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  1. That''s a pretty much perfect post. All I can add is: PLEASE will someone give me a list of AJ''s undeserved penalties? You keep banging on about his dives but you don''t back it up with any facts. Funny that!
  2. [quote]I just didnt appreciate you insinuating that my horizons needed broadening blah blah blah. I am my own person, and do not follow anyone like a sheep. End of! PS I''ll forgive you![/quote] I didn''t actually say that you needed your horizons broadened. I just said you seemed similar to someone on our messageboard who was against talking to opposition fans.
  3. I post on other teams messageboards to give my opinion - a different perspective. Sorry if that offends you in any way. Maybe you should have an ''Away Fans End'' like we do on cpfc.org? As for the dying swan rubbish, I tried posting my opinion on another thread but Mr Moderator must have been upset with me sticking up for one of our players, so didn''t put it up. I was basically saying how you shouldn''t all be like sheep and follow the crowd. I can honestly say, hand on heart, that the only time I''ve seen a questionable AJ penalty was against you. All of the rest have been blatant fouls. It annoys me when fans like yours read things in the media (cough cough Steve Br*ce) and take it as gospel. If you want me to piss off then I will, but I''m hardly being rude or threatening - just putting my point across.
  4. [quote]I too dont understand why anyone would want to post on a footie forum, other than one for their own Club?? Surely you Palarse fans must have something to discuss? Or maybe you really want to be a C...[/quote] Err maybe cos we like to have some banter with fans from other teams? Isn''t that what football rivalries are all about? You remind me of a person on our website (cpfc.org) called C_Block. He refuses to drink with away fans and only likes to be with his "own kind". We try making him broaden his horizons but he won''t have it. S''pose it''s just the way some people are
  5. Sorry, I was under the impression that this was a messageboard where people can express their opinions. I haven''t called you names or used swear words, I''ve just put my point of view across. It must be pretty boring on here if that''s the stance you take. It''s not going to provoke much debate is it? Afterall that''s what most messageboards are for. Check out www.cpfc.org/forums -  we have an away fans section where a lot worse is said. Feel free to contribute. See ya tomorrow
  6. That''s right, look at my last post. I am so wound up it is untrue. You''re welcome to your copycat card holding exercise. I''m not exactly sure what you hope to achieve though. It just looks a bit sad. "Ooooh Jeremey I''ve done them in Arial size 40!". See what I mean? Quite ironic how you have a cheat of your own. He doesn''t get as much coverage though does he? Wonder why that is? Jealousy is not an attractive feature, especially when worn in yellow. Ta ta
  7. I think Andy Johnson will score a 95th minute winner then dive, yes that''s DIVE, into the ecstatic Palace fans who will carry him through the streets of Norwich and all the way back to South London Or something like that.
  8. You Crazy Cats! Just think of all the worldwide media attention you''ll be getting for this! IT IS HILARIOUS!!! HAHAHA I actually can''t wait!!! I don''t know how you came up with such an original idea. I mean it''s not like anyone else has ever done it before! Especially not at Carrow Road!!! Wow, I''m so glad this is happening - it''s going to completely ruin Johnsons confidence and he''ll have left Palace by Sunday morning to get away from it all! YES!!! Ooooooh Kenneth I can''t wait!
  9. [quote]Right then! We are printing 5.9 on landscape font Arial and size 400. I have printed 500 so far which will be distributed in the lower barclay, jarrolds and snakepit. If you want some I''ll be in the C...[/quote] You are SO cool!!!
  10. You''re basing that opinion on the media hype which is trying to build up a young English player, then bring him right back down again. You watch the penalties he won last season - they were all blatant fouls. He runs with such pace that the slightest touch knocks him down. The only penalty decision I would dispute would be the one against you. It was dodgy I agree, but Shackell had completely taken him out in the first half aswell as Safri catching the ball on the line - so get over it. I''d rather have AJ in our team than that bottle job runt Huckerby. Anyway hopefully it''ll be a good game on Saturday and we can all be friends
  11. This is quite ironic considering we brought loads of scorecards for Huckerby last season!!! Can''t you come up with your own ideas? Prediction: Norwich 0-1 Palace (Johnson pen)
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