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  1. Susie B: I think the main reason why Crouch played good when he came back was confidence. Simple as that. He got his confidence back. Which he had been lacking after been slated by our supporters here for a long time. I remember he looked like a good player when first came from Portsmouth. But then he had a bad periode and never really came back. Probably because of what I mentioned above. Then when he came back from your lot we suddenly saw that player we just got a glimpse of two years ago. The useless Peter Crouch we knew from last season actually looked like a decent player again. Giving neat little flick-ons and taking people on. I''ll tell you, we couldn''t believe our eyes :) A few weeks later he had an absolute blinder of a game when he scored two goals against Leicester. After that people started chanting his name at matches. And I think it really boosted his confidence further. From what we''ve seen the last few month there is no doubt in my mind that Peter is a player that can play regular in a Premier League side. Maybe not the top 6 sides, but then again, not many can. But I think Crouchio is a player that can give you 10, maybe 15, league goals a season playing regular. And have in mind, he is still only 23.
  2. Hi! I think "El Crouchio" might go this summer. With the v.talented Moore brothers coming up, O''Leary hinting that he might want another top striker this summer, and Vassell/Angel beeing or first choice upfront. Saying that, Peter was a whole new player after he came back from you. Showing off some very good skill and scoring a few goals aswell. He is certainly a player who is good enough to play well in a PL team on regular basis. But I don''t think we can offer him just that (a regular first tem spot). I''d love to keep him as a backup striker, but considering that we need funds for other transfers and that we don''t exactly lack options upfront I think that £1.5-2m deal would be a good deal for both clubs. Good luck next season btw!
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