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  1. I predict the mad Dingles will come to Norfolk in foul moods having been thrashed on Sunday. Watch out for their morons who smashed up their own town cos they lost a football match, 2,000 were on the rampage, overturning police cars, bricking coaches and taking on the fuzz who were in full body armour and gave them a right belting - so they got hammered twice that day. I see an easy win for the Canaries as the Dingles are at a low ebb and their fans double gutted. Its a pity Earnie isnt playing again as he wound them up brilliantly last time out--GOOD LUCK  
  2. [:)] I dont mind Earnie scoring 1 but if I was you then worry about the amazing hatful of chances we have missed against Derby and QPR, we honestly should have scored half a dozen in each game ! Earnie would be getting a hatful for us now but Barny Nobsor  said his first touch was U.S and got rid. Someone (and I am not saying its gritty City) is going to get an almighty hiding soon as we are playing the best football in many years and soon all these misses will fly in[ap]  
  3. NOT A CHANCE!!! We have lined up Dave Jones from Cardiff so you can keep your un  Worthy
  4. OK so you didnt want Ellington as well but at least congrats to Alan Grey and Westoncanary for spotting the tip I gave you last Monday. I can also reveal why Earnie left Birmingham for Norfolk-he wanted to be nearer his family in Wales--and when you see his first touch you will realise he is right[:D][;)]
  5. Need a Striker ? Then look no futherfor 2 days only you can B.O.G.O.F   yes buy one get one free !! This offer is not available elsewhere, not on the internet or direct from any other source. Buy Robert Earnshaw and get Nathan Ellington FREE, both shirkers cost £6m but can be yours for just £3m. They are in pristine condition, still in their original wrappings, totally unused and without any mud or sweat marks on their kit . This offer cannot be repeated----buy now for maximum disappointment, these players will never wear out and these 2 "model" strikers will be a wonderful addition to any display cabinet.     ps please check manufacturers label for instructions on use,  (dry clean only)  
  6. OK, goodbye, (but I will return just to say I told you so when I can tell you so)   
  7. Unfortunately you have not paid £3.m, you still owe Crewe almost £1.7 million and I believe you must sell as you will struggle to pay, unless you cash in other players.
  8. Maths not your strongest subject then ?
  9. Contracts expire at the end of a season not after one year-dodgy rumour is Albion have bid £4.5 for Ashton after having had their bid for Kanoute rejected. Anyone your end heard of this rumour? I hope its true
  10. Send me your address to kevin37@totalise.co.uk and I will post you the tape, I thought you were a swedebasher not a spudbasher!!!!!!!!
  11. I thought you may be interested in this review from the Birmingham Post http://icbirmingham.icnetwork.co.uk/birminghampost/sport/murphy/tm_objectid=15526646&method=full&siteid=50002&page=3&headline=united-s-double-standards-name_page.html  
  12. Yes, no joke honest, I recorded from 2.00pm till the finish so if you want to relive the glory and despair contact me with an address and I will post it to you no charge honest, its the least I can do, (if you want some champers to go with it let me know as I am getting a bit sick of it after 3 days)
  13. Dear Blacko and Weston canary, thank you for your sportsmanship and for congratulating me on my inspired and perceptive predictions, whilst I know they are disappointed I expectantly await the praise and glory from "dumbledelia" "charlies dad" "northern canary" "the fool on the hill" "arganth" and "dannygod"  Where are ya ?   
  14. Thanks Matey, although I wanted and believed Norwich would lose I wouldnt wish that result on anyone but I did say how huge the pressure would be, real party at the Hawthorns yesterday, Pompey fans booing their own team when they ran out and then cheering ours and singing "let them Score" but the players didnt listen and gave us many scares in the first half before we took control. It was just amazing but I think Delia and Worthy took defeat with dignity and if you keep your best players and add some defenders you will have a reasonable chance next year, but it is much harder the second time around to get the momentum going.
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