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  1. Personally I don’t rate McLean but we are short in that position. I also think him being 6 foot might be one of the reasons for his inclusion. Looking at our side last night, apart from Hanley, we our quite a weak side especially in the air. When Aaron’s, Lewis and godfrey all play in our back four together, we tend to look vulnerable from set pieces. For me Godfrey should be playing in mcleans role but needs must at the moment and farke seems to prefer him at the back. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  2. I think the way farke has kept his dignity with the impossible job he’s been given this year is admirable. To gain promotion as champions was miraculous. 
    As we know we had to settle debts this year so money was really tight. We definitely should have pushed the boat out more though with a couple of important additions but this is in no way farkes fault.  
    Many of our players need to be at the top of their game to be good championship players and the premiership is a step too far. Again not farkes fault as he has improved most players. 
    Farke isn’t perfect but I wouldn’t swap him with anybody else. 

  3. 38 minutes ago, Dean Coneys boots said:

    It isn't a joke https://www.expressandstar.com/sport/football/wolverhampton-wanderers-fc/2020/01/20/former-wolves-man-ben-marshall-signs-for-12th-tier-side/ but all sorts of possibilities as to why. Perhaps he just wants to enjoy social football? Perhaps he hasn't been well mentally or physically? He might want to get a job outside of football? He might loath training. Good for him if it is what he wants. But a strange one certainly - given his age and undoubted quality which is far above the 12 tier. Unless of course, which seems likely, it is a publicity stunt...or a joke with his mates. 


    Sorry, I was replying to the line about training. He was joking in the interview saying he’s miles above this level and he’s wants the captains armband immediately. 

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  4. 6 minutes ago, Branston Pickle said:

    Wilson was being a pain in the backside all game, moaning to the ref, flicking out at Krul and IMO was lucky not to have been carded well before he got his yellow. 

    Also kicked the ball away twice after the whistle. 

  5. I think we just got a bit comfortable in possession. Bournemouth didn’t press, especially when down to ten, and we seemed to settle in a slow tempo style. Felt to me like watching a pre season friendly. 
    Also worth nothing there’s hardly and players with premiership experience prior to this season. Only krul, tettey and byram our of the starting line up with Hanley coming on as sub. 

  6. 21 minutes ago, keelansgrandad said:

    Good signing but seems a strange one given that we are scoring goals but not defending so well. Let us hope it is just a first buy and that CB is coming hot on his heels... 

    Not necessarily CB's fault. Our style sends the full backs up the pitch. Maybe our holding midfield players are not good enough. But I am one who thinks zonal marking is a big contributor. And people can throw up stats about it, but it clearly doesn't work for us. Even pundits are talking about it.

    And we are not exactly scoring more than a goal a game. So we cannot really say we are scoring goals. In fact we have failed to  score in one third of our games. But it is ironic that the Blades have only scored one more than us and sit fifth. But they have only conceded 21.

    I don't wish to start another argument as I know many would swap what they are doing for what we are doing, but I am of the opinion that this is the best footballing team we have ever had although it is arguable we have had better teams. in different eras.

    Agree with the zonal marking argument. Think it can work if you have a strong physical side. With ours not being that physical, anyone with a running jump is going to tend to win the ball. 

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