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  1. 4 hours ago, Capt. Pants said:

    I really don't know what to make of him yet. You'd have thought he'll get at least 30 mins today and hopefully an incremental improvement on what we've seen so far.

    However I would say Sainz and Lima are looking very decent - a good bit of recruitment there. I'm hoping Hwang shows similar promise soon.

    Sainz and Lima both looked like top players last night but not strikers. Lima has fantastic midfield skills and Sainz is more of a wide player. Both have a fantastic shot so maybe will contribute goals. 

  2. 7 minutes ago, Nuff Said said:

    I found a “cheap” VPN on eBay after a pointer from a Scottish poster on here. Something like a one-off £7 for the year. That is rock solid with “Canaries TV”. So I suspect Proton VPN would work too, but can’t say for sure.

    Thanks very much Nuff Said. Hope we both enjoy watching the match today 


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  3. 1 hour ago, Ernie Wise said:

    Phil Alexander has left Bristol City after 8 months and no reason was given. He was at Crystal Palace for 26 years and was Premier League CEO of the year in 2022. Was very influential in the successful transfer business Bristol did during the summer. Coincidence that we are looking for a Webber replacement?

    And he was a player with us in the early 80's


  4. I watched most of the match.  Idah generally played very well against some top centre backs.  He took his penalty really well.  The big question marks for me were over the two occasions when he laid the ball off to Ogbene to take a shot at goal and both shots were blocked.  On both occasions, I wondered if a more confident (selfish?) striker would have taken a shot themselves - it looked to me as though Idah was in a good enough position to do so.  Of course, if Ogbene had scored then we would have praised Idah for the assist.

    Duffy seemed to be calling the shots as captain - constantly directing other players.  He also made some strong challenges to stop Dutch attacks and generally looked a formidable defender.  On the down side, as paddycanary said, it seems he played the goalscorers onside for both Dutch goals.

    Good that both players now have six days off before the Stoke game - they must both have been exhausted.  Rare for Idah to play a full 90 minutes +

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  5. I'd been surprised that Warner was listed in the u-21's on the club website rather than the first team but obviously because Tomkinson is just ahead of him in the plans and is due back sooner than first thought.  Wonder if he will go out on loan now or whether we will hold him back in case we have another CB injury crisis.

  6. Another thing about the Hayden loan is that he wasn't the only CDM we were after last summer.  We agreed a fee for Ismael Kone from CF Montreal last July but couldn't agree terms with the player.  It seemed we immediately went in for Nunez who of course is a very different player.  I saw a bit of Kone in the World Cup when he came on as a sub for Canada - he looked okay but nothing special (as is often the way with CDMs!).  He then moved to Watford in the January window and I see he played 16 times for them but I can't remember noticing him in any games I watched.  Anybody know more about how he's done and whether he would have been a good fit for us?

    I presume the idea was that Hayden would be the main man in CDM with Kone learning from him and developing last season - and filling in for him if Hayden was injured!!!  I wonder if Webber now wishes he'd have gone after another young CDM (they must have a list of them) instead of Nunez.  Nunez may well turn into an important player for us but wasn't what was needed last season.

  7. 36 minutes ago, Chichcan said:

    I think Wagner wants his players physically fit and that's something you can't really accuse Tzolis of being 

    My guess is Wagner may tell him to get super fit in preseason and then he may give him a go

    After all Emi was a bit overweight when he arrived and they got him training properly and the rest is history 

    It's the only hope I can see for Tzolis, sadly


    I saw a little bit of last week's u-21 match when he played and was struck by the fact that he looked a fair bit slimmer so maybe he's already sorting himself out.  He applied himself well from what I saw of the match but didn't do anything magical

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  8. 7 minutes ago, king canary said:

    And I'll repeat my response- managers kept picking Russell Martin in central defence and then we remarkably improved when someone finally dropped him.

    Did we replace Martin with Hanley? 

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  9. I think Dean Smith said when we got Ramsey on loan that it was connected with Rowe's initial injury being likely to keep him out for a few months.  Rowe is now nearing fitness (after a second injury) so better to have our own player involved??

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