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  1. Anybody else think we are still a cb short? When you take Hanley out I’m not convinced of the other pairings. Also is rb still a concern. Although Marshall can play there it’s not his best position. Passlack looks tiny in the highlights I’ve seen so far and could be in for a rough ride. Fairly happy with the other business so far though.
  2. With Marriott only being 5 foot 8 I doubt he’d be able to play up front on his own, so unless there’s a change of system I can’t see us being interested. As for Rhodes, there’s no way we’d pay that loan fee.
  3. There’s no way we’d sign him permanently with his wages but get ting him in loan for a season would be good.
  4. Being reported 22 million, 2 million in add ons and a 10% sell on. Good deal.
  5. This is our future under this regime. With no big investment, our only hope to being competitive is to have a conveyor belt of talent that can be sold to try a build a promotion winning side.
  6. I doubt we’ll be sending any more players to Shrewsbury after this. He was clearly injured and playing on with the injury could have serious repercussions to his career. He should have been taken off immediately and it’s irresponsible of Shrewsbury not to do this.
  7. I don’t think Klose has been excellent, far from it. A few decent games in the prem before he got injured. I think he gets bullied by any physical striker and he’s also pretty slow. If we get any decent bud with a chance to get his wages off I’d take it.
  8. Only saw Sutton play at the back a few times do hard to say. Does anybody remember Paul Warhurst? At Sheffield Wednesday at the time they had an injury crisis and switched him upfront for centre back. Scored 12 in 12 and got an England call up. Brilliant player but suffered bad injuries.
  9. I’d be happy with 7 million. I’d like to see someone who could bully defences and hold the ball up well.
  10. This is not working. Midfield all over the place. Slow build up. Ineffective and boring.
  11. My concern with Farke is that he still seems to be learning on the job. Against qpr he picked a midfield of Murphy, Maddison, Wes. Vrancic and Reed and he was surprised we didn’t win many battles. We’ve only looked solid playing a 3 at the back but he’s gone back to playing 4. There’s no protection from our midfield and they seem to just stand and watch players run off them. I’m not convinced and he needs a good start to next season otherwise I don’t think he’s the right man.
  12. I don’t think we ever look that great with 4 at the back. Far too open. I’ll like to see Raggett in for the rest of the season. Bed him in ready for next season. Klose has had another poor season in my opinion as well while Zimmerman has come on loads.
  13. I think they could both fit in the team in a 3-4-2-1 formation. Similar to how spurs play. Come January I’d get Raggett and Godfrey back in the team as well. Gunn, Zimmerman, Raggett, Hanley Steiperman, Godfrey, trybull, Pinto Pritchard, Maddison Nelson
  14. I also don’t like why we don’t leave anyone up front when defending a corner. What’s the point of a hoolahan or reed marking someone in the box?
  15. Interesting article about what were up against financially The complete Championship club owner guide http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/championship-club-owner-guide-tony-11362724#ICID=ios_TMNewsApp_AppShare_Click_Other
  16. Patience is fine as long as you can see improvement. Unfortunately I don''t think Franke, Zimmerman and Husband will ever be good enough at this level. It doesn''t really matter about this new philosophy of formations either, if the players aren''t good enough we will struggle every week.
  17. Two slow centre backs flanked by two slow full backs. What were we expecting?? The recruitment isn''t looking very good at the minute. Are husband, Franke and Zimmerman up to this standard? If this season goes pearshaped then the board have run out of lives.
  18. RAY: My mistake, it was husband not Martin. No axe to grind on any particular player. I call it how I see it.
  19. Just seen the goals back. Looks like Murphys man ran off him for the first and for the second their man got in between reed and Martin for a free header. With Reed, Maddison, Wes and Murphy all on the pitch you can see why we struggled at set pieces.
  20. Not seen the goals back so don''t know who''s man it was but Zimmerman seems to struggle getting off the ground for his headers. Still think him and Franke are an improvement on Martin and Klose though. I''m a bit concerned by Reed sitting in front. Offers zero protection although always shows for the ball. I''d prefer to have a proper defensive midfielder in there especially if we already have Wes and Maddison who are always showing for the ball off the defence. Maybe Steipermann is earmarked for that role.
  21. Apparently a trialist scored our goal. Not sure who though.
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