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  1. i just messaged my Birmingham supporter buddy about this for a laugh and he replied... he does have a white range rover he parked next to me in the park on xmas eve
  2. Very positive comments from Mr Bassong.Sebastien Bassong says the opportunity of working with Chris Hughton again "made a big difference" in his decision to join Norwich. The Cameroon defender, 26, has signed a three-year deal with the Canaries for an undisclosed fee from Tottenham. Bassong first worked with Hughton when he was at Newcastle, and says: "He was the first man to give me a training session in England when I came from France. "He knows me really well and so I am very happy to work for him again. This is a really good thing for me to join this club and I am looking forward to playing for the team."
  3. Probably been mentioned a few times but Calderwood is now number two at Carrow Road and had a big falling out with Holt at Forest, surely adding more feeling to his desire to leave. Found the story on Forest message boards and some striking similarities with the case here currently. I found the closing comments about Holts ability at the end of the post amusing!He was disappointed not to be first choice at the start of Colin Calderwood''s reign in 2006-2007 (though he found himself called from the bench within 3 minutes of the start of the season when Nathan Tyson was injured), and spent a period when his heart didn''t seem entirely in it. This didn''t manifest itself on the field of play, particularly - Holt only seems to know one way to play, which is whole-heartedly - but in the fact that he asked to be informed if any other club made enquiries. Bristol City duly did so at Christmas 2006 and it looked as though he''d be off, but at the last minute he declined the move, citing the fact that his wife was settled in Nottingham. None the less, by now the perception had arisen that either the club didn''t want him or he was looking for an exit, or possibly both; he duly submitted a transfer request in the Summer of 2007... which was promptly rejected. The reality seems to be that he had a role to play but couldn''t expect to be automatic first choice when everyone was fit and available. For a while Holt seemed happy with that. The 2007-2008 Season was in marked contrast, however. Colin Calderwood had the side playing a 4-3-3 (or 4-5-1, depending on how optimistic you were feeling) formation, with Holt frequently tried in a wide forward role in which he was, frankly, pants. His star waned and he became mardy (take your pick about the order in which this happened). The crisis point arrived in March 2008, when Holt and Junior Agogo were hauled off at half time after an abject 45 minutes at Roots Hall - the fact that they were (successfully) replaced by the teenage Matt Thornhill and a 60% fit Nathan Tyson tells you how poorly they''d been playing. Rumours abounded of Holt trying to hit the manager on the training field, though these have never been substantiated - and Holt was out on loan at Blackpool within days. In the summer of 2008 he signed for League 2''s Shrewsbury Town, thus returning to his true level; even a fit and interested Grant Holt (something Forest fans hadn''t seen for the best part of a season before his departure) was never going to be good enough for the Championship.
  4. Good post 12th.Word from my ''source'' (we all seem to have one of them) is that it is simply wanting an improved contract and the club not willing to stretch to his demands, thats football!
  5. More media coverage of our leader! http://www.wsc.co.uk/content/view/8508/38/In the Football Focus interview he probably is as usual leaving the door open to possibilities of moving on, but like the Burnley job offer, thinking about his contract negotiations at the end of the season.He is unlikely to be pursuaded to leave if Mcnally and co continue to back him with funds and improved contracts, which no doubt they will.I know it will not stop a lot of posters constantly stressing all Summer about him leaving, its unlikely he would but even if he did we should be grateful of the position he would be leaving us in compared to when he arrived!
  6. Sounds interesting, especially the bit about preparing for an even stronger second season in prem. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/17697157
  7. Knights Hill on the outskirts  (A149 roundabout heading out on coast road) had games on earlier in season (non sky), so should still be showing them.
  8. It may have been mentioned already, but a huge stumbling block would be that Peterborough basically burnt their bridges by agreeing the transfer in January then pulling out after the agreement was made, would Mcnally go back for CMS, i doubt it. Especially now we are in a much better position than we were then.
  9. the odds are from skybet, they would be pretty quick to know, they will also likely suspend on any strong rumour, sideshow tim caused them to suspend, then they realised!
  10. hold the backpage! oddscheckers back up, although PL down to 2/5
  11. market suspended on oddschecker, its all over folks, he has gone
  12. All depts. Some good money for Graham Alexander now, Skybet into 5/1, maybe if they cant get an experienced guy in?
  13. cmon, you know no-one names their ketchup, why would i. Anyway there is 100% a staff meeting at Carrow Road at 3pm.It doesnt necessarily mean much, wouldnt Carrow Road managers want to talk to their staff to ease speculation?There''s probably not much to be read from it but it is happening.
  14. I can confirm from a manager within Carrow Road, there is definately a staff meeting at 3pm
  15. Good post but you have had nearly 15,000 practices at writing posts so its to be expected ;)Agree with all of it, i have heard from a friend who works at Carrow Road that he is staying but other than the man himself and the board not sure how he could know for sure (he is not on the board!) so gives a little extra confidence but its just a waiting game.
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