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  1. Irish Canary

    Irish Supporters

    Excellent stuff. We are getting a website done but at the time being just trying to get as many names as possible and locations too. The guy in Dublin has been around a few counties so far now meeting up with groups. We had a meeting here in Waterford last night where 4 of us got together and generally had a chat of where we can see the supporters club going for next season.

    It all looks very promising and now with message boards, Facebook, Twitter etc, it''s much easier to get in touch with fellow Norwich supporters in the country.
  2. Irish Canary

    Irish Supporters

    Hi guys,

    We''ve finally got the supporters club going here in Ireland with the blessing of the club. Just putting this out if any other supporters are over here and want to keep in touch with supporters in Ireland just reply here and we''ll get the ball rolling.

  3. What a load of bull! Any player who scores goals on a regular basis will have an increase in confidence. He can''t help it if he was loaned to us and we got relegated. He scored goals, his confidence is up so what''s the problem?
  4. Irish Canary

    Kozluk and Davey moaning !!

    How can they say it wasn''t a penalty when he had his arm stuck out at full length and the ball hit him. I would''ve been more angry if the ref stuck to his original decision which was a corner until the linesman over ruled his decision.
  5. Irish Canary

    The New Kit

    I like it.
  6. Irish Canary

    How many are going to Swansea?

    Same from Ireland too
  7. Irish Canary

    How many are going to Swansea?

    Think I may take a trip across the river to it.
  8. [quote user="Tangible Fixed Assets anyone?"]

    Rossi Jarvis did play well commanding the centre of midfield. Martin spent the first half coming off the left wing and then switched to the right in the second half.

    Spillane looked solid. He also scored for the IRELAND U21s the other day.


    Fixed the Eire part for ya [;)]  Spillane was excellent for the Irish U21''s and scored a decent goal too. I have to interview him next month if he gets called up to the next U21 squad for the match vs Spain so I might fire a few questions to him about the JPT Final.
  9. Irish Canary

    Congrats to Spillane

    How long ago did they play in an Irish team? Do some more research!
  10. Irish Canary

    Congrats to Spillane

    Have to say that''s a pretty idiotic post. Do some research before you ramble on with a lot of rubbish.Well done to Mick last night who had a solid match for Ireland and played a full 90 minutes of football. Scored the equalizer and game finished 1-1
  11. Irish Canary

    Congrats to Spillane

    Look at how many players this "amateur league" have sent to England to make a name for themselves.
  12. Irish Canary

    Congrats to Spillane

    Michael Spillane got an award last night for best Irish U19 player of the season. Surprised no one else stuck this on the messageboard. Hope to see him in action for the Irish U21 side tomorrow night vs Germany.
  13. Irish Canary

    timing couldnt be better

    [quote user="Irish canary"]Believe me Phat if I was''nt in Ireland I most definitely would!![/quote]Doesn''t stop me [:D]
  14. Irish Canary

    Pink'un stories lack any bottle

    There was also a part about Christian Dailly joining and a bit down the page it stated "Ibrox team-mate Darren O''Dea". That doesn''t go down well with Irish and Celtic supporters calling him a Rangers player. Someone must do very little research.
  15. I''ll be at Twickenham instead of Carrow Road. How times have changed when I would''ve bust a nut to get to the games, now I''m working during the weekends and that doesn''t bother me because I''m sick of listening to the same tripe from GR each week.