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  1. One of the great things about being a Canary apart from the visit of the binners it always feels safe
  2. Would like to see another couple of years on that pukki contract
  3. Until Alan Nixon at the sun reports this costa story I am not buying it
  4. Going up going down going up going down city going up and the scum are going down scum are going down scum are going down
  5. The lack of a rich owner is coming back to bite us on the ar$e
  6. What the article doesn’t say is there a £1 first and last goal scorer on the coach and will it stop at the farm on the a17 or not?
  7. When it is free Tampons they are all over the club like a rash, this fiasco and one short telephone call and that is it
  8. To be fair to him he is expressing an opinion unlike that Freezer fella how just copies and pastes articles from the club website and other publications
  9. Having spent the day reading the fans almost unanimous condemnation of this scheme, I feel I have no alternative but to ask for the immediate and unconditional resignation of the entire board of directors of NCFC. time for Delia to go I am afraid
  10. Tend to agree he isn’t there in terms of premier league regular leave webber to sort. In Webber we believe
  11. The person who leaked those naked photos of Hope Solo was a disgrace having spent the past 15 minutes viewing them I have to say I can’t see the public interest in exposing them and should never have happened
  12. She poised like that for people to admire her body and we are obliging
  13. A fine looking woman thanks for posting
  14. The money we got for them both was far more than they were worth. This has been proven since they have left no way should we take them back will never happen
  15. Sounds like Webber is prepared to play hard ball with him. sounds like he values himself more than the club values him
  16. Steady on everybody avoiding relegation this coming season will be a very good achievement
  17. Still think we will sign another keeper as competition for krul
  18. The massed ranks of their 11000 season ticket holders, yes a whole 11000 will be rushing out to buy one. yes you did read it right 11000 season ticket holders
  19. We have a good Rhodes song and he also appears on Farke on a horse so we must sign him permanently
  20. Welcome I to am a new poster in the forum but have to say it has been relatively pedestrian over the past few weeks
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