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  1. As ive said before, im honestly not 100% sure. The source that im getting this from is a friend with relatively close ties to people in the club. I just thought it would be good to share this possible news. Im no expert, i dont really know how clubs operate, as far as i know, this could be utter ****e.
  2. I am indeed Gregor Kobel, lmao. No, but really I sincerely hope my sources are correct, its a friend who has contact in the club and they’ve been right in the past. Ive always been a relatively quiet person. Chatting on forums didnt really seem to be my thing. I hadnt seen this one around the internet, however, so i loaded up an account as i thought you may be interested.
  3. Thanks, I hope my sources are correct. Its been kind of mentioned around the place from a friend who has relatively close contact to the club. Im not 100% sure, however, if im entirely honest, i could easily have egg on my face soon enough. My friends been inconsistent really, but occasionally he says about one which materialises out of the blue not long afterwards. Fingers crossed this is true, just from my own standpoint i think it would be a very solid signing.
  4. Norwich City Targeting Swiss Youngster Gregor Kobel: According to sources, former Switzerland U21 international Gregor Kobel has been linked with a move to the fine city this transfer window. Kobel is Thought to be one of the most valuable young goalkeepers in the Bundesliga. He has played 17 times this season on loan for FC Augsburg in the Bundesliga but the youngster will return to his parent club Hoffenheim in June. Norwich City are thought to be targeting a new Goalkeeper, already being linked to names such as Joe Hart and Simon Mignolet. Kobel helped FC Augsburg to safety this season, in the end securing a 15th place finish, four points above the Relegation Play-Off position and 11 points above automatic relegation. The fee is current believed to be around 3 Million pounds for the 21 year old's service, with high potential for the future.
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