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  1. i have a good source from the club last night that robbie earnshaw is expected to sign on monday morning for 2.5m keep your eyes peeled
  2. i am getting very worried at this present  no signings at all,come tuesday i can see worthless bringing in loan players and no permenent players at all or it will be one of worthys perfect gems PANIC BUYING say no more,like so called pro''s we have got at the minute   worthy out
  3. anything just to get rid of worthless,but i cant see it myself he extended hes contract last season and it would be alot of money to pay him off
  4. what has happened to shackell is he injured or is he just out of favour.:
  5. I agree with u pete good luck to the both of them,greeno and deano are to good for this club given our recent form.They would both be playing for england in a few more years so they need to move on!!!!!!!
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