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  1. I''m in along with my £100. All this oh-so-serious stuff about strings attached and it can''t be done, why not raise as much cash as possible while Carra Rood is buzzing with Hucker, Hucker, Huckerby mania? The money could be given with the intention of getting Huckerby as the star prize but on the understanding that, if Worthy, Delia and we the fans don''t pull it off, the money will be spent on strengthening the team in some other way. For example I don''t think we should be letting Kevin Harper wander back to Portsmouth and what about strengthening our central defence?
  2. I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiments expressed in both Cold Light of Day and the responses but aren''t we missing something? Of course I would be happy to stump up some cash to keep Huckerby at NCFC but does Darren Huckerby actually want to stay? What''s in it for him? A cut in wages, the delights of sleepy Norfolk as opposed to metropolitan Manchester and a bunch of team mates who only manage to latch on to his perfectly weighted passes into the box when he''s delivered about 13 carbon copies in the game already! I would love to think that Darren can see the delights of Norwich, both on and off the pitch and is itching to sign that permanent contract but are we deluding ourselves?
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