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  1. I enjoyed it. Made me hope we can keep him for a couple more seasons.
  2. Another thing about the Hayden loan is that he wasn't the only CDM we were after last summer. We agreed a fee for Ismael Kone from CF Montreal last July but couldn't agree terms with the player. It seemed we immediately went in for Nunez who of course is a very different player. I saw a bit of Kone in the World Cup when he came on as a sub for Canada - he looked okay but nothing special (as is often the way with CDMs!). He then moved to Watford in the January window and I see he played 16 times for them but I can't remember noticing him in any games I watched. Anybody know more about how he's done and whether he would have been a good fit for us? I presume the idea was that Hayden would be the main man in CDM with Kone learning from him and developing last season - and filling in for him if Hayden was injured!!! I wonder if Webber now wishes he'd have gone after another young CDM (they must have a list of them) instead of Nunez. Nunez may well turn into an important player for us but wasn't what was needed last season.
  3. I preferred paying the club direct via Canaries TV. Not so keen on paying Sky.
  4. I saw a little bit of last week's u-21 match when he played and was struck by the fact that he looked a fair bit slimmer so maybe he's already sorting himself out. He applied himself well from what I saw of the match but didn't do anything magical
  5. Pete, do you know why he hasn't been playing recently? He seemed to do very well in his first couple of games with Stevenage and once in the team I would have expected him to stay there.
  6. Did we replace Martin with Hanley?
  7. I enjoyed him as co-commentator watching on i-follow
  8. I think Dean Smith said when we got Ramsey on loan that it was connected with Rowe's initial injury being likely to keep him out for a few months. Rowe is now nearing fitness (after a second injury) so better to have our own player involved??
  9. Tomkinson came on for the second half for Stevenage and from the brief highlights made two important contributions - blocking a goal-bound shot and then conceding a penalty - I thought it was very harsh decision by the ref - looked a great tackle to me https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/football/64348744
  10. I watched most of the S'ton v Man City last night and was very impressed with S'ton. It sounded a week ago as though the S'ton fans had already become disillusioned with the prospect of Nathan Jones turning things around but now they have won away v Palace and beaten a top side like Man City. It struck me that Jones has them set up in a way similar to what we are expecting under Wagner - high press, full backs pushed higher up the pitch etc - Jones is also a very exuberant character - more so than Wagner but a lot more than Smith - and seemed to have a great relationship with his players. It then got me wondering if playing this style is a relatively quick way of improving things - perhaps more simple than the Farke style that took a season to get established. Any thoughts? If Jones has changed things quite quickly (and we'll have to see how they do v Everton at the weekend and in subsequent league games) then maybe Wagner can do likewise and we'll soon be starting to "hunt down" the teams ahead of us!!!
  11. Excellent report as ever Ricardo. Many thanks. Great to have you back.
  12. I was disappointed to hear we were selling him when he has had such a successful loan but that is a bit lessened if he is coming towards the end of his contract and maybe doesn't want to stay with us. He (and the club) might look at Sam, Dimi, and Bali all being ahead of him.
  13. And a really good goal too. Well struck shot across the keeper into the far corner.
  14. A couple of things: 1. What Dean Smith said sounds a bit different to the bullet points when you read the full transcript here Norwich City: Dean Smith on toxic Blackburn defeat and fan comments | Eastern Daily Press (edp24.co.uk) 2. The transcript is from what he said exclusively to the Pink Un - was there just nobody else there or is this a sign of some healing in relationships with the local media? And is that why it's not behind a paywall - so everyone can see it because it is to help also heal the relationship with fans. I hope so.
  15. That's very sad news. Thanks Ricardo for taking time to explain your situation. Sending you and your family all my best wishes. I'll look forward to welcoming you back to this forum whenever the time feels right for you to return. I used to just be a reader of this forum for many years and there will be lots of similar non-posting supporters who regard your match reports and other observations on our club as a main reason for looking in - I'm sure they are all similarly moved by your loss and would also want to send their commiserations and best wishes.
  16. My take on this is that Cantwell possibly has a move lined up for January and doesn't want it scuppered by an injury And maybe it suits the club also not to play him in the meantime
  17. He certainly looked like the sort of defensive midfielder most of us would have liked to see us sign. He wasn't outstanding but reasonably competent in that role - people with more expertise than me might like to say what they thought. If he doesn't shine and get a bigger move then perhaps we might re-visit our earlier bid - probably Webber wouldn't do that after we've been turned down once.
  18. Yes. We apparently agreed terms with his club but not with the player and the inference was that we then moved on to Nunez. As I recall it, Kone was supposed to be a more combative/physical player. Will certainly be interesting to see him - there was a suggestion that he was reluctant to move last summer in the hope that he'd impress at the World Cup and get a better offer from a bigger team.
  19. Bali Mumba doing his bit to keep Plymouth ahead of Ipswich. Just scored to put them ahead away to Burton who were winning at Half time.
  20. That was the most uplifting NCFC video I've seen for ages and so good when there hasn't been much to get excited about recently. Declan somehow manages to give the impression that we're fortunate to have him in the academy coaching set-up without coming across as at all arrogant. Seems a great guy. And Stuart Webber comes out of it well - immediately offering Dec the opportunity when the news about his retirement came out. In fact, it reminded me of what Russell Martin said a few years back about how good Webber was with the players. I know there's plenty to criticise but it's good to get a bit of balance.
  21. Good luck Caleb. The most interesting thing for me was that Declan Rudd now seems to be coaching goalkeepers in the Academy - I'd missed that bit of news. And also interesting to see that Caleb's self-appraisal doesn't include being good with his feet which seems to be indispensable for a modern goalie. Maybe that's what he's referring to when he talks about things he has to work on.
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