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  1. Can we ( Sunderland ) rely on you lot cheering us on this Friday and Monday ????
  2. Just like to second that, thanks for helping to create such a good atmoshphere and for contributing to a nice game of football, was nice to have a bit banter with some of your fans after the match and great to see the mutual respect both fans have for each other and everyone shaking hands, as for the game, definitley thought we edged it but how much effort your lot where putting in second half was questionable after they knew the championship was yours, anyway well done again and the very best of luck next season !!!!!!
  3. As a Sunderland fan hearing you have been linkled with Oster makes my eyes happy, that boy could not cross his legs nevermind a football, total garbage !
  4. There has always been a mutual respect for both sets of fans and long may it continue, i fully expect us to give u a great reception when you come to the stadium of light infact i hope its the reception champions deserve.
  5. Alright mate The ground is about five minutes walk from the city cente which is heaving with pubs, they are all of quiet a decent standard so you should be fine mate.
  6. Hi Dont think iam tempting fate by congratulating you lot on promotion so thought i would just say very well done, we have tried in vain to catch the top two but have just fell a bit short so probs going to be the playoffs for us, anyway well done u deserve it and i very much hope you go up as chamipons your fans deserve it, try not to worry about next season enjoy this for now then worry when u have to, and hopefully with a bit of luck we may just be with you via the playoffs.....
  7. Hi Sunderland fan here, does seem rather strange that we have only allocated you such a small number of tickets, to be honest i did not realise Norwich had that good away support to sell more, i suppose it could be a very important game though for both sides so demand will be high, just hope you can drop some points before we play ya so the game has some real importance attached to it.
  8. A very very bold statement to make and just a little bit of extra pressure put onto the players shoulders, its all hotting up nicely aint it.
  9. Your totally right Zipper every team in the league can play the "if we had won that game" card its now all about the games that are coming up and its just nice to be involved, after our first two games in this league i was dreading a Sheffield Wedensday scenario. Its going to be tough but we have alot of experience in our squad now who have played at the higest level so iam hoping they can handle the pressure, thats what it will come down to now who handles it best and your last two away results have given me confidence. Saturday should be a win for you''s but Stoke will come and frustrate you like they did up here the other night and they have a very good central midfield player who may just create something for them. Whats your run in ???? and i would appreciate your predictions on the games
  10. I saw Copper play a couple of games for Sunderland reserves and he did not offer anything, it will be interesting to see how he does for you, we had him here for over a month paying him premiership wages and he made our bench once, very strange !
  11. FAO Susie B Yes Jeff Whitley is going to be out for a long time with suspension but i dont think this should hamper us to much we will probably play Sean Thornton in the middle ( you may of seen his free kicks of late ) and put Matthew Piper wide right who has been injured for months but is very talented indeed, as for the semi final i believe it will go one of two ways if we win then the whole club will be on a massive high and we will take this into the remaining games of the season, if we loose it could be devastating for for the lads and may effect us badly on the pitch. If we dont go up then i would imagine we may have to loose some of the class we have but hopefully the extra income from the cup run may stave off the vultures for a little while longer, here is my ideal Sunderland team from now untill the end of the season and i think they have enough to fo it Poom McCartney Breen Babb Wright Arca Thornton McCateer Piper Smith Kyle Subs Myhre Oster Byfield Cooper Whitley Arca is the key we need him back asap as i believe he is the most gifted player in this division and is definitley premiership class
  12. Alright mate. To be honest with you our run in does not phase me, i think we have more than enough quality to come away with points from these games, the division is poor in my opinion and these sides are beatable, we have already gained two wins over Sheff Utd and Ipswich this season so iam confident, if we had not dropped stupid home points to the likes of Rotherham, Cardiff, Stoke, Preston, Coventry we would be walking the division, as for you''s and WBA we are very strong at home ( unbeaten in 17 ) and should get decent points from the two games, anyway regardless its going to be exciting and we are only one game away from europe, Mccarthy had done an amazing job, remember we lost 23 players in pre season and are still fourth but again that is probably more down to the actual quality of this league.
  13. Hello people. Thought i would join up to your message board for a bit of banter as the seasons end draws closer, i am a huge Sunderland fan so am obviously taking more of an interest in Norwich and their form / results etc, so whats the general feeling amongst you lot ?? confident of going up ??? is our form worrying you ??? To be honest i would love to see both of us go up as i have alot of respect for Norwich and their fans especially after the 92 cup semi final. SAFC 4EVA !!!!
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