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  1. what an absolute disgrace this paper is this morning, reading through the sports pages the first thing i come across is a picture of iwan on his knees celebrating a goal with the caption iwan celebrating one of his goals against ipswich. wrong, this is iwan celebrating his goal against birmingham in the play of final. i then turn over to the next page to see a picture of kevin cooper and iwan with the caption iwan discussing future plans with paul critchen!!!! i then turn the next page to read neil adams and roy wallers column, and neil adams says scott fitzgerald scored watfords goal, i thought it was that blizzard bloke. you expect these sort of mistakes from the sun or something but not the edp
  2. just got two kittens of phil mulrynes girlfriend, top bloke.
  3. i know its sad that notman had to retire, but lets look ahead to the future, notmans wages can now go into the huckerby fund, all we need now is no knees to retire and that would be nearly 10k for hucks wages.
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