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  1. i was in the upper tier at WHL and i agree that our support was lame compared to the other away games this season. we were almost getting outsung at times! the only real time we came alive was when green did the wonder saves and kanoute''s lame step-overs.
  2. everyone seems to be talking about mackenzie or jarvis or anyone else starting - when you get down to it, it seems everyone just wants to see someone else start instead of the doc! not that i disagree with everyone, playing a defender (and thats what he is, no matter what he says) up front is a stupid idea.
  3. i dont agree with should be playing a target man at all, and especially a defender as a target man! Leon and Hux up front against villa - PLEASE NIGEL!
  4. How about we not play holt at all. he can''t cut it in this division. i think it would be better if safri played in front of the defence with francis and bentley coming forward. (preferably with hux behind the front two of leon and jarvis!)
  5. maybe if i dressed up as a cheerleader nigel will notice... TARGET MAN GO AWAY, BRING ON JARVIS ANY DAY! YEEEEAAAAHHHHH JARVIS! wanna touch my pom-poms?
  6. we really need to give jarvis a go. i have this bad re-occurring dream where we buy another target man in january and end up loaning jarvis out to a lower division club, only for him to leave for a nominal fee and eventually become a 6m+ player!
  7. i lived in stoke for 3 years so i''m well chuffed! the lads did me proud! STOKE FOR THE PREMIER! C''MON!
  8. leon and jarvis to start up front then! didn''t jonson say he could play up front too?
  9. We have the players that can keep up with hux! huckerby is quick on the ball, we''d just need someone who can run as fast without it, think about it! how about playing hux in the role bentley had against tottenham, drifting behind the front two. leon and A.N. Other up front sticking bentley in midfield? While i''m on the subject of midfield what the hell is wrong with Holt? he can''t pass, can''t close down and can''t keep up with play! Francis is doing a great job defensively in midfield on his own (partly because he has to with holt playing) maybe bentley can play in midfield alongside him?
  10. but does anyone know if the club shop can do russian characters on the back of shirts?
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