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  1. Nice to see you are still confident Mr. Worthington.It is you isnt it? I mean who else would believe such tosh!!!
  2. Good point Dicky, i cant see anyone in a decent job wanting to come here as we have high expectations as a group of supporters and not the squad to fulfill them. Its more likely to be somebody out of work and desperate!!
  3. Just what you would expect from a manager who has totally lost the plot.Its the week of the local derby and a game of paramount importance at any time let alone the plight we are in,and after the disgraceful start to the season culminating in the Watford debacle what answers does the manager have? NOTHING!! All we have is two loan signings banging the drum with the usual we will do better bull***t!! Worthington where are you???
  4. Are you Worthy in diguise? Are you Worthy in disguise?
  5. Agree DD a decent Bolton side but we were truly awful! The legendry Swindon side that is regarded as the worst premiership side ever managed to win 7 games so where does that leave us? Any other team would sack the manager now and give a new person time to asses who is worth keeping and who is not. To have waited 10 years for this crap and feeble effort is unforgivable from a club with so called "ambition"!!
  6. As far as im concerned the jarrold stand is the best place for Bentley,Sven and Mulryne until the end of the season! None of them has any spirit!
  7. As im working in the North East im back from the game already.We went to sleep twice and were punished and poor Ryan Jarvis will not have a harder game than today against Southgate. Truth is we looked toothless up front and badly missed Francis again in midfield and im sorry to say Drury was truly awful again! On this performance cant see where the next points are coming from. 
  8. Many of the team have been hammered on this site but Bentley seems to have escaped everyones wrath.For my money he hasnt performed all season and looks now like he couldnt give a toss!! There is no way at this moment that he is a better player than McVeigh and why are we giving valuable premiership experience to a player who clearly would never join us? Surely we would be better off giving Jarvis or Henderson his shirt and give them a bit of experience.
  9. If Worthington was any sort of man he would resign!13 games without a win is an absolute disgrace.Dont worry about the transfer window we will be long gone by then and any decent player wont want to come anyway, and please stop going on about a striker its the dads army at the back we need to replace!!
  10. Spot on baldyboy! Not one of our summer signings is better than what we had at the club! Posters keep going on about the "captain of Denmark" coming good but it might not happen for example look at Roque Jnr. at Leeds last year.Keep the faith?? Get a life,the team is just not good enough its as simple as that and we are entitled after 10 years of away trips to Gresty Rd. etc to say so.Were you at yesterdays game DD? 
  11. So Navman Man City are crap eh? Still good enough to beat Chelsea two weeks ago!!! What do you expect away from home with the squad we have? Im not one of these "lets enjoy the premier league for one season" brigade but credit where its due it was a good point!
  12. Agree with most things there Angel,thought the back 5 deserve a mention for a clean sheet.Leon battled well but missed a sitter and you cant do that at this level and Jonsson looked a lot more interested than in previous games,is he any better than Svensson,Jarvis or Henderson?I think not.
  13. Well my friend you may be having fun over in the big apple but the thought of travelling to Crewe, Rotherham etc. again after 10 years of doing so does not appeal. Why should we accept that we have 1 year of fun only its just not on pal and things are not right on the pitch so we supporters have every right to "moan" as you call it. Never mind the thought of having the P*** ripped out of us by our friends in Suffolk.
  14. Thought Jonsen and Helvig looked like rabbits caught in headlights and out of their league Serie A or not Edworthy looks a better bet to me with Mcveigh.
  15. Well said YC.I think we have all been suprised at the signings made so far.I work in the North East so get back for all home games but have access to Middlesbrough home games when City are away so i saw a lot of premiership games live last season and i cant see us suprising many teams im afraid. Bentley looked ordinary when he played at Boro last year and i think we are expecting a lot from a player no more experienced than Jarvis, Henderson etc. Nw is obviously working with a tiny budget and the squad appears little stonger than last year. Lending our younger players out is a good idea but itwould leave NW with about 18 players to work with!!
  16. Steeno is the one player we really miss from last season,Edworthy is a decent player but his crossing is not in the same league as Steenos!
  17. Anyone who classes themselves as a supporter will have had a season ticket for years.I work in the North East just outside Newcastle and get home for every home game and 95% of the away games.If you havent got a ticket i say where were you when we were s**t?
  18. hi just returning your email re above if you have an offer please replt asap
  19. Due to work i have a season ticket in lower barclay free for west brom game. Offers?
  20. Im working up here in North East at the moment and have met the above several times, he cant wait to leave Middlesbrough and told me yesterday City have been in touch with his agent about him as they are looking for a defender on loan for remainder of season. Also said West Ham dressing room is full of unrest (he was on loan there) . He is an experienced premier league player and would do a good job for us. Sc*m are also interested but hes not keen after watching them play Wigan.
  21. Probable reason is that most people,myself included,just are not bothered about it.Everton fans for years have played up including at Carrow road and they are just a bunch of to**ers who will never admit to being wrong.
  22. Im working in North Yorkshire at the moment and the Leeds players salaries have been in the local press with the proposed wage cut etc. Seth Johnson is on £37000 a week so i would forget about any Leeds players!!
  23. Whaaaaaat!!!!! Never ever mate,bleed yellow and green like you say and you would not even consider it sounds like you belong at Portman road pal!
  24. When budgeting for Huckerby,Crouch,Harper why not take into account the dead wood at the club and i refer to messrs.Easton,Notman and Briggs and with the best will in the world the chances of Abbey returning to this level with TWO dodgy knees seem improbable, thats 4 wages that should be cut next year as they are not even 1st division players let alone premiership!If the board do not pull all the stops out this time we will all realise that we are not serious about anything at this club!
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