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  1. Crispy, I highly doubt he''s getting paid £30k per week at Ajax, the reported figure to secure his services.
  2. I agree with you that their transfer strategy was terrible before Bruce. Much like us, they failed to clear out enough deadwood and ended up with an unbalanced squad with questionable drive. In January, Bruce brought in six players on permanent deals. I know nothing of the chap from Basel, but imho the rest all improve their first team. Bruce talked the talk last year about keeping up performances but I think it was clear that the chairman had no expectations for last year. This year will be very different. They are in a similar position to us in terms of selling to buy, but they have Amavi that is likely to fetch well into double figures (his transfermarkt value is c.£2m higher than Jeffrey Schlupp who went for £12m in January!). As for your comments on Hogan, the poor git injured his ankle twice last season and only appeared five times in the league. There was significant interest in him in January and I think it is disingenuous to suggest that he isn''t an excellent signing at this level. As an eternal optimist, I think we will finish above Villa, but they say the best managers and teams get their business done early and I would argue that Villa did theirs five months ago.
  3. Darth - undoubted quality in the squad, including two top Championship centre forwards, a couple of excellent January additions, a manager that has an unmatched record in the division (three promotions) and coming into April, until their season burnt out when they had nothing to play for, they were the form team in the division. Obviously there are no guarantees but if I was a bookmaker I would be nervous about giving 8/1.
  4. maybe ready for some Championship football by August. Matthews, that is. Thought I would have a look at the comments on Matthews over on Accies World. It''s not as positive as I had hoped/expected: Postby redandwhite1874 » Tue May 16, 2017 7:44 pm Woods is the best keeper and for me Remi doesn''t do enough, no important saves; and is far too hesitant in terms of coming from or staying on his line. Postby judgeflash » Tue May 16, 2017 10:40 pm first goal looked like a cross from outside the area and Remi is lobbed for the 2nd week in a row, despite being 2 yards off his line, they also had a freak goal when the ball hit the post and cam eback off Remi. Postby redandwhite1874 » Sat May 13, 2017 4:12 pm Remi is not the best keeper we have and again comes off his line at the wrong times and stays on his line at the wrong times. Postby accies1874 » Sat May 13, 2017 4:14 pm what fucking happened for their goal? Went in in slow motion, and Matthews was nowhere. Postby Stevie Clarke » Thu Apr 06, 2017 11:11 am I don''t know what folk are basing the criticism of Matthews on. From the highlights up on pie and Bovril, Matthews does nothing wrong apart from the miscue I mentioned earlier. The one at around 5.40, he has about five players jumping in front of him but he has to try to punch it. Very difficult. I thought he had a good game but I''d rather Woods. He''s our keeper and has been very competent. Bigger physically too. Matthews doesn''t look 6ft 4 btw and is thinner than Woods. http://www.acciesworld.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=867&p=11725&hilit=matthews#p11725 Only five people stated a preference, but no one picked Remi. by Yummy Fur » Tue Jan 03, 2017 12:42 pm Having Remi Matthews back should be huge for as good a shot stopper as Woods is he is constantly glued to his line and having a keeper who is confident in coming for crosses will help improve an admittedly shaky defence. At the same age, Declan Rudd had a unanimously successful season at League One level with Preston. People develop at different ages but I think at this stage it is unrealistic to think that Matthews is ready to be number 1, or that he is a better ''keeper than Rudd at this stage,
  5. Farke, Farke, wherever you may be, he is the lord of the Yaaaaaarrrrrmay, and he''ll lead us on, up the football league, F*ck Ipswich, Norwich City FC. *Gets coat*
  6. [quote user="Horse Renoir"]He''s absolutely sh1te! There you go, this just shows his problem perfectly. He thinks he''s miles better than he actually is and hasn''t worked on his game enough. That he actually thinks he can act out after being released despite being one of the worst players at the club just summes him up perfectly. We signed him as a L1 quality player and that''s what he still is. I''d imagine most in the squad have had a bit of a laugh over his supposed hissy fit given how little he offers. He''ll wait around all summer for an offer for a Championship/PL club, won''t get one and will end up back at Peterborough or whatever club is cut adrift at the bottom of the Championship in October. So glad to see the back of him! Awful player.[/quote] The fatal combination or arrogance and ignorance. It''s a shame that it has ended this way, but only for him; it''s not ever getting any better for RB.
  7. [quote user="lake district canary"] RuddPinto Martin ? Toffolo Thompson GodfreyMurphy Nasmith Pritchard Oliveira Naismith and Martin are still key figures imo in what would be a young team. Will of course get some other players in, but even without, we still have a great looking line up in prospect, refreshing and forward looking. [/quote] Rather than shout you down, I will ask you a hypothetical question. Where do you think that team would finish in the Championship if it started all 46 games? Fill in the ? with a player equal to Martin''s ability at CB.
  8. Good post, HR, nice to get a proper opinion on people. How good is Middleton? I''ve been told he''s the most exciting prospect in the academy. I''m going to go to a few of the yoof games next year, should be exciting times with Webber et al.
  9. I set up a Ltd. company at the end of last year, I don''t have any employees or directors, and I need someone to do my books. Any forumers out there either want to offer their services or recommend someone? PM me or reply with email address and I can drop you a message. OTBC
  10. [quote user="havemyhowsonit"]I am sorry that it''s offended so many. Wasn''t intentional But this is why this world is a mess. You can''t fart and it not be offensive.[/quote] You should be ashamed of yourself. It''s not people being touchy, your ignorance is offensive and you deserve to be banned from the forum and Carrow Road.
  11. No, it''s scary how much we miss Howson, in the past I have been guilty of underestimating him; I''ve always rated him, but often the guy doing the simple stuff can be overlooked IMHO. Should probably be captain but that''s a whole other issue. If Jeroom misses an extended period, I feel the same might be said of him. Head and shoulders above our other striking options in terms of his all round game and in our system. Do you think it is normal to be this affected by a few injuries? I know every team has star players, but it does seem concerning that we rely on one or two individuals so much, but maybe that is just football. Not a leading question, genuinely interested in your answer.
  12. Fair enough. I can imagine he is straight-talking, confident and ambitious. People often find those sorts of characters intimidating. Could that be it? Or can you think of another reason he seems to rub people up the wrong way? Assuming people aren''t just making it all up, which they might well be.
  13. Agreed that it is far from ideal, but it doesn''t excuse five losses in a row.
  14. I was being slightly flippant re: which twin, apologies. Based on the games I have seen recently I would be tempted to change it up, but happy to be told otherwise if indeed he has played okay in the past two games. Picking the team does come with a number of fitness caveats at the moment. I doubt our best 11 wouldn''t have lost five on the spin, but with the money spent and depth of cover, it''s hardly an excuse.
  15. While I agree that bashing a bloke for no reason is unnecessary, the guy claims to know him and thinks his character would be a negative in his role. Seems fair enough to me, we will never know if he is making it up or not, it won''t influence my thoughts and nor should it anyone else''s. I have heard a number of negative things about him but I won''t let them concern me until I hear them from a legitimate source.
  16. I might well be wrong, I wasn''t at the last two away games and by all accounts he did okay at Coo-Pee-Arr, so I will defer to anyone that was, but the last few times I have seen him in the flesh he has been a little disappointing. We have far more pressing problems than which twin plays, should probably have added that in the first place. OTBC
  17. I would worry about the state of your mental health, but I won''t as you seem like a genuinely unpleasant human being.
  18. Ring the changes: Ruddy Pinto/Martin Godfrey Klose Brady/Olsson Thompson/Tettey/Mulumbu/Dorrans (two from these lot to hold, depending on fitness and in my order of preference) Jo. Murphy Wessi Pritchard Jerome/Morris Pinto preferred to the other options if fit. Extreme calling for Godfrey but looked good in the friendlies I saw him in and hard to see how anyone could be much worse. All of our best defensive performances in the past 12 months (not many to pick from) have involved Klose. I don''t care who plays left back, either likely to be average at best. Thompson should be back in if fit, knowing our luck with injuries it''ll be Mulumbu and Dorrans holding. Bleak. Give Josh a game, Jacob has gone off the boil and getting replaced by your brother might be the impetus we need. I''m convinced our best team contains Wessi and Pritchard, despite the former being out of form. Jerome has been one of the few positives this season, gone are the days of questioning his new contract. Scary to think where we might be without him. If unfit, tempted to go with Morris as Oliveira looks average and Lafferty is just bad. I''m really scared about next week, could get poisonous. I want it to work for Neil but worried that he might already be too far gone. Villa''s performances since hiring Bruce have been so much better, and as much as there is little use in hypothetical scenarios, it is hard to imagine him losing five in a row with this squad at this level. OTBC
  19. [quote user="lake district canary"][quote user="morty"]Respect my opinion.[/quote]No. I''ll play fair if you will. Simples. Anyway, it is an outdated concept. The better your squad, the more important it is to use them. Do Howson and Brady deserve to be left out? If rested and fresh for Tuesday, would it not be better to return them into the fold, enabling Tettey not to put too much stress on his knees - and Wes needs to stay fresh, may be better to rest him as against Newcastle. Pritchard can take his role and Brady back on the left. It''s common sense. [/quote] Boring sh1t from the gruesome twosome, again. This time, LDC picks a fight for no apparent reason. Exciting stuff. I struggle to see how anyone who was at the game on Satdee could think that we should drop Wessi. He is very fit for a player his age and there is no reason he can''t play. The best player in the Championship hands down, IMHO.
  20. [quote user="The Great Drinkell"]Herman, I wouldn''t expect anybody to push a ball away at 1000mph but there again I don''t anyone who can hit a ball anywhere near that speed either. For a professional goalkeeper I would expect them to be able to push away not back and IMO McGovern weakness is that he parry''s far to much and not convincingly. As for do I think Pritchard should be drop the answer is no. but I thought the question was what WILL be the team not what team would I go with? apologises if I''ve miss read or understood the OP.[/quote] Drinkell - not trying to have a go, but were you there on Satdee? That shot was hit with real venom and I personally think he did very well to keep it out. I don''t think the replay did justice to the save, as from my angle (upper Barclay), it looked an excellent stop.
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