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  1. I have insider information that Gaetano Giallanza will be endorsing Norwich City soon, along with Zema Abbey.
  2. Do I feel like we''ve missed out on the signing of Woodgate? NO!! Would never have been on the cards. Even pay-as-you-play deal would be terrible business for an injury prone ''sicknote''!
  3. Mmmm... I must be a second class supporter too as I don''t spend my entire life on the Pink ''un Message Board!
  4. 1-0 to MK Dons. However, City to have 24 shots on goal, failing find the back of the net. [;)]
  5. Everyone''s heard the news about Roy Keane leaving Manure... The question is, will Worthy try and lure him here? That would be a midfield of "steel"! **Disclaimer - I know it will never happen** Kev
  6. Just reflecting about "balance" in the team... When we played Man City at FCR last year and Huckerby was out of the squad injured, the mancs didn''t seem to have any idea how to cope with the attacking threat (in the first half anyway). I felt that they were hoping Hucks would be out on the left so they could put three players on him and just nullify our main attacking options. But with the ball being played down both channels, they could not read our gameplan and we exploited this with two well taken goals. I''m not saying we should take Hucks out of the team though. But I also wouldn''t want to drop Leon to play Hucks alongside Ashton. This makes me conclude that perhaps a 3-4-1-2/3-5-2 may be better to give us width in the middle of the park and allow Hucks to play in the space just behind Ashton and Leon. As for the rest of the team in this formation, I''ll let somebody else decide! Regards, Kev
  7. I think that the pedigree he has will shine through. He''s in the Swedish National team for a reason...There''s some underlying quality and ability there for him to be a regular at that level. I think he needs pre-season to be a confidence building exercise. He''s obviously annoyed at his performances last season, and I believe that he will make up for it over the next year.Kev
  8. I''ve heard that we''re getting Ronaldo and Luis Figo in exchange for McVeigh and Donkeyty Doherty. Kev
  9. I''m glad we have your vote of confidence Pete! Do you share a pyschic link with any other key players so you can telepathically ensure that they stay? Kev
  10. Mmmmm... Helveg is now training with OB Odense http://skysports.planetfootball.com/list.asp?hlid=278381&CPID=8&CLID=45&lid=&title=Helveg+trains+with+OB&channel=Premiership Am I reading too much into this? Or are we just going to start the season with no right backs? Kev  
  11. I have had my highs and lows this year. To be honest, I felt gutted immediately after the Fulham match. I even shed a tear. But, overall this has been my favourite ever season as a Norwich City fan. I have worn my colours with pride around where I live in Mansfield, and for the first time in a long while people knew the shirt I was wearing. We have proved people wrong over the season, by fighting from relegation certainties to giving ourselves a chance of seventeenth... But, we are down to the Championship. And I would like to send my regards to the boys on the pitch for giving it a great shot. For battling a lost cause only a few weeks ago. For keeping dignity in times of adversity, and not even slating referee''s for some shocking decisions! Here''s to next season. Hopefully the ride won''t be as bumpy, but I am one proud Norwich City fan. Thankyou Norwich City for providing me with such a good time.
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