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  1. [quote user="Stig"]Tottenham are set to sign Vlad Chiriches and Liverpool are quiet on the Toby front at the moment, do you think we''ll go back in to try again before the window shuts?[/quote]wouldnt be surprised. theres little to lose from going in once more with a bid, and clearly the money is there for it as the club has bid already for him.
  2. [quote user="SeattleCanary"][quote user="morty"][quote user="SeattleCanary"]After what Holt said about the way we play upon his departure, I wouldn''t be surprised if all the players are just as frustrated. If/when Hughton moves on I guess we will see a lot more of what the players actually think about his style of set up. Whether they are for or against it, it shall be interesting to see.[/quote]You seem to be one of these people who are revelling in their own self made misery.Enjoy[Y][/quote] Ah yes! Brilliant evaluation there buddy! I forgot my misery was created because I field the way the team plays and played for the last year...... oh no wait...... that''s the managers doing! How very astute of you to come to that conclusion! Imbecile.[/quote]its pretty clear that you are adding a sizeable dose of your own doom and gloom to the mix though, regardless of how the team may be playing.
  3. [quote user="Stig"]Sorry I don''t think I''ve dug myself a hole - I''ve voiced an opinion and I know it is just that, an opinion. I concede it might not be correct but I prefer Bennet to Turner. Simple as that really.[/quote]so why, when you accept your opinion may be wrong anyway, does it make it okay to walk up to a stranger in a park and say he should be dropped from the football team you support? what positive result do you expect to come of this?
  4. [quote user="Jim Smith"]How they deserved it because they never stopped going for the win! Interesting. not hard to detect a hidden message there![/quote]whats the message? has he slipped in "Malky is my Satanic overlord" in code, or something like that? The scamp!
  5. [quote user="QHcanary"]"And your post is an embarrassment. We all know what Wiz is like. Wiz knows what he is like. Is there need for this?" To be blunt, you can do one as well. I''m sick to the back teeth of reading his opinions, which change with the direction of the wind. He trolls, lies and flip-flops his way across this board, acting incredulously when people have the temerity to question the validity of his ever changing views, or give him some stick. I''ve got no problem with most people''s opinions, even if I think they''re wrong, as long as they''re consistent and cogent (ie not a knee jerk reaction to the events of the last 5 minutes). I wouldn''t normally react quite so strongly to a poster, but he boils my piss.[/quote]I can see what he''s saying. There''s no need for nastiness.But Wiz is a particularly annoying man. And he does it deliberately to wind up everyone and be contrary. And he clearly thrives on other peoples annoyance at him.
  6. [quote user="Stig"]Umm... Kolin, you''ve just done the exact thing you''re talking about to my very posts. I don''t believe they have literal power over Hughton or they are literally whispering in his ear! Have some sense man! I do want them to go because their opinion on the team I believe is not qualified enough for this level or stature of players we possess![/quote]Then why do you say it? You have no evidence and your opinion is based on nothing.You frequently use the phrase "in my opinion" as if this excuses the fact that your opinion is illogical.Of course you are entitled to your own opinion, but I will criticise it when it looks, as it does here, as though you have picked your opinion based on nothing but the first thing whichIt bugs me when people go on about things like the coaches'' abilities which is something we just cannot know at all. It is one thing to criticise Hughton because the buck of course does stop with him. He is in charge. We do not know exactly the responsibilities of Trollope and Calderwood. What precisely is their remit? How much does Hughton devolve responsibilities to them / listen to their opinions? They may be huge influences on the manager and dressing room, but its also possible they play a minor role just chucking a few balls round the training ground and doing a bit of shouting. Nobody knows.And another point: you say they are not qualified, but surely their CVs are roughly equivalent to a large number of other assistant managers and coaches, and are fairly strong:Calderwood - varied top flight CV, fairly wide managerial experience, experience in every division of the league, two promotions as a manager, World Cup and Euros experience, experience of working with HughtonTrollope - international caps, wide playing CV, managerial experience, managerial success, coaching experience at Birmingham under Hughton
  7. [quote user="Stig"]All I''m saying is with all this blame landing at Hugton''s feet, I think it''s only fair we look at his right and left hand men - who in *my* opinion are not up to scratch.[/quote]However this isn''t all you were saying. You also said:1) Calderwood and Trollop have too much power.2) you thought Calderwood and Trollop were whispering doubts in Hughton''s ears3) you wanted Calderwood and Trollop to go.and this is all made up in your head. You imagine this and just say it, then form an opinion based on some made-up nonsense you''ve saidthink before you type. yes - you are entitled to your opinion, but nobody should respect your opinion if all its based on is the fact that you said it and therefore it must be true.
  8. [quote user="Stig"]HughtonI feel has the capability, however I can''t help but think maybe his coaches are whispering doubts in his ear and have far too much of a say in the set up. I want trollop and whoever the other guy is gone far more than I want Hughton gone. My anger and dissapointment melt away when I see Hughton talking, his demeanour and words always disarm me and I trust him to pick it up next week, but now that trust is wearing thin and getting ever closer to wanting the board to find a better option (I am not qualified to say who is better, so won''t). But like I said, I believe Hughton HAS the ability to make it work... I just can''t understand why he isn''t making it work.[/quote]I honestly cannot for the life of me work out how you can make the conclusion that Trollop and Calderwood are the "problem". Its just silly speculation. What on earth do you mean by "whispering doubts in his ear"?This is such speculative tripe.
  9. [quote user="Hannibal II"]Name Nigel Worthington 4 December 2000 2 October 2006 280 114 104 62 %40.7 Peter Grant 13 October 2006 9 October 2007 54 18 12 24 %33.3 Glenn Roeder 30 October 2007 14 January 2009 65 20 15 30 %30.8 Bryan Gunn 16 January 2009 13 August 2009 21 6 5 10 %28.6 Paul Lambert 18 August 2009 2 June 2012 142 70 37 35 %49.3 Chris Hughton 6 June 2012 Present 46 14 14 16 %30.43 Peter Grant and Glenn Roeder both have a better win % than good ole Chris just stats but he has a much better team than those guys ever did. Only marginally better win % than Gunn[/quote]means nothing at all.all the other managers managed at a lower level.
  10. [quote user="Stig"]If you see him again, politely tell him that I would rather see Bennet in his place. No offence to the man, just not crazy about him.[/quote]honestly, do you think that''s the best way to support our players? by walking up to them, as complete strangers, and telling them they shouldn''t be playing?how is that done politely? in what way is he not supposed to take offence?
  11. [quote user="Eadie4England"]The fact they currently have greg halford up front whos a right back even tho they have ismael miller, matt derbyshire and simon cox up front tells ya maybe they could do with becchio[/quote]I notice that Nottingham Forest have FOUR strikers on the bench at the moment!! Not bad quality ones either. Billy Davies must really rate Greg Halford up front!
  12. [quote user="Aveit"]I read a number threads today reference yesterdays game, we signed some good players this season, but we lack in certain areas and these need to be corrected or we will end up not much better than last season. So to summarise, The back four, centre backs lack ability, Garrido is dreadful. Midfield lack of movement, cant pass a ball, no improvement from last season Tettey awful and Johnson mediocre. Attack, will not score as per last season without service, same problem new season. We still need a better quality centre back, a midfielder who can pass and spread and split the play, and another striker for who can drop of the font man and link play.[/quote]I think we will be fine whether or not we sign players in the three positions you mention. (And also, we won''t sign these players).Every team can always be improved, and if you look you''ll always be able to see things which are missing. It would be good to see us sign another centre back to provide competition in my opinion, especially if Ayala is off. But if we stick with what we''ve got, I won''t be too alarmed.
  13. [quote user="Wiz"]Just asking, with no sign of return in sight.[/quote]nobody here knows, and you wouldn''t trust them (quite rightly) if they did.
  14. [quote user="Branston Pickle"]It looks to me like he retweeted by accident, when he meant to reply - as straight after was a reply to the guy, saying how much the appreciate the support etc etc. so I''d not read that much into it.[/quote]people should stop reading every twitter retweet this guy makes as being equivalent to the ten commandments.
  15. [quote user="Mr 4-6-0"]It may be only me, but, this season already appears ominously similar to QPR last years: 1.  We both started the season managed by a clueless inept buffoon HE GOT US TO ELEVENTH LAST SEASON WHEN WE WERE TOP RELEGATION CANDIDATES. BORING, MAYBE. INEPT, NO 2. Significant proportion of supporters were unhappy with tactics and team selection. DOESN''T MEAN THEY''RE RIGHT 3. Summer transfers appeared to be driven by desperation rather than a coherent strategy (bit like throwing s**t at a wall in the hope that some of it sticks) REALLY? REALLY?.... REALLY? LOOK WHO WE HAVE SIGNED 4. The players that were signed were either passed their best or not up to the job (ie Elmander) OR RVW OR REDMOND OR FER OR OLSSON? ELMANDER LOOKED HANDY WHEN HE CAME ON Never mind it all worked out for QPR didn''t it?  So lets stick with Hughton!! [/quote]total garbage
  16. you are entirely right, LDC, and don''t let these doom-mongers make you think any differently.i was at the game today and the negativity from the fans was almost enough to make me question whether i would be better off not going to games.the hull fans were incredible. our fans, in the main, were behaving like moany spoilt brats.
  17. [quote user="Hannibal II"]I fail to see how only managing 4 shots on target in a whole game against a newly promoted side who played with 10 men for 65 mins is anything other than a catastrophic failure....[/quote]a catastrophic failure would be relegation. that was losing a game of football.you''re so melodramatic.
  18. Only if he''s truly unprofessional. Nothing in the player''s history to suggest he is.Norwich HAVE signed two new wide men (Olsson and Redmond) and an attacking midfielder (Fer) this summer.Redmond has had a reasonable two games. He''s also 19 and rapidly improving!Is it going to be like this every time we lose a game?[quote user="Pyro Pete"]At this rate, I think RVW will ask for a transfer in January.He was reported as saying Norwich were going to buy two new wide men and an attacking midfielder this summer.  He cited this as a reason for joining Norwich. Instead we have only purchased Redmond, who has yet to discover that a winger''s job is provide service to the strikers.  RVW must feel duped.[/quote]
  19. Strange choice perhaps, but... Efan Ekoku. I started supporting in about 1992 or so, and he was my favourite player at the time. Very hit and miss, but I always got excited when he played.
  20. Grant Holts 3 year contract wrote:Anyone in the know feel like filling us in on the great man''s career progression before signing for the best club in the world? He actually started out, surprisingly, in Baseball, making a real name for himself as a pitcher for the Montreal Expos: http://sabr.org/bioproj/person/11d59b62An esteemed Marxist economist, he published this book in 1993: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Against-Market-Political-Socialism-Critique/dp/0860916065After this he moved to Hollywood, producing films like Coyote Ugly ( http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0200550/ ) with actors such as John Goodman and Maria Bello.After a brief spell as a Scottish opera critic (http://theskinny.co.uk/theatre/previews/100029-club_noir_night_the_opera), he moved onto Norwich City.I think I''m right.
  21. [quote user="Gingerpele"]LDC, like I said, it doesn''t really matter what you or any of us think about Jackson. He has hardly even filled the role of squad striker this season. When did he last come on? [/quote]Game before last!
  22. [quote user="hogesar"]Problem is, we said exactly the same towards the end of last season. Never really materialised until, you guessed it, the end of the season[/quote]He SIGNED halfway through the season! You can''t really hold it against him for not playing for the first half of the season!!
  23. [quote user="Nicko"]Why is he still playing for Birmingham? I mean there''s been hype surrounding him for about 2 years yet no-ones gone for it. Why? It''s not as if Birmingham don''t need the money.[/quote]He''s 19 (and only just!) Therefore probably not on high wages. And therefore not a priority for them to get off the wagebill until they can get a better fee for him. Like now, for instance. Because he''s proven himself to be a good player.
  24. He does need to be included in the 25-man squad.And he is: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2272082/Premier-League-25-man-squads-season-2012-13.htmlAll players born before 1st Jan 1991 need to be included in the 25-man squad list.As of next year, Adeyemi, Smith, Francomb and Rudd all need to be included in the 25-man squad if they are to be able to play. Only the Murphy brothers and Jed Steer, of our current squad, would not need to be included in 2013-14.
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