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  1. [quote user="Truculent Trucker"]I detect a certain schadenfreude amongst Canaries here. Remember we were down there and could easily be back there again one day, so try not to get too carried away with mocking the misfortunes of others.[/quote] This with bells on. Too many of our fans appear to be morphing into a yellow and green strain of the very same ''arrogant'' Leeds fans they''ve always chosen to sit in judgement of. A little humility please people, enjoy the ride but enough already with the gloating.
  2. Agreed Mick. Regardless of the discussions/negotiations going on behind the scenes (and lets be honest, none of us REALLY knows the exact details), the general negativity directed towards Delia - given what she''s done for the club - saddens me. Lest we forget the Chase era - I''m sure the Bob apologists would disagree, however the success achieved under his dictatorship was IN SPITE of him, not because of. Some of Delia''s decisions over the years may have been misguided/naive/whatever, however she''s never treated the supporters with the general contempt that Chase did on a regular basis. I hope Mr Cullum comes on board in some shape or form and takes our great club forward - but lets just keep a little bit of love in the room for Delia!!!
  3. I''d say the play-off final v Birmingham in both respects. Talk about a rollercoaster of emotions in the space of a few minutes. On a slightly different note, the funniest thing I''ve experienced was the sit down ''protest'' on the old barclay terrace (late 80''s / early 90''s i think) when we we 4-0 down against Wimbledon after 20 or so minutes. Anyone else have recollection of this??
  4. Smart money''s on Cardiff I think. Will be interested to see the fee, whoever he goes to - but I very much doubt it''ll be us!!
  5. Agree NCFCfaithful - Trash that flippin hotel and build a corner infill. What a bluff old traditionalist, eh? I wouldn''t miss that contrived chorus of OTBC at the start either - always makes me cringe (I feel compelled to join in, however!)
  6. I think we''re in a minority of two Shack - the thought of video evidence anywhere in football makes my blood run cold. How many times have you watched a ''diving'' incident on soccer saturday analysed by three different expert pundits (all ex-footballers) and all have completely different opinions on the ''dive''? Usually the ex-forward says it''s a foul and the ex-defender says it''s a blatant dive. Then there''s the issue of intent when a player hangs a foot out and pulls it out at the last moment - one person will call it a dive, the next will say a player is not obliged to jump out of the way of a challenge and has every right to clatter into the leg and ''buy'' a free-kick / penalty. Finally, you only have to observe the complete inability of the average football manager to give a HONEST appraisal of a contentious decision - they''ll forget all the 50/50''s that go for them (the usual cliche about averaging out over the course of a season) and squeal like a stuck pig about the ignorant referee about the ONE decision that goes against them. Managers will always back up their own players no matter what the video evidence (unless it is absolutely unequivocal, which is pretty rare). Rather than sorting out diving I fear video evidence would just be another tool to slate referees still further. Every person involved with the game, whether it be manager,player or supporter, has a vested interest in such decisions and regardless of the expert video panel outcome there will still be just as many voices screaming "I can''t believe, even with video evidence, they''ve still got such an obvious decision completely wong.....". Nothing will change imo. I know my yellow and green spectacles can influence interpretation of events sometimes!! Video evidence should only be used in extreme circumstances e.g. the Ben Thatcher GBH incident (s!) but never to decide whether a player has dived or not. Let''s keep the debate for the pint after the game and accept that you win some and you lose some. As was, and always will be!!
  7. Sorry, but no one player is bigger than our club. The people who advocate booing Francis are merely elevating his status to this level. We''ve got new players making their debuts so lets save our breath and give them an extra cheer rather than waste our breath on negative booing. It just going to drag the atmosphere down and that we do not need after a less than impressive pre-season. Trust me I''m as bored with the whole Francis saga as everyone else but these things are rarely as black and white as a lot of people think. Don''t believe everything that''s written in the press. This anti-Francis hysteria is becoming riduculous and people are choosing to believe every single negative story, however trivial, thats written about him. I wouldn''t be particularly disappointed to see him go, but lets not burn our bridges till we have a done deal and the money''s in the bag, yes?? OTBC
  8. I think Lomas is a Worthy type player. Wouldn''t be at all surprised if we were interested in him. Doubt whether Hutchinson ticks enough boxes tho. The rate we''re shipping them out at the moment I''d be happy with ANY speculation linking us to other players!
  9. Just realised I''m a bit late with this "exclusive". Titus hasalready been warmly welcomed on another thread!!!
  10. Apparently we are one of two clubs (Everton being the other) trailing Titus Bramble. I would imagine opinion will be divided on this one......! Not sure myself - would imagine he wouldn''t come cheap, but is he what we need?
  11. What point are you trying to make here exactly? The fact that things DID get better and we DID get promoted? Don''t we all know that?? I''m sure we all post things on here that in hindsight were proved right/wrong, yourself included Ama. I''m up for a good debate but spare me the smart-arse comments almost a year after the event.............
  12. Everyone is making a fair point here, but I can''t help but agree with Saint Canary. Whereas most city fans are realistic enough to accept that a spending spree was never going to happen I too cannot help but feel just a little underwhelmed by our transfer activity. I hope Bentley is the player everyone says he is because, my god, we''re gonna need him to be. I can''t really see that we are following West Brom''s blueprint either - don''t remember exact figures but I read somewhere that they spent something like £8m on new signings pre season a couple of years ago when they won promotion for the first time (Koumas, Hreidarsson and Gregan spring to mind). I would imagine Worthy would be salivating like Homer over a pile of doughnuts if he had that sort of money at his disposal!!! Nope - I think the pre season transfer activity is a sobering reminder of how delicate our finances still are, even considering the obscene amount of money we''ll get this season. But,like Saint Canary, I just hoped that Nigel would have had just a LITTLE more money to play with this year. I hope the "we''ll surprise a few and finish comfortably mid table" brigade are right and I''m proved wrong. But I''ll be thrilled and amazed if we finish higher than fourth bottom.
  13. We''ll be public enemy number one with Rod Marsh. After all, we''re keeping far more deserving clubs like West Ham and Sunderland out of the premier league.
  14. You can talk about tactics till the cows come home - it doesn''t change the fact that at international level English players still look inferior in both fitness and skill. The predictable response when we fail to dominate games is to suggest that we played poorly, were unlucky with injuries, got the thick end of bad decisions blah blah blah. Fact is, when push comes to shove we just can''t cut it. How many times does it have to happen before we accept that we''re simply not good enough? And to everyone who thinks that tactically we decide to sit on a 1-0 lead - if only that were the case. Last night our much vaunted midfield was outrun, outpassed, out-thought and ultimately outclassed. Still gutted though - but to suggest that we deserved to go through (although granted the Campbell decision was a travesty) is way wide of the mark.
  15. Sorry - I''m as patriotic as the next guy but I agree with Tufnell Park canary. I can''t stand them.
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