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  1. It’s not about what we are selling but what is coming through the academy to replace them say we get £25 million for Aaron’s and replace from the academy jobs a goodun
  2. Agree with this and a bit of defensive experience wouldn’t go a miss when buying
  3. I think he is doing a fabulous job, my only question mark is his use and timing of substitutes
  4. I don’t see why it was unfair to have away season ticket holders why no one can now get one is beyond my considerable intellect
  5. The trouble is that fans in this locality tend to support the big Manchester/Liverpool clubs had they supported their local teams then crowds and resultant incomes would be higher and the clubs more sustainable
  6. It does seem a little odd how polarising he is to the fans' like someone said I would play Mario/Leitner before him anyway of the week
  7. Am more of a Mrs Trybull kinda guy
  8. Couldn’t make it this year but my rainbow cowboy hat was on full display
  9. He was very very ugly he would have been our very own Terry Hurlock
  10. On the positive side what a result for Robin Sainty and the trust get this sorted and the man deserves an OBE
  11. As competent Webber is the opposite can be said of Kensell, clearly out of his depth. It isn’t rocket science to sort out a ticketing scheme which leaves me with no alternative but to demand the immediate and unconditional resignation of Kensell
  12. Well worded statement and great to see The trust providing inspirational leadership
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