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  1. Thought he was our best player only person that looks like they want the ball as for Redmond what does he actually offer the team?
  2. Havin watched our shoddy defence against mk dons wot do you expect i wouldnt have shackell as a ballball let alone a defender and fleming all these complaints he is too old he is s***e and always has been should never have got rid of malky. Our attack is good but everybody knows our defence is useless. unless we change it we have no hope.  
  4. have been watching most of the games so ar this season and how many times has worthy slagged off the defence about not being good enough  and then we still seem to play the same defence time and time again. and why for the last couple of weeks have we been playing 3 left backs on the pitch brennan isnt a midfielder!! at least we have a break now for a couple of weeks and we get bentley and helveg back. Why not give shackell a chance cant do much worse than doc i no he isnt experienced but how do these players become experienced if they dont play. and would rather jonson play right back than edworthy jonson has been out best right back of the season when he played against pompey.   And can anybody tell me why safri didnt play from the start the this weekend he is probably our hardest tackler not scared of getting stuck in unlike the other fairies that seem to get called up every week!!!  
  5. all of these dont play regular and are all experienced quality players that would improve our team and apart from alan smith would be affordable for transfer or available on loan. wot does anybody think?
  6. anybody heard of him??? just had a look on egyptianplayers.com his team are top of the league they dont have any strikers we can have do they.
  7. At last i think he is awful anyway way bring on helveg and we win on monday simple......   happy new year!!!!!!!
  8. dont think we need anybody wots the point in bringing in someone that is just gona sit on the bench!!! and just of late we are starting to show a bit of fight i dont want anybody that is just after one final payday before retiring or some foreigner that we have never heard of thing we have good competition for places as long as my team give 100 per cent you cant ask anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. sat in defensive midfield mode winning the tackles and playing the easy ball. class act if he doesnt play against fulham that will be the last we see of him. and i will be gutted. go on thomas my son!!!!!
  10. unfortunately i was unable to get a ticket for the norwich end so being a hardcore fan i sat quietly in the home end. when leon came on and ran down the flank some morons in front of me started doing monkey chants i was fuming then dwight yorke came on and they were doing the same to him a player from there team couldnt believe it. do me a favour dwight leave there as soon as mate!!!!!  and people that do monkey chants go jump off a cliff. Did anybody else here anything????
  11. I agree aswell. now hux can go upfront and will have someone to create for him for a change. and mulryne can take free kicks. vote me in!!!!!!!!                               green     edworthy     shackell       helveg       drury     jonsson     francis   MULRYNE     bentley                   huckerby    mcveigh
  12. what do you reckon quick, skillful, good and shot creative???  Hold up the ball maybe but iwans gone. Does anybody have a clue on who we are goin to bring in the transfer window 1.5m to spend who? there not going to be premiership quality are they?  leons good but never looks like he is goin to score and svensson doesnt hold up the ball and cant play football just runs after the ball all game need someone to win the free kicks (outside the box) and have a shot outside the box. what do you think???? my team             green edworthy    charlton      fleming     drury jonson    mulryne    safri     francis    huckerby                       bentley        
  13. doesnt say a lot for english football if david james is no.1. Will be glad when sven goes back to lazio and we appoint a british coach!!!!!
  14. what about putting jonsson upfront with super huck looks like he can hold the ball up good in the air and has good pace and looks like he can win a few free kicks aswell. think mulrynes got to play he is the best passing player we have got. helveg looked good will provide good experience to the backline thought we missed malky today he may not be the captain but is a good leader and organiser!!!!
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