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  1. I believe Giannoulis will start, as well as Rupp
  2. It's interesting that before the season started I asked Tim K about the new signings and he said Mumba really impressed him
  3. I'm sure plenty of teams had a look
  4. With Cillessen injured, Tim's got his chance to take the No.1 spot for the Netherlands tonight. Its on Sky Sports Premier League
  5. The big turning point was Farhmann joining I think. He was so confident that he could rise to the challenge. It never entered his head that Ralf was going to take the No.1 spot. Good players are used to, and perform better with competition.
  6. He did indeed tell Parrott he'd got no footage of him. He told Wells today "whatever you do don't put it down the middle" And he also confirmed he touched that martin shot
  7. Tim said he told the penalty taker "whatever you do don't go down the middle" Haha master of mind games
  8. I'm not angry mate? I completely agree with everything you wrote. But I still don't like seeing players being injured, whoever the club. Not sure why anyone would celebrate that personally.
  9. To the people who 'loved' this post, why would you want any player to suffer these injuries, regardless of who they play for?!
  10. What a comeback story. His original knee Injury was suffered whilst playing for the Netherlands wasn't it?
  11. I had 720p quality and no buffering. But the audio was a few seconds behind. Be good if they sorted that out
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