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  1. [quote user="Graham Humphrey"] [quote user="Jen_Jen"]Because Cody Doesn''t Like Taking Penalties[/quote] He''s a sodding striker! (As an aside Lathrope was truly awful. No way will he carve out a career in professional football.) [/quote] it was Damon''s first game back for some time, but I know what you mean. I would not employ a striker that did not want to grab the ball to take a penalty.
  2. I did go and Theo made one big, horror epic, howler on a gigantum scale. An accident waiting to happen. Mr unpredictable. clean sheet gone, point gone. he did make two half decent ''saves'' but did not have a lot to do. the rest of the negatives were.... poor penalty Damon. He was captain, but why didnt curo or cody take it? Martin is NOT a left midfielder, mcveigh and Cureton are past it, just no pace at all and Norwich are a titchy side bar three. on the plus side, there are some really promising footballers coming through. Dawkin came on in place of Martin and looked very good indeed, a left footed midfielder with a bit of pace and prepared to take on his man!!!, both kelly and Dumic will be good players, and Wiggins though small, has more game time  and was quite energetic.
  3. Happy birthday Loyal Norwich Fan. You share my highpoint. The team contained my favorite ever city player. beating Ipswich in the semi-final. priceless
  4. Doc is as hard as teak, but is limited in ability. With Spillane out suspended does that mean Nelson or Doc. will start. There is still time in the transfer window.....
  5. Roeder''s no.1 target, ''he destroyed us at Blackpool''- but then again with our lot defending... I am yet to be convinced by him, he is easily brushed off the ball, he is the smallest player I have ever seen. Either you want to stay and fight for Norwich or it''s bye bye
  6. I cant believe some people are talking about promotion as if its a given. There are ten teams better than norwich in this league.
  7. because if they came out and told the truth we would find out what an incompetant load of rubbish has been in charge of the club, and they still managed to make a profit from transfers in the close season. Delia out
  8. yes you are right, poisoned chalice sums it up best for me. oh, and joke club. we need new owners, will we have to wait for delia to die? Just go and let cullum take over.
  9. He is Deliar''s mouthpiece and will turn out to be as hated as doncaster. Gordon Bennett !!
  10. he sounded as nervous as a man who has uprooted his family and moved to another job to be told there are new owners on the way and he will be fired. that and he has just realised the poisoned chalice that is being deliar''s mouthpiece
  11. Myra you must be on one hell of a wind-up if you can''t see how rubbish we have been with her at the tiller. Get out of my club, "We know nothing about football" "lots of lovely new investment" "if we do another book and series we might be able to buy another striker"
  12. well said. The timing of this is unreal, it could only happen at Norwich, the joke club. Hopefully we shall all know soon the reasons, but as ever instability reigns, the supporters suffer and oh I forgot they play a game today!
  13. sorry, one of the richest women in the country, and best advised in the business world is bound to make a killing from any investment she has made. " If we do another book and series we might have enough money for a striker"-the most infuriating thing she has ever said. "We know nothing about football" - "Lots of lovely new investment" - thats some of the rubbish things she has said. In deed, employing Hamilton, Grant, Roeder, Worthington ( - out) and now Mr Cheap cheep and not so cheerfull. we need a miracle
  14. not yet he isn''t. can you  see him getting paid any less than Doncaster? he was not head-hunted, he was on the rock and roll and now he gets..... £180,000  p.a.? anyone would make the right noises for a C.E.''s salary.  
  15. [quote user="WestMidlandCanary"] [quote user="Sideshow Tim"]Perhaps Gunn wants Doc to play as ''the big man up front'' He is prolific in front of goal!!!!!!!!!![/quote] You stole my thunder there Tim, I was thinking the same thing. Doc''s always wanted to play up front, even when Worthy was here. So I wonder whether he''s being thought more of in a Dion role, mainly playing up front but dropping back into defence if required? [/quote] Yes, Doc will be used up-front, the value of a battering ram can not be underestimated, and there isn''t one at the club. Also, he will not give away needless freekicks in dangerous places.
  16. see our new CE has found a great new revenue stream.  have things become that bad?  i can hear it now ''Delia books, old merchandise, rusty old rust, ''      
  17. shame because my reply was... wait til keano grows a beardo.... He''s gonna spend millions, not trouble the play-offs, realise what a wally he is and skulk off costing loads to get rid of him. i know we are dear prudence, but Roy Keane as manager is just insane.
  18. agree yellow wall, there has been a lot of bleeting and wailing and moaning connected with this player. There really are some sad sacks out there that will damn anything the club tries to do. It''s pre-season FFS
  19. likewise have virgin media, will be a sad loss. setanta -  live prem, scott.prem, and blue sq., and england aways! all free
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