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  1. Just seen the goal on ssn and even though it was Ruddys fault Cahill was given far to much time to turn and shoot from the edge of the box just as Ameobi was last week.
  2. Looking at the online ticketing there looks to be only around a thousand tickets left for the game and with a week to go I''d be very surprised if the game didn''t sell out. Personally I think tickets at cr have been far to cheap and given a choice I''d rather pay a bit more if it meant that we had more money to spend on players. Of course the trick is to get it right as if you increase the prices to much you could risk losing support but if the team is doing well I think people will find the money.
  3. [quote user="Dogger "][quote user="ricardo"]Possibly a fine Blue Cheese and Bacon Burger in Yellows.[/quote] Drool!!!! [/quote]Had one of them in Yellows last week and it was very nice, has anyone tried the coconut cream pie? Now that is absolutely georgous if you have a sweet tooth.
  4. I''d do away with the orchestrated otbc before the game and the goal celebration music.
  5. [quote user="the unit"]After a fantastic game and afternoon I was walking back to riverside and there was a fight by the frienship bridge.... A dozen toon fans were basically looking for trouble and a couple of city fans were picked on and a fight broke out. IMO it is disgusting as I there were lots of children and even pregnant women about and the game was a FRIENDLY.[/quote]How many of the fat ugly striped barstewards were there today?
  6. [quote user="dylanisabaddog"]Not named in today''s squad - does anyone have any information?[/quote]He got a whack on the shin at Dagenham.
  7. SSN have a reporter at the game so they will most likely show the goals as they happen.
  8. If we can keep our first eleven fit which is unlikely and Holty can cut it we have a decent chance of making the play offs at the very least,   my main concerns are that we don''t have a replacement for Holt and Whitbread who I suspect will be one of our first choice defenders seems to be a bit of a sicknote. Two very important areas of the team that don''t have adequate cover.
  9. [quote user="Wxyz"]If we had £30 million of investment we would have signed better players than we have this summer.[/quote]I seem to remember Mr Bowkett stating in his recent webchat that our budget for this summerwas based on money we had rather than relying on any additional money coming from outside the club.
  10. [quote user="Lord Flashheart"][quote user="kdncfc"]These things can be complicated and take time so even if nothing happens this week I will still retain a small amount of hope that something will happen in the not to distant future.[/quote]Blind faith?[/quote]Maybe,  only time will tell.
  11. [quote user="Sports Desk Pete"]No Holt tomorrow...[/quote]FFS, we get some terrible luck with injuries.
  12. These things can be complicated and take time so even if nothing happens this week I will still retain a small amount of hope that something will happen in the not to distant future.
  13. Our failure to score in two games against lower opposition proves to me that we really do need to sign a big lump to replace Holt when he gets injured, we certainly have some very able strikers in Martin and Jackson to play alongside him but no back up if he gets injured.  We don''t even know whether or not Holt can really cut it in the Championship yet and for me we are taking a huge risk if we fail to sign a like for like replacement. 
  14. [quote user="Sports Desk Pete"][quote user="kdncfc"][quote user="Sports Desk Pete"]Dagenham & Redbridge deservedly lead 1-0 at the break.[/quote]What''s with Tudor Jones playing at centre half ? Was Whitbread injured again? [/quote]Complained of a tight calf in the warm-up.[/quote]Thanks Pete, result doesn''t matter but we seem to be playing a lot of players that I wouldn''t expect to get anywhere near the starting eleven. Hopefully some of our bigger players will be back against Newcastle on Saturday, they could certainly do with some minutes on the pitch before we play Watford.
  15. [quote user="Sports Desk Pete"]Dagenham & Redbridge deservedly lead 1-0 at the break.[/quote]What''s with Tudor Jones playing at centre half ? Was Whitbread injured again?
  16. Good at breaking up play but gives the ball away cheaply far to often and can''t shoot very well sum him up imo. Isn''t good enough for a team hoping to compete at the top end of the Championship but I''m not sure what your ambitions are for this season.
  17. 12k including a couple of thousand fat gutted Geordies.
  18. If true I''d be surprised if it''s Fernandes anyway,  he is to wrapped up with West Ham to buy into any other club.
  19. Hope we haven''t signed a player who''s always going to be on the treatment table, Whitbread seems to be injury prone and the thought of Nelson being a regular starter worries me immensely.
  20. [quote user="Bury Yellow"]I would like to know if Holt took any part in the Germany game, because near the end of the first half of the Dereham game he seemed to be in a lot of discomfort. If it is his ankle problem, then I would worry about him missing the first few games of the season. For me not having a ready replacement for him is a big worry. I know they are only friendlies but the Stevenage game reminded me how we lack any presence up front when he is not playing[/quote]I''m amazed that we have not signed a replacement for Holt, we didn''t look half as good when he was out last year and I see us struggling badly in the championship if he''s out injured.
  21. [quote user="Green shorts"]Strange you say that, i have heard that Peter Cullum is back on the scene and has bought the club, we will have to see if it''s true or not!![/quote]Seems to have been a few rumours in recent times about a takeover being in the offing but I refuse to get my hopes up anymore, one day a rumour of a takeover will be true and hopefully it''ll be sooner rather than later.
  22. I certainly don''t think it''s out of the question we could make the top two but we will need  to keep our best players fit, there''s not really any stand out teams for me so we have as good a chance as anyone. If we get a good start and can recreate the atmosphere at cr that we had the last time we reached the prem we will be very difficult to beat at home and anything is possible.
  23. [quote user="City penguin"]4 million from promotion, 2 million from parachute payments from WBA and Newcastle. Season ticket price rise and more season tickets is probably worth a million. Getting rid of Cureton, Doc and Russell all probably on 7k a week as an average. That saves circa a million. That is 8 million extra that we didnt have last season. I know we suspended loan payments last year so that will no start again probably taking up a large amount of that money. Transfer fees- Jackson 600k                      Surman 600k                      Crofts  400k                      Fox 100k                      Ruddy 500k. Rough but realisitc figures totalling 2.2million. The freebies wont have cost a transfer fee but signing on fees are usually massive for free transfers, trust me ludacris from my Dads friends who were Pros. That could well be up to 500k again possibly more depending on agents fees etc. Don''t forget we have also spent at least 500k on the additional seats.   I think we could of afforded Forster despite Lambert saying finnance dictate its just that he didnt want to spend a lot of his budget on a loan player for one year. There is more money aswell, you did get Ewan Chester unless you are willing to back him and spend. [/quote]
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