see how bad others have had it... I got 'if I paint a picture of a tree, does that tree then exist?' at an interview last year. Also had 'which Harry Potter character would you be and why?' Does every profession have these inane pointless questions or is it specific to teaching?
  11. Haha I've never found a small dog I liked. Medium or large dogs OK. Yappy little ones are persona (Canina?) Non grata
  12. She's an Instagram model mate. Keep up
  13. Hadn't come across them before, they're ace! even has the yellow eyes!
  14. Not a big dog fan - don't mind them, just have no interest in owning one. If I were to have one, I would consider a Labrador, or Husky, but my undisputed number 1 choice would be a Tamaskan. Look like a wolf but no wolf gene in them, they're a cross between Husky, Malamute and German Shepherd. Highly intelligent, gentle, good with kids and other dogs, friendly. EDIT: Just seen your post @Indy - looks like this might be up your street.
  15. Thanks Boris - if it isn't Emi and it isn't Pukki, then we probably have adequate cover - think they're the only two in our squad where there is a massive step down in quality when replacing them, at least in the outfield positions. As long as it's not Timmy Krul....
  16. Well consider me convinced, this guy makes a compelling argument.
  17. I'm out of reactions but I giggled
  18. The club re-tweeted something about a Pukki party next week so probably not him.
  19. Decent on Football Manager 2019. Sign him up.
  20. Haven't read this thread, but just wanted to point out that there must be a better thread title - Everytime I spot it I cringe a little. Poor Sarah.
  21. Agree with this - I'm also on an NFL forum and the (community not employee) mods on there rule with an iron fist. I actually think they're too strict, but no dispute that the threads are policed effectively and rule breaking dealt with.
  22. Well that depends on which sacking you're talking about... There were a fair few by various parties! PS - You're quite right to demand an apology off Aggy, he's bang out of order here.
  23. Thats a poverty problem, not a race problem. Why are so many black people in poverty? That'll be the structural racism of society. Dumb argument propagated by idiots. Go to any poor area in any city, in any country and you'll find a higher murder rate. If you have lots of poor people of a single race then of course the murder rate amongst them will be high, that's common sense. Akala speaks sense on this strawman argument
  24. Exemptions for remote clubs like Newcastle - I would imagine also apply to us - how many places with Championship or PL teams can you get to in 90mins in a car from NR1?
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