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  1. With Raz the clown retiring the board had enough freed up cash to bring in another clown
  2. I ah e sympathy with Farke our first team isn’t good enough not sure any of the sub options most lot the time make a blind bit of difference
  3. Lambert/culverhouse know how to do an effective substitution how often does he make a change that fundamentally changes a game
  4. Wise words as always Keith keep up the balanced and well thought through Input
  5. I agree Farke shares a small part of the blame but the vast majority of it sits with the Suffolk socialists delia out stinking rich Chinese investors in
  6. Last night was not the end of Farke but it was the beginning of the end of Farke brighter times are ahead under a more competent coach we need to let nature take its course , the fans will turn soon enough we can then all look forward to a brighter future under Chris Hughton
  7. The squad is no where near good enough. Time for a sale of what we can sell and start again this isn’t a tinkering job but a full scale rebuild is required including the coaching staff
  8. Like Lambert down the road he is beginning to be found out
  9. Cantwell being found out yet again lets hope we get a bid in during the transfer window so we can get shot of him
  10. Part of the issue is that the players haven’t stepped up to the premier league challenge so I have to say any improvement is marginal
  11. It’s about points now what we need is a bit of Chris Hughton tactical awareness from Farke and less of the gung-ho attacking football like headless chickens
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