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  1. He is in the u16s as he is in the same year as my brother. He is very small but very quick and very skillful. And how do I know this? becaus I was then he got picked up the acadamy 
  2. Ive just been reading this and i cant believe none of you cant think we cannot stay up. Having watching alot of the games i think our team spirit and fitness is enough to beat anyone. With players like ashton,hux and francis i think that the amount of goals they can produce enough to even beat man u. after what has happened this season with the boro game i think our team spirit will become superior who else thinks we can do it
  3.       how about this                           Green    helveg    doc    charlton    brennan     jonson     holt       damo     wly           aston    hux       Hux is not a winger!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I dont rate drury (atfaul 4 2 on sat)     believe wly should be given a chance         OTBC
  4. i think we should go like this:              green      eddy  flem   charlton  drury   mcveigh  mulryne  helveg                                  hux            jonson    leon        score: 2-0 leon,jonson   your thaughts  
  5. So, who would actually come in?   your thaughts........................
  6. Hopefully! not i think that bentley is a waste of space                Wouldn,t mind to see alialadere here tho 
  7. I think i would go for                          green    eddy   flem charlton  drury   Hendo holt  dammo                           hux        Sven   leon        Your thaughts............
  8. I think blake would be a very handy player but i would rather see Harewood Ashton or bowditch                                                                                                                          Anyway whats wrong with sven?
  9. i think it should be like this: Green edworthy fleming charlton drury holt safri francis Bentley Hux The doc
  10. Totally agree lets cheer 4 the lads and beat the glory hunters
  11. i would rather have dean ashton from crewe as he contributes more to general play
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