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  1. "1842: BBC Sport can reveal that Rob Earnshaw is on the Norwich team bus on the way to their game at Reading. He has not signed yet, but is set to complete his move later, and is already getting to know his new team-mates." Does this mean if he signs in time he could be on the bench? Anyway great news, just waiting for Halford or Davenport to sign and i will be extremely happy! Going back to tonights match  what are people''s predictions, we  seem to have been one of  the busiest teams today on the transfer front so hopefully this  will have a knock on effect on the team, im going to say 2- 1 Norwich! Im looking forward to Sunday now, anyone remember the last Norwich striker to make his debut against Ipswich? !!!! OTBC  PS Im looking forward to seeing his goal celebrations!
  2. Just a quick question, i went to colney last week about 9:45 and NO ONE was about, i had a quick look around then went. Please could somebody please tell me what time the team train and whereabouts i should be going to see this, also where exactly are we able to go? Thanks Kris OTBC!
  3. In more recent times, the Alex Notman testimonial game. I don''t think i''ll ever forget Flem''s step overs on the right wing! Or Greeno and Hucks swapping positions- I seem to remember Green having a good effort just tipped round the post!! OTBC! Prem here we come!
  4. I think Worthy has done a great job for the club- nearly all of his signings have been successful as well as taking us to the prem. BUT I think he is finally losing it- when was the last time he came out to the press and criticised a player- today reading on the Pinkun he has had a knock at Greeno for the goal! The solution is simple- Dario Gradi- his teams know how to play football an dhe is sa great organiser of men. I would keep Worthy on in a similar capacity to Clive Woodward @ Soton to be in charge of signings etc. On a more lighter note seems Worthys denial of two signings signals they''ll be with us in the next week if his past behavior about possible targets is to go on!
  5. I like Mark. Y.''s formation but peronally i''d play Brennan instead of Drury if not probably Hughes. C''mon Worthy, we''ve got the players, USE THEM EFFECTIVELY!  
  6. Last season on BBC Look East @ 6:30 pm til 7 they have regional news then dedicate about 5 mins to round up all the sports action over the weekend showing just the key highlights... Looks like we''ll be watching Ashton''s winning goals and the scums poor attempt to play football! Onwards and Upwards...The Canaries!
  7.               Green    LJ   Colin   Shackell   Drury     Marney  JJ   Safri   Hucks                 Ashton   MCkenzie.    
  8. OK, I like most of you have had enough of this Francis saga.BUT, at the end of the day WE can influence this, why not give him a big cheer when he comes on make him feel welcomed, remember, all he has to do is come out in a press conference to say he does not want to go and he is 100% behind the canary cause. With him we will go up, without- who knows?On a more lighter note,i hope all of you ahve been practicing the Amarillo canary song as was created in another post- cant remember who posted it but it goes something like this-We''re on our way to the premiership,Every game we''re winning easy,Goals by ashton and mckenzieand darren huckerbyshalalalalala clap clapshalalalalalala clap clapshalalalalalalala clap clapOn our way to the premiershipPS Respect to the creator of this!
  9. Now going to get some food and then lock myself in a dark cupboard and ponder this question. I will only emerge once i have found the reason- and also the solution to our costly, leaky defence. Kris PS If nobody hears from me in the next few days i would appreciate you send a search party- or an indian takeaway to Mulbarton!
  10. Thanks Everyone! At least that got sorted, thats what i call a BIG what if! We could have built our current team five times over if we had beat Man Utd! Cheers Kris
  11. Can any of you confirm that David Beckham trialled for NCFC?Just read it on Canaries Flown the NestKris
  12. Hi, I went to the Newcastle home game and the West Brom home game so i can write about those games if you so wish. If you would like me do so please notify me by email- kristian@theckgroup.co.uk Thanks a lot Kristian PS Can I write about the party we have when we stay up?!!!
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