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  1. markdmhoward

    Corona Virus main thread

    I think they'll hope to complete later in the summer, if the euros are postponed. Seems that both outcomes, finish the league as it is now or call it void, would have massive blowback.
  2. markdmhoward

    Top 26

    Crazy really the jumps in wealth when you see the numbers
  3. markdmhoward

    Top 26

  4. markdmhoward

    *****Official match thread v Spurs*****

    Ball retention been pretty terrible tonight.
  5. markdmhoward

    *****Official match thread v Spurs*****

    Very unlucky that. Fell perfectly for Son. I'd say Cantwell has offered more than Duda imo
  6. markdmhoward

    Players - Ratings Season to Date

    How has Roberts even got a number
  7. markdmhoward

    The Athletic

    I really like it. As has been said, it has mainly in depth, specific articles on lots of different sports and clubs. It's not gossipy in any way. I'm also a big boxing and mma fan and the articles on that for example are great reading. You also have the q and a after games with Michael Bailey, and other clubs have their own journalists. It feels like a good standard of reporting. I got it on the Black Friday deal which was worth it imo.
  8. markdmhoward

    Ricardo's report v Spurs

    Was so much worse celebrating like mad, then having the VAR taking it off. Really is no point celebrating. Nobody in the ground tonight thought it was offside. The spurs fans to our right couldn't believe it either.
  9. markdmhoward

    *****Official match thread v Saints*****

    Amadou has been awful
  10. Krul reminds Godfrey to be more vocal too, which will hopefully start to come to him more and more as he progresses. Amadou obviously still learning English, so Tim can speak to him in French. Small details!
  11. markdmhoward

    Ricardo's report v Chelsea

    Noticed Danny Murphy called Emi 'Gwendia' on Motd. Knowledgeable...
  12. markdmhoward

    Ever felt so comfortable?

    Yes Farke trusts all the players to do a job. Doesn't mean he wouldn't slot his best players back in when available. Imagine Van Dijk missing a couple of games, would Lovren or Matip jump ahead of him? He'd be straight back in.
  13. markdmhoward

    Team for Newcastle (h)...

    Amadou is only 6ft. Not a viera or matic type in the air I don't think.
  14. markdmhoward

    Team for Newcastle (h)...

    I don't believe klose is going to play, nor Amadou.