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  1. I don''t believe in grassing people up either, Morty, but difficult not to believe that someone would be offended by that. Kind of like Flamini having a go at the ref to get Martin Taylor get sent off after he removed Eduardo''s foot; no need to be a cry baby, but understandable that he wanted a punishment. For the record, I can look after myself so would never feel the need to get Pete involved.
  2. I was an away season ticket holder throughout Hughton''s reign. Horrendous stuff week in, week out. The saddest part was how low the players seemed in confidence. He forced a system upon them that none of the players seemed comfortable with, and squabbling between our own players became increasingly common as the season went on. As soon as we went behind, you knew we had lost. The crunch game against Fulham, the chance to save our season, and we didn''t show up. The preceding summer, we had a decent squad, had gained some pulling power after spending two years in the top flight, and had significant funds to invest in the squad. Houghton blew it. In a little under two years, we had become a husk of the exciting attacking/counter-attacking outfit that I felt could score at any moment. I was proud of the team under Lambert. There was no pride in that last season in the Prem.
  3. for England: http://www.theargus.co.uk/sport/albion/14798145.Albion_boss_would_be_a_good_fit_for_England_job/ I don''t even think he''s joking. I''ve always hated Phil Brown. P.S. Anyone want to remind me how to post a link again? It''s been a while.
  4. [quote user="lake district canary"]Yawn. Keep trying morty. Some are falling for it, but people can make their own minds up. We''re all attention seekers to a lesser or greater degree. Btw, your campaign is doomed - you can never control what everyone thinks. I normally start football threads on football subjects - harmless, if a little different at times. That should be no bother to anyone. It provokes discussion - that is a good thing.Your attitude and your agenda, however, shines out as brightly as ever. Keep it up though, if it makes you feel better.[Y] [/quote] As for you, at least the other two are occasionally amusing. You are entirely humourless and your ''war on intolerance'' is pitiful. The reason people constantly insult you and mock you is because you say ridiculous things and then expect people to debate them with you. Your contribution to this forum is far from harmless, you are destroying it with your constant petty squabbles and righteous indignation. Any NCFC related thread is dragged down by your presence. Stop it.
  5. [quote user="morty"]You have been doing this for a few years now Lakey. It just looks like more and more people are tiring of the silly attention seeking, that it clearly is.[/quote] Please just ignore him, it''s really boring for everyone else and neither of you will ever change.
  6. [quote user="Hoola Han Solo"]Mighty Yellow, that was an excellent post. I''ll be 100% honest, I prefer to be a lurker and occasional poster, but I have been mischief making a little bit lately. I apologise to anyone who I have annoyed with this thread. This forum has some excellent posters, and in particular nutty nigel and the PUPs who contribute to an excellent cause.[/quote] You''re the Richard Hammond to Bor and Morty''s Clarkson. As much as people might tell me the same, go back to lurking.
  7. [quote user="Hoola Han Solo"]Thanks to everyone for their input. Looks like the majority thinks Dorrans shouldn''t play on the left for us. I''ll give you a bit of leeway Lakey in that he might do OK on the left, but with the caveat that we have several other players who can play better there and indeed it''s highly unlikely he''d ever play there for Norwich City, barring a major injury crisis. You thought he should play there against Newcastle and Wolves but as democracy has shown, most contributors wouldn''t want him there, so therefore you''re definitely in the minority. Coming soon, in my series of exciting polls:- Can Rudd be our De Gea? (spoiler alert, no he can''t) Will Jacob Murphy play as a no. 10? (spoiler alert, he definitely won''t) Was RvW a NCFC failure? (spoiler alert, 100% yes)[/quote] At least the other three actually have thoughts of their own. You''re a pathetic fanboy that brings nothing to this forum.
  8. Before you plead ignorance and acuse me of derailing, of course we shouldn''t play Dorrans on the left, but you and everyone else knew that when you started this thread. As for the semantics of could/should, you could/should grow up.
  9. This is getting seriously depressing. Admittedly you are all committed and seasoned posters that contribute massively to this forum, at least in terms of volume, but the constant bickering is becoming tiresome and is taking away from the reason we are all here; to discuss City and to agree/disagree with each other in a manner that allows healthy debate and opens our minds to differing viewpoints. I''m a lurker that infrequently contributes so no doubt I will be ignored. Just please stop it. I''ve been reading this message board for a decade and it''s had its ups and downs but this is truly the nadir. Never thought I would say this, but I''m pining for the days of moderation. A lot of healthy, reasonable argument and humour was no doubt quelled during those days, but at least the daily helping of squabbling would be cut out. OTBC
  10. http://www.goal.com/en-gb/news/3652/video/2016/10/08/28284922/watch-norwich-goalkeepers-fantastic-new-training-drill?ICID=SP Made the BBC Gossip column today, oddly captivating.
  11. Are you all kidding? If you''re going to watch it, at least do it in secret and be slightly ashamed of yourselves.
  12. [quote user="Jools"][quote user="hogesar"]I don''t like Tettey and Mulumbu together in that holding two.Primarily because neither of them seem to be able to pass for toffee.I take that back, I think Mulumbu''s % was probably Ok, but his refusal or inability to turn meant he simply kept playing it to players under pressure already.[/quote]Has to be said, hoggy, Dorrans & Howson have adapted to unfamiliar defensive-midfielder roles to make up the double pivot very well indeed [Y] They''ve mostly stayed deep and their distribution has been superior to that of both Tettey & Mulumbu.[/quote] You''re a pouble divot.
  13. [quote user="Rustyboy"]Oliveira, Nelson Oliveira Oliveira, Norwich number 9 To the tune of ''Allouette''[/quote] Clearly the best so far.
  14. I have one spare ticket, block 117. The ticket is currently in London so will have to meet on the day, or in the Clapham area today or tonight. Not looking for a profit, it''s a category 3 ticket. First come, first served. PM me mobile number and I''ll get I touch. Otbc
  15. [quote user="Martin Peters Ghost"]BUH you are the person with no intelligence. Mike Phelan''s sacking by Man U. was announced on 24th May 2013 he starts with Norwich on 26th November 2014. I would say that is almost exactly 18 months. By the way exactly 1 month today it is Christmas.[/quote] Feed the troll and he will continue to be an insufferable cuunt. It''s the nature of the beast.
  16. [quote user="City1st"][quote user="STAN"]"my last post was actually on team formation" Ah coming from the bloke who just ar few months ago described "formations" as some idiocy to appease the "happy clappies". In your words a term derived from people watching Sky Sports and playing FIFA. There isn''t such thing as "formations" rIght? Do you still feel the same City1st? PS. This isn''t a English exam, don''t throw the dictionary at me as a response.[/quote] oh dearoh dearie, dear me [/quote] I''m a long time lurker, occasional poster. While you infrequently have something interesting to say, your facetious, obnoxious attitude towards everyone else on here makes you one of the most tedious and tiresome posters, and, for me, negates any value you may add to debates. Being intelligent, or attempting to appear to be so, isn''t an achievement. I get from some of your posts that you are quite old, so I will take solace in the fact that you will be dead along time before most of us. OTBC
  17. [quote user="Tim Dawson"]Hi Craig, Im based in North Wales and get to about half the games home and away, unfortunately i won`t be at Carrow road for at least two months as i start Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy on monday and it knocked me for six last time so im stuck with dodgy links for a while. Im pencilling in Wigan away as my comeback game but am open to any ideas meantime Kind regards Tim[/quote] Godspeed, Tim.
  18. Got four tickets for the Miami Dolphins @ Oakland Raiders game at Wembley on September 28th. Can''t go unfortunately but if anyone''s interested, let me know. Face value is about £75, decent seats. Inb4: not allowed to sell tickets on here. Better go report me to daddy Pete then. Inb4: not about Norwich. Ignore it if you''re not interested.
  19. He scored against Man U last season in the Champions League last season and won the Greek league. He''s just been granted a work permit due to his performances for Costa Rica and will be at preseason with Arse. If he was to go out on loan, which is a possibility, there is a 0% chance that it will be to us.
  20. Redmond still has great potential with the right coaching, but let''s not pretend that he didn''t waste the ball on all but a handful of occasions last season.
  21. Also, Sylvain Ebanks-Blake scored a hat trick, and everyone liked his song so much we started singing it about Wes. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/eng_div_1/7861170.stm
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