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  1. Purple - "as a matter of hard fact Fernandes never made an offer"

    I appreciate you putting some context to it, it explains why he was invited in, but why do you say that so conclusively? I am happy to be proved wrong, I do not have an agenda against the club or Delia, just interested in how you know this to be a fact.

    Til - Apologies, I didn''t want to name names initially as I explained. While it might be in the public domain, I do not want to betray someone''s trust. I will contact the chap (it''s been a while) and see if he can give me figures or anything else that would lend credence to my claim. I post sporadically, but I have been on here for a long time and I have no reason to make stuff up.

    For what it''s worth, at the time the person who told me this was sure that the club were making the right noises in private, and he was very surprised that they were invited in and then told conclusively no. He described it as a ''good offer'', with proper due diligence done, not just a pie in the sky figure, and he was definitely frustrated that he had put so much time into it when they seemingly had no interest whatsoever.

  2. Til - Thank you for responding, but I think you know that article does not contain the information that I disclosed. I am interested in your opinion on the facts I have stated.

    Hucks said the following on Canary Call after the Brentford game:

    "...if somebody came in and said I want to push Norwich on, this is my plan, here''s £50m, I think they would take it but, we don''t know if thats happened. Until it does happen, or someone comes out and says they''re doing that, we''re going to be in the same boat."

    It has happened. If someone made an offer on your house, assuming it isn''t for sale, would you invite them to your house to decline and say you had no intention of negotiating?

  3. I don''t know how explosive this is, nor am I testifying to the suitability of the proposed buyer. However, given that I have now heard it stated multiple times that ''we don''t know if Delia has had offers'', I feel this now has relevance,

    The person in question is now the majority shareholder of a Championship club. He approached the club and, after doing the necessary groundwork, put together an offer that he felt was fair, or at least a decent starting position. He was invited in to discuss the offer. However, on arriving at the club, he was informed that his offer was to be declined, and was told that they were not prepared to negotiate. It would seem that the club was not for sale, despite noises to the contrary in public.

    My source would have worked for Norwich in a senior operational role. He was in the meeting (he actually did the majority of the work on the offer) and I have no reason to doubt a word he has said. The only reason for not naming names is I haven''t spoken with the chap for a while, and at the time I promised discretion.

  4. You are a disgrace to our club. If you cannot moderate your behaviour in public then you shouldn''t leave the house. Quite what Pritch had done to deserve that I don''t know. I hope you never come again.

    Why the steward didn''t step in I will never know, but it wasn''t hard to lip-read some of what was said from where I was sitting. Perhaps it was for the best as it might have just made things more ugly.

    I admit that things are looking bleak, but abusing our own surely isn''t the answer. Your antics tonight were far more embarrassing tonight than the performance IMHO. I hope I speak for the majority of fans when I say you are not welcome at Carrow Road.

    Respect to Pritchard for not reacting, but I would be looking elsewhere come January if I was him.


  5. For anyone that hasn''t watched the video:

    The club don''t care if people stand, although they obviously have to make the right noises re: health and safety.

    At least one person has complained about restricted view in Barclay A. There have been no complaints from any other part of the stadium.

    As a result, children will be moved from Barclay A to protect our capacity/ticket selling ability.

    If you''re going to use this as a rod to beat the club with, you really are desperate. Plenty of things to moan about at the moment, this isn''t one of them.
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