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  1. I`ve lived and breathed Norwich City for over 30 years, so i`ve seen the good times as well as the bad, But after Walkers 2nd spell ( never blamed him ) things went from bad to worse. Then came Worthy. 1st half season, he took us from a team going nowhere ( execpt down ) to a mid table comfort zone. 2nd season we all loved him and made the play offs 3rd season  we were good, but not as good as we all thought we were going to be. 4th season  well it just could`nt have been any better. 5th season we all knew it was going to be hard, but this was the 1st season we really started to question his tactics. 6th season i`m lost for words. So what i`m trying to say is that even though there has never been a dull moment following Norwich over the years, in the early 90s we had such a good team and were doing so well, that i started to take things for granted, we were a team that most people feared, we were going for the prem title aswell as europe, so when things changed ( still don`t blame Walker for going ) it was pretty hard to take. I then started to get use to the new level of football we were playing ( crap )and still went to as many games as i could in them dark old days. So when Worthy became boss and turned things around, it was like a breath of fresh air. Now i`m not so sure what i want. My head says its time for a change, a new manager now with different idea`s will get us climbing the table and back to where i think we belong. But my heart says after all that Worthy has done for this club, we should at least give him time to turn things around. I must admit i want to follow my heart but i`m worried about a couple of things. 1st  if he dos`nt turn things around come the jan window, will some of our star players want to leave, meaning that the small chance of reaching the play-offs we have now will be out of the window. 2nd if we don`t manage to at least make the play offs, will we be forced to sell our so called star players, if so where will it leave us then ( back to pre Worthy ) I , like all of you never want to go through that again,
  2. [quote]"Norwich are two nil down and Green hasn''t made a save yet. EXACTLY NEIL, EXACTLY !![/quote] You don`t have to listen to him every week you know, you could try going to a game ?
  3. At the game on saturday, i could`nt help but notice how involved in the game Ian Holloway was, if things wer`nt going his way, he was on his feet letting his lot know what he thought about it, while Worthy just sat there and execpted it  
  4. Have to agree with we shoot burglars...( classic chant ). One other that sticks in my mind, was away to swindon, can`t remember if it was sleet or hail, but it was tonking it down and we wer`nt under cover, but everyone was singing,  we`re wet but we`re 1-0 up, i was soaked and bloody cold, but that brought a smile to my face. But while we`re on the subject of chants, even though its not funny, its got to be the best chant ever... Cast your minds back to the 1st year of the prem, the game was at villa park and we had just one 3-2, and EVERYBODY was singing we are top of the league, say we are top of the league, i think it had just put us about 7 points clear, i was a very proud man that day. p.s   why don`t we sing we shoot burglars any more ?
  5. Expect, a great showing from Leon today, cos he knows with the chance of morrison comming, his number might be up..
  6. What is the best game you`ve ever been to ? The milk cup final was good.. But i must say the game away to villa ( 1st year of the prem ) takes some beating, we go 2 goals up, gunn makes a right blunder, and then they grab a 2nd, but we pushed on to get the winner, and i will never forget leaving the ground with everyone singing WE ARE TOP OF THE LEAGUE, SAY WE ARE TOP OF THE LEAGUE ( after going 7 points clear ) OH HAPPY DAYS 2nd point, my mrs may not be miss world, but she`s bloody good in bed..
  7. To all of you saying, 3 games in and ok we hav`nt won but we are still unbeaten. We used to be bloody good at home, no matter if teams came to carrow rd putting 10 men behind the ball, i`m sure our record in 3 home games was always more than 3 points, so come on lets all take those yellow and green specs off... I know they say its not a sprint ( and time will tell if we are as good as we think we are ) but lets admit, we hav`nt started very well and Southampton away this week is`nt easy ( for the 1st time this season i`ll be happy with a draw ) but i can see our 1st defeat coming. Don`t put me down in the negative camp, i`m just saying it as i see it
  8. So come on then, how many games did wolves draw last season, whats the record we have to beat ( tongue in cheek )
  9. 3 games in last season, we were asking where was our 1st win was going to come from, this season its not only the win, but a clean sheet aswell. Written by a canary feeling pretty down at the moment.
  10. Being favourites is one thing, but when was the last time the favourites won the league ? Sunderland won it last year ( they were`nt fav`s ) Us the year before, and we were`nt favourites were we. so the bookies don`t always get it right
  11. Some might call it the good old day`s.......... but how many of you were there that Sunday we won the cup..... I remember it well, plastic pint glass of lager going everywhere when we scored, praying to god before walker missed the pen... And being so proud to be a Norwich  fan lost in Londen afterwards,,, I ended up in Oxford, but then again thats were i came from...
  12. [quote]Matthieu Louis-Jean, Jason Jarrett and Peter Thorne All very good players who WILL do a great job for a great football club , I hope your time at Carrow road is very successful and i am sure ...[/quote] So i take it you are happy with thesr signings, sorry i`m not, unless they are all being brought in as cover players, come on lets not kid our selves, these are just average players. If we want to go back up we have got to get in players better than we already have. But as i said if they are just squad players then  well done worthy. What i want to see is a great attacking right winger and a solid centre back, these are the only postions we are lacking in unless there are out goings  
  13. as long as these 3 are just squad players i`ve no problem
  14. I would also like to see Sunderland stay up, their fans are somthing else Wigan not sure about, i know they`ve got money behind them but as i said not sure West ham little team from london that think their a big team from london, but think they`ll do enough to stay up ( hope i`m wrong )  as already said by another poster, would`nt it be great if green and francis do go to pompey only to pass us at the seasons end, us going up while they are going down
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