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  1. The feeling is mutual. Why don''t you stop booing our players, cheering when the other team scores, shouting at the manager all match long. Then we''ll stop having a go.
  2. Why is it good to hear? Those players have gone out every game with disgracful supporters (if that) booing and cheering when the oposition scores. Anyone deserves a lap of honour for putting up with that!
  3. It really annoys me when people put ''we'' because not all of us want him out.
  4. I want him to stay even more now! It''s funny seeing you all wound up! Just cos you no he''s right and you didn''t stay!!!
  5. I like the way alot of people are using the phrase ''we hate worthy''. Don''t all make us look ignorant and stupid.
  6. Yeah but that ain''t gunna happen with some of these supporters is it. *Worthy In*
  7. Yeah maybe because the people who want worthy to stay don''t go on the worthy out site! Ever thought of that!?
  8. Yeah, what happened to all the fans who went down singing at Fulham? It''s disgracful.
  9. I don''t understand. There is this man who sits near me at the football and on Saturday he didn''t join in with On the ball city and he didn''t even clap the players. Why do people like that come if you don''t even support the club!!!???
  10. Yeah but people who wanted worthy in might of been in that crowd trying to get threw. Or if you need the box office. Everyone who went to the protest GET A LIFE.
  11. Lower leagues??? We are one down from top!!! Remember only 20 teams can fit in the Prem!
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