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  1. Joint top scorer! Doesn''t say much really does it. Mckensie had a good run of form towards the end of the season but that is the best we''ll see from him. It is by no means the end of the world if he goes, i love his enthusiasm and willingness to do the donkey work but his first touch is dreadful and my Grandmother could form a good striking partnership with Ashton.
  2. [quote]So, there we have it. According to Worthy .....''all the players that I am releasing have already been released. Everybody else will be here for next season''. Now that doesn''t necessarily mean that the...[/quote] er..... Leon and hucks might provide one or two
  3. Maybe a 3-5-2 or 4-5-1 system would stop our midfield being overun, the latter giving Hucks an attacking left wing role. Even last season(03/04) the midfield was outplayed in many games for long periods
  4. Two dreadful mistakes by the ref and a couple more very dubious ones knocked the stuffing out of us after a bright start. Worthington should stay but can anyone explain 2nd half tactics. Was helveg injured? There was no shape to the team at all.We looked completely lost. I hope we do get a good figure for Francis but can you seriously see any prem club wanting him. The most important signing for me would be a central midfielder to partner Safri but who?
  5. Bit of a tit, slightly sinister(my son thinks he''s hilarious hmmmmm), but an loyal city fan nevertheless. How long has he been going in his present attire?
  6. [quote]Helveg - Do you not remember just how bad Helveg was at the start of the season? The man couldn''t hit a cow''s backside with a banjo and was initially far, far too slow for Premeirship football. Tha...[/quote] Pretty much spot on beds! Ithink Safri could have been given a better run early on. Zippers do you remember how bad Helveg was against Everton? He went off at half time and we played 30mins of the best football ive seen at carrow road for 10yrs in the 2nd half. Eddie has rarely put a foot wrong, wasn''t he an early contender for player of the season? most of us really felt for him when he was dropped. Helveg just offers a bit more quality now he has settled in. How can you drop Flemming? Who knows what effect that would have on the dressing room. we currently rely a great deal on team spirit Flemmers is crucial to that. Worthy is still young and learning as the whole club are. We can''t ask anymore from someone than bags of enthusiasm, no little talent and massive potential. THat pretty much sums up our wonderful club. COME ON YOU YELLOWS
  7. forgetting injuries probably Eadie, him and Bellamy could well have got us promoted. Eadie would have played for England if not for his poorly leg
  8. So our old mate Alan Brazil has tipped us to go down, quelle suprise, the old tit. Do any pundits think any different? I know i shouldn''t care but i do. Still, no more fairy this year.Theres something quite sinister abut him. PLease don''t let him be at Fulham so sky can do the usual - before kick off:- close up on fairy- half time:-close up on village idiot. There should be too many wonderful outfits for this. Come on the travelling masses do us back home proud as usual HURRY UP SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Whats the big problem with Glazier. Surely he wants the team to succeed. Or is he going to sell everything and run, i dont think so. Manure fans are going mental on ssn. they''ve got rid of pubic expression and the paddys
  10. Good to see Greeno will get his first game. As for Crouch, he''s exactly what england need. Now their "tactics" of  long aimless punts (a la sunday league) might work once in while Gary Neville
  11. Defending deep can work very well, especially with our pace. But its no use without good marking, theres no point in Safri closing his man down and snaping at his heels if Damo has lost his (and vice verse), there must never be an easy pass on whenever possible. The fullbacks must try and push the wider midfielders up onto the oppos'' wingers and full/wing backs as soon as possible. Communication is the key. Easier said than done, maybe confidence is the key, HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe throwing everyone forward to just try and get one more goal than them is the key. Is it to late to turn to god. IMlosing it. But at least im not alone, hurry up sunday please. is it possible to sleep for 96hrs? COME ON
  12. Yes who actually cares what Tim(not very nice) but dim thinks. I''ve calmed down a bit now. As for the "ignorant" people who boo players, they are very quiet at the moment. Maybe they don''t know what the pinkun is! Thank the lord sats game is on telly, I don''t think i could survive another session with uncle roy!(god bless his soul) WE WILL DO IT
  13. must apologise for saturday nights post, ihad been celebrating quite hard. my choice of words was poor. My issue was more to do with the fact that a group of people near me constatantly hound Drury every bloody game (most of them had gone by the end of the boro game). i realise they pay good money and all that, but why should us around them have to put up with ths unjustified bitterness and hatred to one player. Ok drurys not maldini but how can any of this abuse help player/team/fans. It cant. sorry again
  14. tim sherwood could at least acknowledge we have a chance and are favourites. Will all the river end scum stop booing drury and holt they have given their all for this club what good does it do to anyone. dont bother coming next season, im sick of you, plenty of people will cheer these players and deserve your season ticket more than you. if  ihave to sit next to you next season i''ll take you on and risk getting banned. my son listens to you every week , he has been brought up to love his team whatever.  
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