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  1. Yes, joined Ipswich as first team coach the traitor
  2. Was told ten games this season to improve or he’s gone. Also heard a lot of players unhappy with a few things. One being farke constantly talks in German in the changing room with the other Germans players and physio. Also has his favourites and goes back on his word a lot. Also Webber and farke have had many disagreements about players coming and going.
  3. Another 45 minutes of utter dross without a shot on target. Bringing back the Norwich way of playing eh??
  4. He also claims that Godfrey can be a world class cb if he fulfils his potential. Though he’s failed to select him in the second worse defence in the championship.
  5. Why isn’t Godfrey being played in dm? Was brilliant in that role last year.
  6. Slow, boring one paced. 35 mins in and their keeper hasn’t made a save. Relegation battle under farke.
  7. ........krul......... ......Aarons Hanley Klose Lewis..... ......Godfrey Thompson...... .....Marshall Pukki Hernandez...... .....Rhodes
  8. Leitner has been at some good clubs and was held in high regard. Historically he’s never been a regular goal scorer or creator. He’s not good defensively either. He’s technically good and a good passer but in my opinion that’s about it. A centre midfield player, especially in England, needs more strings to his bow, and I don’t think is suited to us. I think he unbalances us a little when he plays.
  9. Getting a fee before his contract runs out makes sense. Also being one of our highest earners. We’d obviously get someone in on loan. Think he often gets a bit bullied and never really adapted 100% to English football. Especially the championship. Just hope farke doesn’t see Godfrey as his replacement as I think his best position is dcm
  10. When Webber had to appoint a management team we were in dire financial circumstances and had his hands tied. Hopefully his next appointment with money worries eased he will make a better appointment. Farke was a cheap option with zero experience and it’s showing. His philosophy probably seemed a selling point but that hasn’t translated into results. He makes basic errors with his selections, tactics and organisation. Obviously Marshall played at right back where he isn’t good enough having been brilliant at right wing, is a massive one. Marshall, pukki and Hernandez behind Rhodes would be well balanced and provide service but would probably mean dropping Leitner, which he won’t do. Set piece defending is another disaster. Why have every player back? What good is Hernandez standing in the box? Leave him on the half way line where he’ll have two marking him and provide a counter attack option. Another massive blunder for me is the cm area. We have two young, six footers in Thompson and Godfrey who are athletic and would provide an excellent screen for the defence but wants to persist with tettey. In my opinion he can’t cover the ground and his legs are gone. This division is full of physical teams and we often come off second best in this department. Player wise I don’t think we’re far off. A right back and cb need to be brought in but get these other I ssues sorted and I think we can do well.
  11. I’d have McLean and Godfrey in front of the defence. Godfrey to sit in and McLean box to box. Tetteys best days are long gone and I’m not 100% convinced about Leitner. McLean and Godfrey are both 6 foot and very athletic. Think it’s the perfect balance.
  12. Is Godfrey injured? Amazed he’s not been included if fit.
  13. Ashton doesn’t sound convinced by our style of play. https://footballleagueworld.co.uk/exclusive-dean-ashton-speaks-to-football-league-world-about-norwich-and-rhodes/
  14. It was painfully slow at times last season and it’s not unreasonable to expect a higher tempo. Too many touches often ended promising situations.
  15. I think a lot of our chances were from outside the box. With a slow build up like last season it allows defences to get set and it’s hard to break them down. With a quicker build up we’ll hopefull get in behind more often.
  16. Came across a quote from sarri after Chelsea played inter a few days back. "All over the pitch though we move the ball very quickly and we moved it well tonight, but not at the right speed. You have to move the ball at a great speed on the floor. Otherwise we risk to play for 90 minutes with 75 per cent ball possession but without scoring. That''s what we need to improve on.” Really reminded me of us last season. Plenty of possession but no end product. As he says you have to move the ball a lot quicker to be effective. Do we now have the players capable to be successful with this system or are we facing a similar season?
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